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The Cheetah

great hope

Thanks to the millions of people actively campaigning for nature, there is now a great hope that conservation efforts will begin growing worldwide.

As the past year has shown us, the world can be completely changed.

When change comes from fear, it does no good and often harms us.

When change comes from loving, caring people, it will do good for all.

If we work together, we can change the world for both mankind and nature's collective benefit.

We can change.

We need change.

So let's change. For good.

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Cheetah Fine Art Daniel K Swan Discovery

for change

Despite habitat destruction, poaching and bad agriculture reducing Cheetah numbers to less than 8000, continued and successful

conservation efforts have increased the number of wild Cheetah in the past few years. This incredible work deserves both congratulations and support.

[details on a conservation project]


If we can keep supporting such effort with funding, direct action and continued efforts the planet will see real, lasting, positive change.

our future

We all have a place in creating our shared future.

How can we make our collective futures better?

Why are we living with so much ignorance & destruction.

Why do we let broken systems control us?

There is truly no reason to let blindness define us.

What if we started to awaken this world.

What if we choose to create something better.

Something shared. Something whole.

Something free.

Something new.

Cheetah's Eyes High Definition Half size
Cheetah Fine Art Photography Daniel K Sw

the art of nature

I spot my prey from miles away,

and stalk until we start the chase,

It's been this way since ancient days,

The art of nature's living race.

The Cheetah are ancient beings. 

The oldest known skeleton of a Cheetah

is over 2 Million years old. It was recently discovered in China.

Like many big cats the Cheetah once

lived all over the world.

fastest animal on Earth

the strength of speed

I leave the lions to their hunting,

they seem to think strength rules this world,

but when it comes to flat out running,

There is a strength to being first.

Cheetah Wisdom Small.jpg

finally stabilising

Although their numbers are still painfully low,

African Cheetah populations are finally stabilising.

This is fantastic news, but they really need to grow.

To sustain continued and existing conservation efforts as well as the monitoring and expansion of protected areas we need massive support for the most important work on Earth,

protecting the animals and planet Earth itself.

 Our best chance of making people aware of the need to save natural ecology and the realisation that we have to act now to preserve endangered species is by simply presenting the

reality for many iconic and endangered species today. We need to protect them.

Beyond limits

I shatter their accepted limits,

and set a pace no other can,

To feel the Earth while I am on it,

and live beyond the ways of man. 

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return to india

The Cheetah once thrived in India, but hunted terribly and the country’s grasslands were repurposed for agriculture, meaning both the predator and its prey were pushed into suboptimal habitats where they struggled to survive.

Recently awareness has grown that Cheetah once thrived in the country and the call has come again from the people for the return and conservation of Cheetah populations across India. These calls have been heard and met with positive proposals from several states, the leading of which are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

In order to truly return Cheetah to the wild, we will need to protect the grasslands on which the animals hunt and thus develop a prey base for the big cats. This requires protected areas with rangers and resources to monitor the spaces for poachers and to keep an eye on ecological development. 

Wise conservationists, including the incredible Dr M. K. Ranjitsinh who drafted the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972 in India which preserved many forest as wildlife sanctuaries, rightly see the protection of iconic species like the Cheetah and their habitat as our best chance to preserve not only these incredible animals but also the entire ecology and land upon which they once thrived.

“In India, symbols are very important. In the name of the tiger, we saved something more valuable than the tiger: We saved the habitat of the tiger. By that same token, I was hoping the cheetah could save our most productive ecosystems, the grasslands.” - M. K. Ranjitsinh, India’s first director of wildlife preservation.

Cheetah Fine Art Photography Daniel K Sw


Among the best proposals for protecting Cheetah, particularly the Asiatic Cheetah, is to reintroduce a protected population into special parks. Creating such parks across Persia and India would transform the nations culturally and attract many ecological benefits, including a massive boost to wellbeing for humanity. The loss of a species is traumatic for everyone who feels it, but we who love the animals are the ones who feel it most. I suggest therefore we all come together and do something about this, since I see nobody else with the will or ability to address this. It shall have to be us who care.


By setting aside land for the protection of animal habitat, and funding full time  This would allow the animals to grow in number.


Creating protected areas and parks will save many animals and also give more humans the chance to see these incredible beings, thus learning why we should protect them. 

 look after their home.

This would cultivate a separate and increasingly diverse gene across the world, promoting genetic diversity among the species.


expand protection for the undervalued center of biodiversity that are the grasslands of India. Protecting these lands would provide protection not only for the Cheetah, but all animals living in their new home. 

As much as it may seem strange, the introduction of predators actually helps increase local animal populations and provide an emblematic species around which to raise awareness, support and funding. So by saving the Cheetah's we really save many more species! 


Among the most beautiful creatures on Earth, the Cheetah is the fastest animal on land. It can outrun any other animal on Earth in a straight line, and has been recorded as running over 130Km/h.

Cheetah Fine Art Daniel K Swan Discovery

art is action

Taking the Bridge S.jpg

Every living soul knows in their heart that we should protect these animals. 

If they are endangered by blind human activity, then it is the humans who can see that must stand to protect them. Art is about sharing vision.

Artwork alone will not change this world, and I am profoundly aware of the need to take action. You can see from these photos that I care for and love animals, but I am never afraid to take a more profound, noticeable, action.

As you can see from this moment I brought a protest onto the road, running in front of traffic so that we could close off the bridge, planet Earth matters to me. 

rapid change

Taking the Bridge S.jpg

We still have time to change this world, but need to act quickly before time runs out.

The planet and its ecosystems are interdependent. What happens to one will effect and influence the others.


If we protect natural habitat and cultivate keystone species then other species will thrive and the natural world will grow stronger. 

If we remain apathetic and afraid of corporate power then we will lose keystone species and face ecological collapse; If we allow that to happen 

there is no coming back.

As we have seen in 2020 the world can rapidly change if it wants to.

It is up to us to work together to create a change that is good.

The future of our Children depends upon our actions.

The planet and nature need us to act now.

Let's act now.

It is time.

Raising awareness and understanding is a big part of my art and other works. Our collective understanding will lead to a future beyond ignorance, but only if we allow it. Even if we do not choose to do harm to this planet or these magnificent animals, inaction and indifference still allows corporates to continue harming the planet, the animals and our children's, Children's futures.


It's not too late to change this.


What better time than now.

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