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Imagine creating sustainable communities that produce organic, nutritious, abundant food for people while developing real knowledge and experience of regenerating ecological systems.

These communities would be exactly what we need to bring about a rapid,

sustainable, just transition from unsustainable old paradigms.

So let's create them.


Food Forests

A sustainable way to save Planet Earth

The best way to regenerate wasteland and end destruction of green spaces is by living on the land and regrowing habitat ourselves. Our "work" will be to grow habitat and vegetation for food and shelter, both for humans and animals.  

Many humans don't think about animals because they never see them as 

neighbours. We intend to create spaces where people remember how human beings used to live.

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Creating communal forest spaces with natural, balanced, permaculture to promote organic & sustainable regeneration.

Good, regenerative farming is crucial to ecological balance and environmental recovery, but 

there is a lot more to recovering from existing systems than just good ecology. 

We need to learn how to live together again, in true harmony despite differences.

Collaborating freely without hierarchies and systems. 

That is the vision of Free Earth Farm.

Nature's Recovery

It may appear distant but let's remember our ultimate aim here: A planet on which both nature and mankind live in harmony.

To realise this we're going to need a "recovery" process. We are the ones who can start developing that process together.  

Food, shelter, a place to live and a loving community to work with. 


Resilient Communities

By working together and caring for each other

we can create a much better world. 

I don’t know if the others will change the way they’re living, but I know that if they don't life will get much harder. Whatever happens in the world, we should be the

first ones to change.

If enough make the shift then we could change the whole world. If we don't change the world at least we are ready for the consequences of inaction. 

Imagine a community where all can feel welcomed, and where those who seek alone space have plenty of it.

By defining a new, shared, Earth, we can show the world a better way. 

Imagine what we could achieve by working and living together. 

With the warmth of our friends and the energy of working beside others who care, 

Producing good, abundant, organic food. Natural nutrition and fresh, clean water.

This is the space we have all been waiting for. 

It’s time to revive now. To work and bring peace. It’s time to be free. 

Thriving Together

Leading by example in sustainable, organic, creative communities to remind each other how we can thrive together on Earth. 

Protecting animal habitat with natural regeneration of rural and urban land through cultivation of ecologically balanced, sustainable, organic crops.

To really change this world we must be free from it. 

To really change this world we must be free from it. 


If we keep living part in and part out, things simply won't change fast enough. 

To be truly effective we need to lead by example and come together, living sustainably, free from world systems.

A New Earth

Our belief in a sustainable, free world makes me particularly supporting of decentralised currency like bitcoin. If you would like to sponsor this project by donating some bitcoin, 

that would be awesome and most welcome.

The project's wallet address is below:

Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Address: bc1q3emqefayyxaqdrzf5uyyhj4eey6dkrx6fpahsr


To truly change this world we have to free ourselves from it. 


If we keep living part in and part out, things simply won't change fast enough. 

To be most effective we need to come together, living sustainably, independent of world systems.

We use decentralised currency because it is better for free people and communities.


A free world is one free from centralisation of control & resources.

Those seeking control will form more centralised systems soon.

We who understand this great problem need to join in freedom to act.

Thank you for any and all your generous donations. 

We will use them for great works.


With Faith, Hope & Love for Freedom.

Connect With us

We're still looking for the first people to live in our first communal spaces. People looking to live in natural harmony while regenerating the ecology of Earth. 

If you're one of those people and would like to meet others, send us a message and we'll be in touch soon.  

Peace Forever.

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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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