What do you see sir? And you are a sir. 

How do you see it sir?

All of these people are my friends. I just hope they all know that.

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What do you see sir?

I see an artist. That is art. I mean look at how they've set it all up. The colours and the spacing. It's like your music or your drawings. It's them.

I want you to feel comfortable. We might not lift the whole world, but I want to take off some of that stress and pent up tension.

I've got a friend sir, just like you.

I've got friends you wouldn't believe. I used to work for Greek police. 

That day you bought me that curry, I'll never forget that. You broke my heart. 


I've met so many beautiful people out here you wouldn't believe. If I hadn't done, then I wouldn't be here. 

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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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