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The Great Bear Experience

An Unforgettable Encounter

Being close to wild bears is incredible. A exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

In all of the beauty of nature there is nothing quite like this.

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Beyond Impressive

Everything about the great Bears is impressive, and it is astonishing to feel them roaming wild beside you.

No great king of the wilderness is perhaps quite so humble, despite being so powerful.



Gentle Predators

Bears have a reputation for being extremely dangerous, though they rarely harm humans. Having been within a couple metres of completely wild and free bears (always letting them be the ones that come closer) I can say categorically that most of these animals are very intelligent and gentle. 

Whether we are in the Canadian Rockies or the Idyllic Romanian Wilderness; Staying at the Lodge or Bear watching from our hides in the forest, Great Bear encounters are always unforgettable.

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The Plan

A Guided Wildlife Photography Expedition

(Includes Ecology & Photography Workshops)

  • Private Transportation Across Multiple Sites

  • All meals and accommodation included

  • In Field Wildlife Photography Workshop

  • Explore Natural Ecosystem safely with expert guides (home to Bears, Wolves, Eagles, Deer and many other incredible species). 

  • Learn about the Boreal Forest Ecosystem


  • Support essential conservation

  • Protect nature and habitat

  • Experience unforgettable beauty
  • Receive a custom fine art photography piece

Probably The Best Wild Bear Viewing Experience on Earth

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Bears are highly intelligent and social animals. 

April to October is Peak Bear Season

Ecology & Wildlife Workshops

There are many incredible things you only learn by being around and studying animals,

which we share through our ecology & wildlife workshops.

Bear safety is one of these many things.

To be safe around Bears means respecting them fully and understanding their power. By learning about their world and behaviour we discover an unspoken language of nature. 

Understanding bears brings you a much deeper experience with these animals and an ability to anticipate or respond to their behaviour.


This is a game-changing asset for any Wildlife Photography -

improving your future work with all animals.

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Close Up Experience

When looking for Bears it is incredibly important to bring a guide for your safety.

Bears are usually gentle toward us but they can and do (rarely) kill humans.

I have seen Brown Bears run almost a mile faster than any human.

Shocking as it may be they can also climb trees - very well.


There is no way to outrun them. None at all.

That is why, for the safest up-close experiences, we use custom-built hides.

Our custom-built photography hides are placed deep in the forests of Europe, close to where many Bears rear their young. These hides mask our scent and provide overnight accommodation giving the best opportunity to see these beings in all light.