The Birth Of The Light

Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Birth Of The Light

In the beginning,

Of all that there is,

One without end,

Gave all that was his.

In the beginning,

Of me and of you, 

The first thought of "I",

Of "will", 

And of "do",

There was a great being,

Like none other since,

Who has no creator,

And forever is.

Living In Peace

He loves through the lovers,

He strengthens the weak,

He guides all the helpless,

And defends the meek.


Every true love,

That has ever been,

Comes from one light,

That shines out of him.

In love we find peace,

Truth, life and the way,

Together we climb,

In his love and grace.

So know if you seek,

What was or will be,

The end and beginning,

Is living in peace.

All From The One

Each soul is a part,

Of living creation,

From one endless source,

Flow forgiveness and patience.

To help guide the others,

On true ways of life,

Is the endless work,

Of loves' living light.

Love can't be divided,

From me or from you,

But pride cannot see,

God's love is one truth.

One shaped as me,

Loves one shaped as you,

In love all form one,

Born old from his youth.

The Birth Of The Light

Creating Through Me

So on the light lives,

 Through all and in all,

When we share our love,

God catches our fall.

As all of the fruit,

On life's living tree,

Is given to those,

Who ask and who seek

Love travels together,

Where time has some space,

The all from The One,

In loves' endless grace.

My art shows the truth,

Of love that I seek,

As all of creation,

Creating through me.



The Birth Of The Light

Here Rests A Symbol

Taking many forms,

Many lives but one nation,

 Living beyond forms,

Of borders or hatred.


The best saved ‘till last,

Good wine made through pain,

The truth of all life?

God is love, hope and faith. 

So here rests a symbol,

That love cannot die,

For the moment we love,

Is the birth of the light. 





Edinburgh is such a beautiful city. One of the most beautiful I have ever seen, filled with wonderful people.

I immensely enjoyed drawing all over her streets. 

Meeting Miracles

Love Travels Together

One the the most beautiful moments of my experience in Edinburgh, and an absolute sign that we were on the right path. 

I'll let the girls explain why in the video...




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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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