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Free Earth Farm

A Communal Space to Free Planet Earth

The best way to end destruction of green spaces and protect wildlife is by living on the land and regrowing habitat ourselves.

Many humans don't think about animals because they never see them as neighbours. We need to show them how to live together on Earth. 

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It may appear distant but lets remember our ultimate aim here:

A planet on which both nature and mankind live in harmony.

To realise this we're going to need a "rewilding" process.

We should be the ones to start that process. 

Lets do this together.  

By defining a new, shared, Earth, we can show the world a better way. 

Imagine what we could achieve by working and living together. 

With the warmth of our friends and the energy of others who care, 

good organic food, clean nutrition and water.

This is the space we have all been waiting for. 

Imagine a place where we all can feel welcomed, and where those who seek alone time have plenty of space.


It’s time to revive now. To work and bring peace. It’s time to be free. 

All We Need

Food, shelter, a place to work and a loving community to work with. 


The world needs more sustainable communities with real knowledge and experience in bringing about rapid, sustainable, just transition from old paradigms.

Good farming is crucial to ecological balance and environmental recovery, but 

there is a lot more to recovering from existing systems than just good farming. 


We need to learn how to live together again,

collaborating freely without hierarchies and systems. 

That is the purpose of Free Earth Farm.

Bringing food, shelter, workspaces and protection of ecology all into one. 

I don’t know if the others will change the way they’re living, but I know that we should be the first ones to change. 


By working together everything can get better. 

By learning to care for each other we create a better world. 

to really change this world we must be free from it. 


If we keep living part in and part out, this simply isn’t going to work. 


We need to come together and be free from the world system.

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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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