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The Leopard

The epitome of balance, powerful beauty and grace.

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A natural balance governs life on this planet. The Leopard has balance within every cell.

Whenever I watch them I am astounded by their beauty, not only in form but the ways that they move.

A Leopard is perfectly balanced.

If we don't change soon these great beings will be lost


There is nothing like watching these beings leap through the trees.

With such beauty and elegance, the Leopard moves through the forest with ease. Whenever I watch them I feel a deep peace.  

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The best way of healing the mind is through nature

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Incredible Power

A Leopard will often take its food into trees. The Leopards of Africa feed on large animals like Zebra. A zebra can make for a very big meal, weighing many times more than a leopard and take several days just to eat. 

I have watched adult leopards carry Zebra through trees. To do something like that takes incredible power.

The reason a Leopard carries food through the trees is to keep it from other animals on the ground. Few can climb like a leopard so the canopy is much safer, especially

important when nursing a cub.

I watched the beautiful Leopard in this image leap almost 30 foot vertically before taking this photograph.  


That was breathtaking.

They are incredibly powerful animals.

"To do something like that takes incredible power"

"When you see a 50Kg Leopard drag a 60Kg Antelope up a tree in its mouth, you realise how strong that animal is. 
A Lion could not do the equivalent". 
- Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer

Patient Predator

When not hunting from ground a Leopards will wait patiently to pounce from above in the trees.

They are ferocious, powerful, and incredibly intelligent. I have seen them using Lions to hunt, waiting until the larger predators have scattered, separated and exhausted a herd before moving in themselves.

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Perhaps the most graceful of cats

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The Lion King?

The Lion is the strongest of all African predators but Leopard's are powerful and hard to overcome, even for multiple Lions.

Whether in Africa or Asia, the Leopard is always respected. Lions and Tigers may be bigger and stronger, but Leopards will often move freely in their territory.

A large male Leopard is able to defend itself against a single Lion so that they are rarely troubled, and most adult Leopards are powerful enough to resist Lion attacks.


Everyone respects the Leopard.

It is a rare event to see Leopard's fighting with Lions. 

They are faster off the mark and when outnumbered run into trees. They will stand their ground sometimes especially for their children, fighting back to ensure that their cubs remain hidden. When they do fight

they are incredibly fierce.

Lions do kill Leopards - especially when attacking in groups. More and more of this is occurring because their habitat is continually being reduced by man. Deforestation due to mining, farming and urban development are the main causes. These factors push Lions, Hyena's and Wild Dogs to compete more directly with Leopards for

both territory and food.  

"A Leopard will carry an adult Gazelle and jump 50 feet up a tree

while making it look absolutely effortless".


I consider Leopard's to be incredibly courageous.

There is one documented incident of a Leopard battling four female Lions for food, badly injuring the Lions and then surviving the encounter.

Considering the size difference, this is extraordinary.

There are other documented incidents where a single Leopard defends itself against a whole pride of Lions for several minutes, then escaping virtually unscathed.


Again, this is amazing. The size difference between a Lion and a Leopard is huge, and Male Lions are used to fighting other big cats (were the Leopard isn't). There are vary few animals with the courage to take on an entire pride of Lions!


You will often see Leopards near Lions in the wild, even watching the Lions hunt. Lions seen to respect the Leopard were they would not tolerate other animals (like Hyena's).

It is beautiful to see this relationship between them.

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Lakota People's Prayer

Leopards have never been in more danger of extinction than they are now today.

All of my artwork is to help others see beauty, whether inside each other or the majesty of Earth. Human ignorance and indifference causes so many problems. We now face the loss of these incredible irreplaceable creatures. It's hard to see why such animals need our help, but somehow we have to need to help mankind wake up. This is one of the reasons I create and share art.

Ever since I was young I have been watching the decline of natural habitat and animal populations, while people talked about action yet very little was done. We are running out of time. Nature is dying. The planet needs us. If we stand up together this whole world can be changed. This is possible, no matter how hard it looks. It can and has been done.  

Many say they care but then do nothing to protect Earth. If we truly care for nature, and we truly care for animals, we must stand up to protect them. 

We are called to save Earth from those who destroy.


Our current world is heavily influenced by a small number of people.

To change this we must change.

It must start with you and I.

We really have to open up and care about the natural world more.

I don't understand why people need explanations or reasons to do this.

The planet is our home. We need to look after our home.

If we don't we'll all suffer.

All of us.

We must act now to preserve these treasures for future generations, or children may never have the chance to see them.

Imagine a world without the Leopard.

Lets never go there.   

Leopards have lost more than 80% of their natural habitat over the past 50 years. Populations have collapse by over 90% in the last 100.


The few remaining African Leopard habitats are shared between many other animals such as the Lion, Giraffe, Cheetah and Elephant. All of these animals depend upon the same natural ecosystems to survive; but those ecosystems are under constant threat and are not being protected well enough.

Habitat destruction is creating huge strain on existing ecosystems because as habitat is destroyed there is less and less food available to support existing populations. A collapse in prey populations causes increased competition between predators, leading to more conflict between herdsmen and predators as they are forced to attack cattle. Very often herdsmen end up killing the big cats.  

We must stop all human activity that threatens the few remaining wild animal habitats and begin a massive program of ecological recovery centred around increasing wildlife populations, protecting clean waters sources, protecting against poaching and major reforestation projects.


habitat destruction is mainly driven by industrial agriculture, mining, oil & gas extraction, Chinese black market for wild animals,  urban development,  poaching, 

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"To protect the wild leopard we must preserve and plant trees"

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Grace Defined

A Gift from the Light

What is grace? The gift of pure living, a way of pure life. The endless refinement of a spiritual love. 

I see grace in every pure being.

Being next to this being, I am filled with pure love - both for it and all nature.

I see God's love proved throughout the whole Earth. When the lost world of man causes pain to my heart, I look to nature and see a great gift. 

Every time that I get to look at this, I am strengthened by grace. 

"If we don't change soon these great beings will be lost"

"If we don't change soon these great beings will be lost"

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Love the purpose.
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