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A Living Masterpiece

A living, breathing sculpture

One of my favourite places

If you can't go to Paris, here's some of Paris brought to you.

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The Leopard

Thousands of years of art and culture have been gathered in this place.

It is incredible to see and understand so many other expressions of man.

What was once a kings Palace

is now for royals of Art.

Da Vinci, 




With so many lost kings from times long ago.

All of them here,

amid sculptures and frames.

The Louvre,

Where Violinists and Cellists

Play their music between,

The cut stone walls,

Hidden gardens,

and perfect lawns.

The best music.


Besides its exquisite physical beauty,

The Louvre has utterly magnificent acoustics, 

Thus attracting the worlds best street musicians.

Sitting outside of the museum you can look down through its windows at ancient sculpture from Greece,

all the while hearing perfectly played classical music,

as a musician plays outside.

I've spent hours enjoying the hidden gardens and pouring fountains around the Louvre.

It is one of the most incredible places I have ever been.

Every time I visit Paris, I visit this place.

Leopard Looking Up Love Web.jpg

Pointing Up

One of the gifts of street artistry is that you get to know others on the streets. This is my friend Cameron from Australia, who practically plays just for me when I'm in London. Every day beside Trafalgar Square, I was treated to Cam's playing the electric violin. He's amazingly talented, and his voice is quite something.


We happened to be there in Paris at the same time,

with St. Michael pointing up and slaying evil behind.


I stayed to listen for this set.