The oldest was 94 years old.


An Exhibition for Change

Presenting an extensive study of homelessness over the course of 4 years, this exhibition aims to change the way the world perceives and treats some of the most amazing and vulnerable people on planet earth.


By helping to explain how and why extreme poverty still exists in the "developed world", and presenting solutions to this injustice, I hope to create lasting

change for humanity.

All profits from this exhibition help support our work to create real solutions and profound social change

(details below).

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Meanwhile over 24,000 commercial properties and 72,000 homes in London have been empty for 6 months or more.


The usage of property and land as an investment vehicle for the wealthy has lead to a profound struggle for the lower income majority. Coupled with the fact that new urban developments overwhelmingly target high income and globally mobile buyers, this means that the lack of accommodation for low income individuals will continue; even while residential spaces remain empty.


This growing lack of suitable living space for hundreds of thousands of people is causing a devastating form of economic imprisonment; affecting every layer of society. We must wake up and realise that

an investment in humanity is an investment in us all.

More than 320,000 people have no home in the U.K. 

Some 40,000 of these are single mothers.


Change Please

More and more people are being forced out on to the streets. I understand very well the system creating this problem (having worked in the heart of it) but what I don't understand is why we still haven't solved it.

This injustice is easily solvable.


Why don't we just solve it?

If the homeless can't build homes because of property and land laws, it is up to those with homes and resources to solve this problem.


Homelessness is the symptom of a broken system and or uncaring society.   

"Homelessness is our collective responsibility, we who serve love must face it together. "

System Change

The system of today is creating mass poverty which leads to homelessness. It concentrates resources into the hands of few people, and actively forces many more into poverty.


Misdirection through the media makes the majority think this is normal or just life. 

This is not normal and this is not life.

This is an unnecessary pain and a purposeless struggle. This broken system

creates unnecessary suffering. 


It is time this system ends. 


The number of human beings forced to sleep on the street today has doubled in less than a decade.

In London alone over 8,100 people were recorded as rough

sleepers over just a few months last year. This is just the number seen and recorded by outreach workers. Many times more go unseen. 


Right now there are many on the streets all alone.

There are many pure hearts out there who are suffering.


Why haven't we fixed this.

There are many out there who have so much to give.

I have lived beside many of them.

I have seen how the world breaks their spirit.

I have been forced to watch them suffer and die.


Why do we do nothing.

Why do we allow this.

Do we not care?

Why do we walk by leaving people out there alone.

I will never understand this, because it will never makes sense.


The system of today is built on massive injustice.,

Several centuries of enslavement,

class/caste structures and war lead to unbelievable distortions of resources and wealth.

Much of this world was built on poverty or slavery,

and now big corporations have more power than nations, as most governments and media

are dependent on corporates.

I know very well how this system works.


I used to work for a large corporate bank.

This system will never change for the good of the people, until good people stand up to make change happen themselves. It's time to wake up.


Those who are loving know it's high time we stopped this. 

If we work together the solutions are viable. 

We can crowdfund resources and give people homes.

We can also give those without work good employment.

Help the homeless help themselves,

and life improves for all of us.


If we work together so much good is possible.

Those without love will keep being selfish.

It is up to the loving to create lasting change.

Co-Living Spaces

Designed to Change Lives

Carefully designed by a passionate team to help recover a sense of self worth and true value in those the world labels homeless, we have spent years conceiving a beautiful and affordable shared living solution to tackle this crisis.

As more and more people find themselves unable to secure affordable housing in cities and too few new houses are being built to meet demand, we can develop affordable, sustainable communal living spaces that both tackle this crisis and raise the bar for social service.

built to serve Love

Giving back will change a life.

We need to build safe, quality, peaceful spaces for people without the a place of their own. This is a fundamental necessity for wellbeing and also a basic human right. Without addressing this how can we face deeper issues or succeed in an already challenging world.


It is not for us as a society to overcome individual's issues, but it is for us to solve this one. Homelessness is our collective responsibility, we who serve love must face it together. 


Why is this our shared responsibility? Because without modern systems there would be tribal cultures, and any good tribe will look after their own. If we adopt these systems we're responsible for them. If we want to serve love facing poverty is our work.

The simple truth is that those on the streets can't do this themselves.

If they could, they would not be there. 


Without basic shelter what can a man realistically achieve in modern society? If we do not change our attitude towards the so called "homeless" of this world, then we had better create infrastructure to support them. Otherwise, they live very difficult lives which for many is unbearable and a great many each year die.


People are suffering, completely needlessly.

This is madness and we can change this.

We must change this.  

Urgent Need

We urgently need to provide free food and living space to people without any financial resources or income. Existing facilities are not acceptable. We need to build at a standard that breathes life and hope into people. To build a place that feels human, making them feel cared for and worthwhile. When we show others this kindness and respect will they are enabled to offer it toward themselves. The streets take away human dignity and self worth. With our home we plan to give that back.

A Sustainable Model

To do this at scale we must develop a stable source of income that funds the development and operation of these spaces worldwide. We also need to provide a way back into the wider community, independence and employment. This is where the Creative Studio Cafe's step in.

The Studio Cafe'

Serving nutritious food from a beautiful live arts venue while surrounded by inspiring and educational exhibitions the Studio Cafe's will provide employment and support to help our friends recover from trauma of the streets. Bringing local communities together for social change all profits will support the development and management of our communal living spaces as well as providing a community fund, equipment and facilities to support further social and environmental projects.


Facilities include:

Music Session Rooms & Studio

Media Labs and Creative Equipment

Live Performance Events Space

Meeting Rooms & Conference Booths

Creative Art Studio & Exhibition Spaces

Meditation and Therapy Space

Cafe', Juice Bar Restaurant

Creating Change

The world is in desperate need of creative solutions to social and environmental problems. We must enable the change creators to address our urgent need. That is what these spaces are all about.


While many people have great ideas that can help better our world they do not often have access to the funding or facilities to bring them to life. Serving the poor and protecting the environment does not make money, but our studio cafe's will. By allowing the people to use our facilities for good and providing the funding to support their projects, a cup of coffee here or a session booking in one of our rooms will help to build real, scalable solutions to local and global issues.

With this model we can provide both funding and facilities needed to manifest lasting change, but we need your help to kickstart this reality. 

An Engine for Change

We need an engine for change and this is it.

Facilities, equipment, community and funding, all in one place.

If you help us build this we will be eternally grateful and offer free for life at any of our locations. You can support us by clicking the button below. (If you have come across this page and don't support the project then please do let us know what stopped you by writing a message through the contact section of this site. This helps to improve communication of the concept further).   

Our Cafe' will use all of its profits to provide food and shelter for those most in need while supporting those who are working to improve life for all humanity and the environment we all depend upon.

Shared Resources

Half the Cafe's profits go into a public fund to support and launch social projects.

This enables the community to enact local and global change from the ground up by providing the facilities and funding needed to bring their projects to life. 


Together we can truly enable lasting social change; For the people, by the people.

Without basic shelter what can a man realistically achieve in modern society? If we do not change our attitude towards the so called "homeless" of this world, then we had better create infrastructure to support them. Otherwise, they live very difficult lives which for many is unbearable and a great many each year die.


Huge Potential

Last year the people of the U.K spent over £9.7 Billion on coffee, £16 Billion on alcohol and £49 Billion in restaurants and cafe's. 


We aim to redirect as much of that financial power as possible toward social and environmental good, through a network of Creative Cafe's all across the country and rest of the world.

We believe in a not for profit world, a shared world where people work for sustainable enterprises doing what they love for causes that they believe in. A world where all new development is sustainable - because everything else is unsustainable.  

If you believe in this world too, please help make it a reality.

"If we want to serve love facing poverty is our duty."

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