Years ago I spent thanksgiving with an incredible American family, whom I had never met before. They invited me to their home through a friend who knew I had no family in the U.S and wanted me to experience this great American treasure.


The family lived in relative poverty, and for those who know the story, the friend I am speaking of is Alan. 


Though they had little money, in that home was such wealth. The family had invited other people who did not have a family to spend the holiday with or who were too far from them to enjoy this beautiful tradition together.


I felt totally at home with this family. They were so beautifully open. We were from many different worlds, but all joined together in this amazing act of human kindness. The whole room was saturated with acceptance, joy, peace, and the purest love.

I will remember that day and those people forever and hope this story blesses you today.

Happy Thanksgiving!