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Absolutely Relative

Created in London, England.

A Space for Time

All of space and time exists within the observer. Our perceptions create realities. Space & time exist within consciousness. Nothing exists outside of it.


Energy = perceived patterns of energy (mass) x rate at which those patters propagate x rate of progression in conscious awareness (speed of light). 

The speed of light is the speed limit of physical awareness, the speed of perception.

Our perception of energy is the union of space and time. Energy is the substance behind physical forms. The manifestation of energy, whether stationary or transient, is what we perceive of and call the physical universe. There is more to the universe than this.

Light is the living spirit of creation.

Light is not just energy.

Light is spirit.

Light is alive.

Light IS life.

Light itself is not confined to any physical laws, for it defines them all. All of our physical laws were produced by observing the behaviour of energy as the physical manifestation of light.


The light tells us everything.

Energy and light are different in that the one is the reflection of the other. One is alive, the other reflects life. One is an image, the other is truth. Energy is the reflection of the light in a lower dimension. The light transcends every dimension, for it defines them all.

Only the living can pass through this barrier of understanding, into the realm of the spirit, where man joins the light, and must learn to live by the highest understanding, which is to live by faith. 

Perceived Paradox

Einstein developed his theory of space and time by contemplating what it would be like to chase a wave of light, at the speed of light.


He thought that such an observer, chasing light at light speed, would see a spatially

 oscillating electromagnetic field that appeared stationary in the dimension the observer and "light beam" were travelling.

In his Autobiographical notes on the original thought experiment which lead to the famous theory of relativity, Einstein writes:

"...a paradox upon which I had already hit at the age of sixteen:

If I pursue a beam of light with the velocity c (speed of light in a vacuum), I should observe such a beam of light as an electromagnetic field at rest though spatially oscillating.

(This is to say, that when travelling at the same speed as the beam of light, the light would no longer appear as an entity travelling through space, but as an all pervading field oscillating in space rather than travelling. Perhaps like the surface of water, waving up and down, but remaining in the same field).  

There seems to be no such thing however, neither on the basis of experience nor according to Maxwell's equations.

This is where I believe Einstein was mistaken. It, the apparently stationary field, does exist. It is a field of consciousness  of light, which is invisible to physics only because of the current state of man's awareness. When one evolves beyond the idea of measuring consciousness, of defining it within itself, one sees the entire universe as ripples in an ocean of consciousness. Relativity and quantum theory are reconciled, and one sees the planes of light as evolutionary planes of spiritual awareness.


The entire physical universe exists within a spiritual universe of consciousness, and there are many spiritual universes besides the one we experience. Thus the parallel universes are other beings, and though they may not be far away in the physical dimensions, they may be far away spiritually. Our language reflects this, when we call a person "distant" vs "present". There are much deeper things from here, but lets talk of those in another place.

If the whole physical universe exists within the spiritual universe, then beyond the perceived dimensions of space are dimensions of consciousness, Heavens if you will. This is what many great physicists have spoken of for centuries, and when one finds it they transcend the traditional sciences in pursuit of higher understanding. Pure knowledge then comes from communion with the eternal spirit of love and truth.

A Space for Time

From the very beginning it appeared to me intuitively clear that, judged from the standpoint of such an observer, everything would have to happen according to the same laws as for an observer who, relative to the earth, was at rest. For how should the first observer know or be able to determine that he is in a state of fast uniform motion?

One sees in this paradox the germ of the special relativity theory is already contained."

Such an observation would be contrary to Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism, which defined scientific ideas of electromagnetic fields.

This made Einstein think the whole concept was wrong. Light must behave differently from the manner in which he was perceiving in his mind".

Problems Of Perception

Einstein went on to write: 


"In setting up the special theory of relativity, the following idea concerning Faraday’s magnet-electric induction experiment played a guiding role for me...

...The idea, however, that these were two, in principle different cases was unbearable for me. The difference between the two, I was convinced, could only be a difference in choice of viewpoint and not a real difference 

(thus a difference of perception).

Judged from the [moving] magnet, there was certainly no electric field present. Judged from the [ether in a state of rest], there certainly was one present. Thus the existence of the electric field was a relative one, according to the state of motion of the coordinate system used, and only the electric and magnetic field together could be ascribed a kind of objective reality, apart from the state of motion of the observer or the coordinate system.


The phenomenon of magneto-electric induction compelled me to postulate the (special) principle of relativity.


The difficulty to be overcome lay in the constancy of the velocity of light in a vacuum, which I first believed had to be given up. Only after years of searching did I notice that the difficulty lay in the arbitrariness of basic kinematical concepts."



What Einstein is basically saying is, the fundamental truths we hold about space, about time, about the physical universe, had been defined without much thought. We had not thought deeply about our relationship as observers to that which we observe. The nature of the entire physical universe had been assumed separate and independent from the living universe within us. This assumption had until that point been taken arbitrarily.

Living Universe

Our ideas of Space and time itself were defined by observers, themselves conditioned by the beliefs of observers making  observations before them. Thus all of our supposed knowledge, all of our science, all of our world, is subject to the act of observation. Quantum mechanics, which Einstein spent much of his life utterly disagreeing with and trying to disprove, has proved over and over that the observer affects the system they observe, simply through the act of observation. This matters, literally. In quantum mechanical systems, a wave of probability literally collapses into matter after the observer goes looking for it. For many years this has confused scientists, because they always assumed matter to exist in discrete units called quanta (hence quantum physics), but they don't. There is in fact only light, and that light exists within us as the source of consciousness. The light can be thought to be vibrating at varying frequencies across differing dimensions to creating what we call space and time, but there are many waking up to the fact that we can alter that vibration, and in so doing change the world around us, by sharing what is within. 

All of what we believe to constitute the universe is in fact our observation of something which will always transcend our ability to observe it, for we are a product of it. We live within it. We are a part of it. We are it.


What lives behind our observations, beyond all of our belief systems, is not itself subject to our beliefs. This is what I call truth, and those who seek reflect its light back down to the physical dimensions. This bread of life which comes down from heaven.

Science has relied upon a few core principles, which are really beliefs, from which to build its whole understanding of the universe. Systems of observation like Newtonian Mechanics, Maxwell's laws of magnetism and electrodynamics, and the laws of thermodynamics, govern scientific thinking and the evolution of man's mind in many ways. Like stabilisers on a bicycle, they must one day be removed, and a higher truth observed.

The universe you think outside, is actually in you.


The belief of many scientists in the past has been (and still is today) that all the perceived laws of science are in fact one, and that they are only perceived as being separate because of our limited perception. If we could look far enough into all directions of consciousness, we would see there is in fact no separation at all. No time nor space, but only the eternal present, propagating at the speed of awareness, which is the the speed of light. If we would only evolve to accept and embrace this truth, we could collectively create the reality of our dreams. A world of perfect peace and love, of joy and play, of independence and interconnectedness, of balance and understanding, of true freedom from oppression and ignorance. Such a world is a heaven on Earth, just as was foretold to come, long ago by one who knew the light, and knew it as his father.

When we look closely at the details, we see the universe behave in a way that is not normally observed at a larger scale, but in fact if we were able to see clearly at all scales, we would see everything moving in harmony as one, 


The real truth is beyond the physical, and it is spiritual, for only the spirit is alive. All of the physical universe is but a playground of the living, and a prison for the dead. We must learn to appreciate and love one another, in order to truly understand the absolutely relative nature of reality. The truth is that there is one truth, manifest in many forms, and you will never known mine, until you are freed from yours, and discover one above. 

All we are, is our truth.

All we have, is our love.

When everything physical passes away,

the love, the meaning of our life, will stay.  

Albert Einstein spent the latter years of his life working on a grand unified theory of everything, the holy grail of physics (and science as a whole). Among the unification of all other expressions of being, which someone who identifies themselves and a physicist rather than a being will find impossible to achieve, is the problem of unifying Quantum Physics and 

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