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The Economy Of Love

"Resonance" - Definition

A state of highest output for a coupled system of harmonic oscillators. The resonant state is the state where total output across a range of frequencies combines to produce the maximal possible amplitude of total power output for a given system, whether it is an individual self contained node, or a network of many nodes/subsystems operating in harmony.

The state of resonance does not mean all frequencies are in harmony, but that the maximal possible combination of harmonic frequencies has been attained. 

What is required to achieve a resonant state?

Paradoxically, to achieve a resonant state for any system, a number of higher amplitude waves must first form and oscillate independent of the resonant system, meaning they come before the system has achieved its maximal output, and are almost always consumed by the resultant combination of frequencies and amplitudes that produce the following resonant state. This is the nature of a resonant system, and in the sense of spirits, can be likened to those souls who go forth as great light in a dark world, calling the others to awaken and harmonize, achieving a resonant state far beyond that of their individual maximal amplitude vibrations. 

The resonant state of systems is always, without exception, significantly higher in total power output than any individually oscillating perturbation possible on any given system. In the case of some systems, the difference is many orders of magnitude in power output. this is the principle behind amplification, but spiritually it is much more beautiful.

A kingdom of heaven. 

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