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"There is nothing on Earth quite like a wild Tiger."

To Find A Tiger

To find wild Tigers consistently in the best viewing conditions takes experience and great knowledge of both the forest environment, visual dynamics and of course Tiger's as beings.


In truth the Tiger is rarely ever found, but rather chooses to be seen. A Tiger can be hiding just metres away from the most alert prey, such as deer or buffalo, and yet never be seen. How much harder it is for the untrained human eye to find them! 

A surprising reality for many is the incredible awareness and intelligence of these incredible animals, which I explain and share great detail about on our expeditions. I have learned that the Tiger seems to know when we are seeking them out of admiration and respect, and their behaviour reflects this. Years of studying their behaviour has shown me that they are profoundly conscious beings, with examples like the fact that they can recognise who you are, have complex social relationships, and even feel our intent.

The most inspiring expeditions into wild animal habitat come from true communion with nature. Our expert guides understand this, and have spent our lives deeply connected with nature. We have a special relationship with the natural world and its inhabitants, especially these magnificent royal creatures.

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Discover the Wild Tigers of India

A Guided Adventure Photography Expedition

(With Professional Photography Workshops)

  • Private Transportation Across Jungles

  • Private transportation to city & cultural excursions

  • All meals and accommodation included

  • Fully guided photography workshops 

  • In Field Wildlife Photography Workshop

  • Explore the Jungle with expert guides

  • Home to Wild Tigers, Leopard's, Deer, Bears, Elephants, Raptors and other incredible species. 


    Learn about natural Jungle Ecosystems


  • Fund endangered animal conservation

  • Be Part of Protecting essential animal Habitat

  • Experience the culture of incredible India 

Both Jungle and Urban Exploration

"To experience a wild Tiger is to truly be humbled."

The True King of the Jungle

A Tiger is not the only big cat you can find in the Jungle, but it is certainly the King.

There is also the magnificently powerful yet smaller big cat, the leopard. 


Finding these animals is often harder than finding Tigers, since they try to keep out of the Jungle King's way (and prefer hunting at night); but we know exactly where to look.

Our team is capable of finding both Tiger's and Leopards, with rare and valuable knowledge of precisely where to go and how best to find them. 

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" A Tiger is both an apex predator, and spiritual masterpiece. "

Guided Expeditions

Booking a guided expedition brings you the best possible experience in a multitude of ways, rendering decades of experience and local knowledge at your disposal. 

Every trip though the Jungle is unique. No two journey's are ever the same.

 Finding these elusive, camouflaged creatures without experienced guidance can be almost impossible. You could spend weeks exploring many jungles without ever seeing a Tiger, yet they may well have been hiding just a few metres away from you.


An expert guide understands the Tiger and its habitat in a very unique way.

Choosing to take a wildlife expedition into the heart of the Jungle and find these natural treasures is something that will profoundly enrich and bless you forever.

There are few people on Earth who have had such a privilege.

If you are hoping to join on an expedition this year or next, please enquire immediately as places are extremely limited right now. We have only a few spaces remaining.