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More than 320,000 people have no home in the U.K. 

Some 40,000 of these are single mothers.

"My kind request, please understand Homeless people are not animals."


Change Please

More and more people are being forced out onto the streets because of profound injustice and broken systems.

This could be easily addressed

if we acted together.

Homelessness is the symptom of a broken system and an uncaring society.   

Compassion is key to evolution.


Since the homeless can't build shelters because of property and land laws, it is up to those with homes and resources to

solve this ridiculous problem.

"The day I was really hungry I got on my knees in the middle of the town centre and I cried out to God. I said please God, I am so hungry I’ve got three days now without food. Then I stood up, and I walked around the corner, looked on the floor and there was five pounds." 

“Sometimes you can go a couple of days, sometimes you can go a week. I think the longest I’ve ever been is about a week an a half.”


The oldest was 94 years old.


An Exhibition for Change

Presenting an extensive work studying homelessness over the course of 4 years, this exhibition aims to change how the world perceives and treats some of the most

amazing yet vulnerable people on Earth.

By explaining how and why extreme poverty still exists in the "developed world", and presenting solutions to this gross injustice, we hope to create lasting

change for humanity.

All profits from this exhibition support the work to create real, lasting solutions and profound social change.

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"Powerful artwork". -


"It's the best picture of me I've ever seen"


Meanwhile, over 24,000 commercial properties and 72,000 homes in London have been empty for 6 months or more.


The usage of property and land as an investment vehicle for the wealthy has lead to profound struggle for the lower-income majority. Coupled with the fact that new urban developments overwhelmingly target high-income and globally mobile buyers, this means that the lack of accommodation for low-income individuals will continue; even while residential spaces remain empty.


This growing lack of suitable living space for hundreds of thousands of people is causing a devastating form of economic imprisonment; affecting every layer of society. We need to come together and realise that

an investment in humanity is an investment in us all.

"You know every winter times how many innocent
homeless people die? Please help them.
That’s my kind request”.
- Brother Sanga,
Sanga was an amazing and beautiful human who came to the U.K. seeking asylum after being tortured in Sri Lanka's civil war. He was refused the right to work and forced out onto the streets of London, where he painted colourful art in Trafalgar Square to try and make other people happy.
Sanga remained homeless in London for 9 years and died months after filming this message.

I was not in the country at the time and returned to find my friend dying in the hospital.

Why does this happen? Why do we leave people to suffer on the streets?

Some people say that is just the way the world is;

I say this is just the world we were born into,

We can change it.

 We are meant to change it.

Let's change it.


These wonderful people deserve compassion.

"You’re in a situation you can’t control, with problems you

can’t solve, so you do what you can to survive."

"You’ve gotta wait for a certain time, to find a place that’s dry, and have to fight for it."

Change it

The system of today causes profound inequality which ultimately leads to poverty, dependance and homelessness.


By concentrating resources into the hands of a few people, it actively forces others to depend upon state & corporate systems.

Misdirection through the media makes the majority ignorant of the truth, passively living in acceptance of gross injustice while thinking that this is normal. 

The unjust systems of the modern era create much unnecessary pain and suffering with purposeless struggles.

This is not normal now and has not been normal for most of human history. The world

as it stands is very much broken. 

There is absolutely no reason people should be left without shelter when we have abundant resources and the ability to facilitate this basic right to shelter. 

It is time we acted to change this. 


In cities across the U.K., many thousands of people are currently sleeping on the streets, in dirty alleyways, in public parks, and in cold, wet places. 

Homelessness is our collective responsibility, and servants of love should face it together. 

The number of human beings forced to sleep on the streets has doubled in less than a decade.


They Need Us to Care More

Of all those people left out on the streets,

So many are kind hearted and needlessly suffering.

These wonderful people have so much to give.

Having lived beside them I can speak from experience.

Over the years I have seen how the world system breaks their spirit.

I have been forced to watch so many suffer and even die on the streets.


Why do we pass by doing nothing?


Why do we allow this?

The system will not change for the good of the people until good people stand up to make good changes for each other and themselves.


Much of this world was built upon poverty and economic slavery. Emperors and kings, control structures and hierarchies; The continual concentration of resources by selfish entities has now created a world in which a few corporations can overpower

most nations

Several centuries of enslavement,

oppression, subjugation, indoctrination,

class/caste structures, and wars have caused unbelievable distortions of both resources and power.

The world of today is built on massive past injustices.

By working together great solutions become possible.


We can crowdfund resources and give humanity a home.


Those who are loving know we are meant to overcome this. 

By working together a great future become possible. 

We can also give those without work good employment.

Enabling the homeless to help themselves,


Removing the suffering of poverty,

Can improve life for all people on Earth.

"I don't want to beg for money, I only do it if I have to do it". 

The simple truth is that people on the streets can't solve this themselves. If they could, they would not be there. They need our support to stand up.


Without basic shelter what can a man realistically achieve in modern society? If we do not change our attitude towards the so-called "homeless" of this world, then we had better create infrastructure to support them. Otherwise, they live unbelievably difficult lives which for many become unbearable. 

People are suffering, completely needlessly.

This is wrong and we can change it.

So let's change it.  


We urgently need to provide free food and living spaces to people without financial resources or income. The few existing facilities are not enough. We need to build at a standard that breathes life and hope into people, not somewhere they feel like animals. Building a place that is beautiful, making them feel cared for and worthwhile, will take some effort.


The streets take away human dignity and self-worth.

With our shared spaces we plan to give that dignity back.

When we show others this kindness and respect they are encouraged to care more for themselves.

"How can I stay out of trouble if I've got nowhere to go?"

"If I had a place I’d like to think I could sort myself out, but without money or opportunity or a chance, how can I? That’s seen as an excuse, but it isn't. It’s the way it is." 

Today there are almost no open, safe, free places of shelter while corporations own much of the land and are buying more of it. 


Why continue to accept a world where there are no free spaces for human beings?

We need to create spaces just to be human and to rest.

Places to come together as friends and create new communities.


We don't have to keep supporting a divisive system and world.

We can just let it fall away instead while building something better.


We can work together for the good of all life and each other.

We can stop competing and collaborate instead.

"Even when you're strong you're gonna be weak quickly.

The cold is so strong". 


When we work together so

much good is possible.

Only loving people care, so it is up to the loving to create true change.

While individuals can do a lot,

We can do so much more together.

As more and more people find themselves unable to secure affordable housing in cities and too few new houses are being built to meet demand, we can develop affordable, sustainable communal living spaces that both tackle this crisis and provide a sanctuary of healing, thus raising the bar for social care.

An Engine for Good

We need an engine for real change and this is a good start.

Facilities, equipment, caring community, and funding, all in one place.

Our Cafe' will use all of its profits to provide food and shelter for those most in need while supporting those who are working to improve life for humanity by providing funding and facilities for their efforts.

The Cafe's profits will provide a public fund to support and launch social projects.

Creating Better

Using Creative Studio Cafes' that direct ALL profits to creating a better world, we plan to restore the power of people to shape their own futures. Our locations will provide the facilities and

funding for caring communities to join us in creating a much better world.