There is an invisible beast in the mind of man which governs the actions of almost the entire human population toward the physical world. 

The beast is orchestrated and managed by evil beings, and enabled by the walking dead. 

(photo of walking dead and evil beings to describe what it is to people).

This beast does not feel, does not think, does not care, does not remember, does not have hope, does not breathe and is incapable of any form of love, yet it governs most of humanity. 

This beast does not have health, yet they say it is healthy or sick. 


This beast does not age, yet they say it grows.


This beast is the world economy, and it is the manifestation of all human evil upon the physical plane.

There is ultimately only one way you can break the chains of this beast, and it is to tear the whole thing down. There is no way to rework it. No way of salvaging it. No way to redesign it, despite what they will tell you in the years to come after the orchestrated collapse. It must be completely removed from human consciousness as a valid way of organizing our energy and sharing resources. 

We must stop using tokens of value. 
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Faith is freedom,
Love the purpose.
Present begins without an end. 

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