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Paris is a Masterpiece

A living, breathing sculpture

One of my favourite places

If you can't go to Paris, here's some of Paris brought to you.

The Louvre

Thousands of years of art and culture have been gathered in this place.

It is incredible to see and understand so many other expressions of mankind.

What was once a kings Palace

is now for royals of Art.

Da Vinci, 




So many great kings from times long ago.

All of them here,

amid sculptures and frames.

The Louvre,

Where Violinists and Cellists

Play their music between,

The cut stone walls,

Hidden gardens,

and perfect lawns.

The art of street music.



Besides its exquisite physical beauty,

The Louvre has utterly magnificent acoustics, 

Thus attracting the worlds best street musicians.

Sitting outside of the museum you can look down through its windows at ancient Greek sculpture,

all the while hearing perfectly played classical music.

I've spent hours enjoying the hidden gardens and pouring fountains around the Louvre.

It is one of the most incredible places I have ever been.

Every time I visit Paris, I visit this place.


If you asked me when to visit Paris, 

I'd say any time. 

But beautiful souls,

Will always be the reasons why. 

One of the most beautiful faces of all time.

What you can't see here is the life in his eyes. 

When I took this picture of a beautiful face,

I said "nice to meet you" and he replied "Enchante'!"

Web Encante fine Art Portrait Photograph
web CamViolin San Michel Paris.jpg

Pointing Up

One of the gifts of street artistry is that you get to know others who share their heart on the streets. This is my friend Cameron from Australia, who plays just next to me when I'm drawing in London. Almost every day beside Trafalgar Square I was treated to Cam's playing the electric violin.

He is an amazingly talented musician.

We happened to be in Paris at the same time,

with St. Michael pointing up and slaying evil behind.


I took this picture and stayed for his set.

My Paris

The first time I rolled into Paris (literally - I was on a bicycle) I was so excited. It was very early, between 5 and 6am. I didn't have a phone or a watch, but awoke by the sunrise. 

After cycling for days from the Northern coast I and two friends made our way to the city from Amiens, a much smaller city with a magnificent cathedral and beautiful people.

Dust flew from granite streets as bundled papers hit the floor.

Paris was mostly asleep, still dreaming of itself and its history. 

On the old cobbled streets newspaper deliveries reacher their home while 

the street sweepers, metro staff and Cafe' barista's began work.

I was in awe looking round, beauty to find in every corner. Dirt or spotless it is still Paris. 

As the cafe's set up the scent of coffee surrounded.

Nothing I needed but I was glad it was there.


The guys asked where we should go and I barely noticed them, eyes wide open I was just taking it in. Feeling the direction I answered "this way".

We cycled along and let magic begin. 

I cycled through space but beyond all of time.

The places I found are now etched in my mind.

All of these spaces, little French cars and French faces,

It felt like living inside of a painting.

Paris Street Beautiful Web.jpg

Living Poetry

Take a long stroll through these wise old streets,

and remember what they've seen. The learned old men, were young ones back then,

a peoples' revolution, a nation's evolution,

the beauty and the light of love at sunrise.

Memories made, on romantic days,

the ways love will dance, through eyes at a glance.

All that she has seen and the things inbetween,

A dimly lit road, amid leafy green trees 

Paris is living Art

Or at least, it used to be. 

The Paris I love will always be the Paris I first met. 

About a decade ago when we rolled through her streets she was filled with artists, live musicians and peace.

Last time I went there were fewer of these,

Now artists are harassed,

told to leave by police,

How do I know? 


One of them was me.

"An Artist Has No Home in Europe Except in Paris" according to Nietzche. That's not something I believe, since Europe is utterly filled with artists and there are many great places to find inspiration, but I do see his point. Romance and art.

The moment you are are near to Montmarte,

when you see Sacré-Cœur

you will feel it.

Paris is Art.

Notre Dame Street Web.jpg

Romance Defined

A place called Mont Marte.

Sacré-Cœur on the hill.

Arrive there at sunrise;

All time will stand still.

Fine Art Workshop - Photograph Paris

A two day event presenting photography as an art form, this workshop covers the entire creative process from my own personal workflow. Everything from how to feel a moment and capture your subject to all the subtle refinements of post capture processing. We'll even go through the nuances of selecting ink type against paper and produce the highest quality fine art prints.

This private workshop will take you all the way from click to print and ensure that you get the most out of your camera while discovering one of Earth's most magnificent cities.

Places available for individuals or small groups.

You will also leave with your own fine art photography piece,

printed to the highest quality by Europe's most esteemed printer.

Calling the Artist

When I first arrived in Paris it was very early in the morning. I did not know the city nor where I was going. The spirit inside drew me up toward a hill. That hill was Mont Marte, one of the most beautiful places of all the Earth. I was 20 years old and just following a feeling. The energy of this place just seemed to call. Little did I know this was the famous arts district.

The spirit had lead me right here.

Can Paris Improve?


I've visited Paris several times since I was a child, with several years between each visit. 

Paris is still among the most magnificent cities you could ever experience, 

but decades of poor governance have not been good for it.

What was once a home to all the world's artists,

is now actively hostile to those making art.

Great inequality creates much poverty.

There are many impoverished, 

And not enough support. 

Paris needs artists.

Paris needs liberty.

Paris needs freedom.

From those who serve money.

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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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