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A Living Masterpiece

A living, breathing sculpture

One of my favourite places

If you can't go to Paris, here's some of Paris brought to you.

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The Leopard

Thousands of years of art and culture have been gathered in this place.

It is incredible to see and understand so many other expressions of man.

What was once a kings Palace

is now for royals of Art.

Da Vinci, 




With so many lost kings from times long ago.

All of them here,

amid sculptures and frames.

The Louvre,

Where Violinists and Cellists

Play their music between,

The cut stone walls,

Hidden gardens,

and perfect lawns.

The best music.


Besides its exquisite physical beauty,

The Louvre has utterly magnificent acoustics, 

Thus attracting the worlds best street musicians.

Sitting outside of the museum you can look down through its windows at ancient sculpture from Greece,

all the while hearing perfectly played classical music,

as a musician plays outside.

I've spent hours enjoying the hidden gardens and pouring fountains around the Louvre.

It is one of the most incredible places I have ever been.

Every time I visit Paris, I visit this place.

Leopard Looking Up Love Web.jpg

Pointing Up

One of the gifts of street artistry is that you get to know others on the streets. This is my friend Cameron from Australia, who practically plays just for me when I'm in London. Every day beside Trafalgar Square, I was treated to Cam's playing the electric violin. He's amazingly talented, and his voice is quite something.


We happened to be there in Paris at the same time,

with St. Michael pointing up and slaying evil behind.


I stayed to listen for this set.


If you asked me when Paris, 

I'd say any time. 

But beautiful souls,

Will always be why. 

One of the most beautiful faces of all time.

What you can't see, is the life in his eyes. 

When I took this picture, 

Of a beautiful face,

I said "nice to meet you", 

he replied "Encante'!"

Discernment Web.jpg

My Paris

The first time I rolled into Paris, literally, I was so excited. It was very early, between 5 and 6am. I didn't have a phone or a watch, but awoke with the sunrise. 

After cycling for days from the North border I and two friends had made our way into the city from Amiens, a much smaller city with a magnificent cathedral and beautiful people.


Paris was mostly asleep, still dreaming of itself perhaps. 

Dust flew from granite streets as bundled papers hit the floor.

On great old grey streets newspaper deliveries made a temporary home while 

the street sweepers, metro staff and Cafe' owners began to work.

I was in awe looking round, beauty in every corner. Dirt or spotless this is still Paris. 

As the cafe's set up the scent of rich coffee escaped.

Nothing I wanted but I was glad that it's there.


The guys asked where we should go and I barely looked at them, eyes wide and looking just to take it all in. Feeling a direction I answered "this way".

We cycled along and let the magic begin. 

I cycled through space but beyond all of time.

The place that I was is now etched in my mind.

All of these beautiful spaces, little French cars and many French faces,

It felt like living inside of a painting.

Beautiful Leopard Portrait Web.jpg

A Living Poem

Take a long stroll through these wise old streets,

and remember what they've seen. The learned old men, were young ones back then,

a young revolution, thought it the solution,

the beauty and light of love on both sides.


Memories made, on romantic days,

the ways love has danced, through eyes at a glance.


All that she has seen, the things in between,

A dimly lit road, amid leafy trees 

Paris is living Art

Or at least, it used to be. 

The Paris I love will always be the one I first met. 

About a decade ago when we rolled through her streets she was filled with artists, live musicians and peace.

Last time I went there were far fewer of these,

Artists were being harassed by police,

How I know? 


One of them was me.

"An Artist Has No Home in Europe Except in Paris" according to Nietzche. That's not something I believe, since Europe is utterly filled with art and there are many great places to find inspiartion for art, but I saw his point. Any artist can feel it.

The moment you are are near to Montmarte, you'll see it.


Paris is Art.  

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Romance Defined

A place called Mont Marte.

Sacré-Cœur on the hill.

Arriving at sunrise;

Time standing still.


You came to this World with a Mission

I don't know what you're called to do but I know we're going to have to work together in order to protect this planet. It's impossible to do alone, but working together it is very doable. Even if it were not achieved completely, we have to do our best. Individual effort is great but group efforts massively amplify the individuals. 

The journey of life and the world that we build will evolve according to whatever we collectively choose, so let's choose freedom and truth. I choose to fight for the people and animals on this planet. I choose to work for what is good, what is alive, and not for systems or the machine.


I choose people over systems, knowledge over hate, understanding over fear, and nature over folly. All the ways we give ourself reveals the nature of our soul. You alone know how to give yourself. Let your own heart convict you, ifyou knowingly do wrong. I hope you will do right, or at least try, because I will.

Focus Black and White Leopard.jpg

Private Photography Workshop

A dedicated three day event for up to two people this workshop covers all aspects of

modern photography with the best locations in all of Paris. 

This workshop presents photography as an art form covering the entire creative process based on my own personal workflow. Everything from how to feel a moment and choose subjects all the way to playing with the light and the subtle refinement post capture, this workshop will get the most out of your talents while on a tour of the city.

You will also leave with your own fine art piece.

Hôtel de Ville

Little did I know, this is the famous arts district. I was 20 years old, and the place seemed to call. 

Group Photography Workshop

At the end of September I'll be taking a small group to France for a guided tour and photography workshop. There are limited places available so please book earl.

At different stages of the trip you will have the chance to partner up with another member of the group, so that each day is an opportunity to make a new friend.

The guided tour takes us through some of the hidden treasures of Paris as well as all the most famous landmarks and spaces. 


From a sunrise on Montmarte to sunset on the Sienne 

we'll share ideal times and places to experience best lighting.

If you would like to join please do get in touch.

Beautiful Head Turned Leopard Portrait C

Can Paris Improve?


I've visited Paris several times since I was a child, with several years between each visit. 

Now Paris is among the most magnificent cities you could ever experience, 

but decades of governance have not been good for it at all.

What was once such a home for European artists,

is now actively hostile to those making art.


I was stopped by police,

for trying to draw, 

Notre Dame on the floor.

Great inequality creates much poverty.

There are many impoverished, 

And not enough support. 

Paris needs artists.

Paris needs liberty.

Paris needs peace.


Free Paris from money.

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