Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. 

I took this photograph whilst on an art trip across the city of Paris. One of the high low points of the trip was when I sat down to draw Notre Dame, and a crowd of onlookers quickly gathered. About an hour later they were appalled when a group of four armed police came over to tell me to move on. They said I was not allowed to draw the Cathedral any more, "because you are drawing a crowd, and it is not safe because of terrorism". (Anyone who has tried to enter Notre Dame knows there is always a crowd of at least 100 people waiting to get in).

I tried to reason with the police and they told me they did not want to do it, but their management were watching through the cameras. It is a sad world where the blind lead the blind, and those with partial sight let them guide them in the wrong ways.

Absurdity beyond words, but a profoundly beautiful piece of architecture.

Notre Dame

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