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67% of all animal species on earth are in decline.

There are fewer than 4000 wild tigers,

Less than 1000 Mountain Gorillas,

and just 200 amur leopards. 

deforestation worldwide is at record levels,

The ocean now contains more plastic than fish,

the rainforest is being burned to clear land for corporate agriculture, 

indigenous peoples are being murdered for control of the forests,

Global warming is causing unprecedented weather catastrophe's

and yet the fossil fuel industry continues to attract over a trillion USD of investment each year.

the corporate controlled global media & government tells us little to nothing about this,

so a 16 year old girl sailed the atlantic ocean (twice) to wake people up and help create change. 

It is time to wake up and see things more clearly.

this is the time to take action,

to speak out,

and change.

Stand up for life.

Recognise indigenous land to protect Animal and Plant Biodiversity

Everywhere, in every nation, this should be done.

We need regenerative agriculture to replace unsustainable, corporate controlled food production.

This brings massive benefit to humanity, more competitive food prices for everyone and most importantly, sustainable, strengthened ecosystems.    

Make Ecocide Illegal

Irresponsible government like that of the current Brazilian leadership does not respect the worlds most valuable natural resource, nor their own people. If local actions are not able to stop them, then we will have to do it from the international consumer side.


The U.S, E.U and China are the ones consuming their products, driving demand and facilitating their finances.

Sanctions and Sustainable Alternatives

We must Immediately stop buying products from companies linked to Amazon destruction and replace them with sustainable alternatives. 

Sanctions on every industry, anywhere, that is behaving in an ecologically unsustainable manner.


Develop and utilize an ecocide law to stop activity that threatens the ecology of the planet. 

Protect the Last BioDiversity Havens

Over 70% of the planets remaining biodiversity is concentrated in just three main areas.

We must ban all logging in these areas.


 No more being cute about it.


No more logging.


No more agricultural business.

No more death.

No more destruction.

Active education on the ecological climate emergency in schools


Teaching the effect of human industry on food chains & the ecological interdependence of all life on earth. 

With a curriculum developed by climate scientists and ecologists working alongside other experts to describe how Energy systems, Carbon Budgets, Economic methods and opportunity cost apply to human civilisation on a planet of finite natural resources.


We need to show people how human animal interactions can be good and how they can positively effect resultant biodiversity & populations, while also exposing the reality of most destructive activities today.

Managed National, Corporate and Individual Carbon Budgets to determine Economic business rates

If you make bad business expensive, it will stop. We need to do this now.

By offering huge discounts to low carbon/carbon neutral businesses while taxing/penalising those heavy polluters who do not achieve year on year carbon reduction of 25% or more, we can incentivise a more localised economy and the growth of low carbon, sustainable development. 

Close businesses that routinely over pollute and subsidise the development of clean factories.

subsidise creation of

a Distributed,

Sustainable Energy Network

The next 5 years need to be dedicated toward removing carbon emitting processes from all big business.


By 2025 absolutely no more fossil fuels should be tolerated in the "developed" world economy.

All future fossil fuel use therefore needs to be used in conversion from existing energy systems to sustainable and renewable energy systems with aim to be sustainable under 5 years for every operation and process across every industry. 

If a company cannot do this their competitors will. Subsidise sustainable business and penalise the unsustainable - otherwise they will continue destroying the Earth. 


It is that simple.

create carbon neutral, sustainable communities & housing

All ancient building techniques and settlements were low carbon.


Most of human history, including our most incredible periods of prosperity, occurred in very low carbon economies.

We can learn from these and dedicate land for community development projects based upon the One Planet Development principles.

Massive funding for development of independent localised sustainable energy systems,

An open source community working o sustainable energy solutions without patents can be supported by partner universities and successful prototype projects scaled up in 2 year accelerator programs to develop distributed sustainable energy solutions worldwide. This is simple to implement and fund - we just have to back it.
Tesla built at home, so did Edison, Faraday, Newton, Maxwell, Lieden. These kind of people still exist,  but they just don't have the scale and influence of huge corporate energy companies. We need public intervention to change that, and this is an excellent start. 

Reclaim and reuse plastics from the rivers and Sea.

This is obviously a problem that needs massive attention and resources to address, but it's easily solved when enough people face up to it. 

We should be protecting the rivers and cleaning plastic from the seas,  before spending billions to send people to space.

Travel by sea

Open more shipping routes to replace air travel and airport expansion while using silent motors (like those used by submarines) to avoid harming sensitive marine life.  

Holidays & dedicated time to clean up

Dedicated time for employees of businesses to examine their own company's environmental impact and develop processes that will reduce their impact.

Cycle networks in major cities with extensive public transport networks teach people to think sustainably.

Clean energy zones and emission free zones do likewise.

Excellent public transport means no need for cars in dense c

Act Now

The solutions exist to solve this great problem., but nothing will happen unless we force corporate government to change. 

They make too much money from the destruction to ever lead meaningful change, and spend billions convincing people that they're doing good when they're not - they're doing the opposite.

This means it's all down to us.
We have to force them to change.
We do this, like always, by choosing to stand up.

Strike, Rebel, Disobey and take all non violent action necessary to force massive global change.

Young people have lead the charge so far. Young people must continue to lead the change.
Their parents need to stand with them.

I know it is hard, but the Earth needs us all.

Choose to stand up,
and together we will change this

Greta Poster Act Now.jpg

On July 24th an amazing young girl named Greta Thunberg set sail from England to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 50 Metre long emissions free sailing boat in order to demonstrate the importance of taking personal responsibility for our carbon footprint and taking urgent action to protect our planet.

Now there are millions beside her, and we will never give up.

For way too long, the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis, but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer. We are striking because we have done our homework and they have not.

Greta Thunberg.

For way too long, the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis, but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer. We are striking because we have done our homework and they have not.

Greta Thunberg.

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