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December 18th, 2018: By Daniel K Swan


"I know that’s seen as an excuse, but it’s not an excuse. It’s the way it is".

Derryn, 26 years old

Twice as many as have died homeless as have died from "terrorist activity" across all of Western Europe, over the past 8 years. 

"If you found yourself on the street at night, no clothes, no where to go, no home, what would you do?"  - Adrian. 

It's not my choice to feel the cold, not my choice, not your choice, its some of the mistake of the people who make the plans.


They just take everything from you, they take all the love, and they are watching the coloured paper, which you call the money".


Try to look in your heart and put yourself being outside on the street or try to make an experiment. Leave your phone at home, go outside how you are dressed and find how you are going to help yourself without money in your pocket and without numbers. I found myself in a shirt and short pants, sleeping on one piece of cardboard on this concrete

"I know time doesn't let you know when you're going to be homeless. or you going to find yourself outside, it doesn't matter. You should be prepared at minimal mental and physical".



"Even when you're strong you're going to be weak quickly. The cold is so strong.  

Imagine that you are somewhere where they have borders you cannot travel across to get your water your food or your clothes. 

I think we should be more united, as one, because like that you can see the beautiful magic in this world. Magic doesn't mean a magician who makes a trick, magic means the love.

Once you got the love, you can feel the magic of this world. You don't have to die to see paradise. 

No one should suffer. No one should die because he doesn't have water. No one should ask permission to get wherever he wants because literally the planet is one piece why should it be divided? Why are there borders for the homeless? For example I cannot stay somewhere where it's covered and the rain cannot touch me? Because there are the fences, and this is paid for with your own money. And they say they're doing better for your next generation. I'm your generation. Look what happened with me, I found myself on the street.


You've been supporting all those governments because they lie to you. 

I'm here, I find my life so hard, and imagine that I have a son. How can I do the best for my son? Only be explaining how I find myself out here on the street. 

Peace and love. 

We should throw love at each other, not hate. 

Hate doesn't help you in nothing, violence nothing, but beautiful worlds that have to come from your heart. 

Not from your brain to make a big quantity of coloured paper which you call money, this comes by your hand, but the love comes by your heart. You forgot that. You forgot. 


Find yourself outside on the street, shaking like a jelly. That's not fair play. That's not fair play. No one should be out here. No one. Not dogs not animals. You feel sorry for one dog which is on the street but for a human? Where is the peace where is the love.


You see they funded the people to create arms against each other. You know stand next to this government then always there is going to be a way, because they want to show they are the best ones, and the best ones in what? In leaving people done, making arms against each other, fighting against each other. Why don't you want to be all together? Why? Because it would be so beautiful you would see heaven. You don't have to die to see the heaven. No, here is the heaven. We have to be good with each other and you will see the heaven, the beautiful world, beautiful life. 


I cannot even breathe normally, because of all these cards. 


All these cars. This is the peace. spending money, making concrete, leaving people fall, creating the fence to be a border for me when I want to cover myself from the rain and snow and wind. No man. 


There are so many buildings in which no one lives inside. I used to live in a squat, in which no one was living. For years. They called a group of people, 20 people they payed them £5000 each for 2 hours to get us out of this building. But they didn't pay £5000 to help 5 people for one month. No.


 for making the coloured paper this 


Dying Homeless is a project by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism to count those that die homeless in the UK. 

According to their investigations, 484 people have died homeless so far this year. This is over twice the number of people that have died due to "terrorism" across Western Europe, for the past 8 years.

They just take everything from you, they take all the love, and they are watching the coloured paper, which you call the money".

Over 320,000 people are without a home in the U.K right now.

Government and charities constantly say that "homelessness is a complex issue".

When a person does not have a home, they're homeless.

When a person has a home, they're not homeless.

People are on the streets with nowhere to go,

no place to call home,

no way to build a home, 

no way to buy a home,

no way to rent a home,

are homeless. 

That's it.

It is not complex.

Over 20,000 homes in central London, and 25,378 in the commuter belt are empty.

That there is a lack of housing is not the issue.

That there is a lack of resources is not the issue.

The issue is that we lack the will to provide homes to those who cannot do it themselves.

If they could, they would.

Because the land is bought and sold, they can't.

We can.


We should.


Together we must. 


No one else can.

"I know that the social structure that we’ve got at the moment the way that we do ownership and property means that some have lots and lots, some people have got 20 houses, some people haven’t got a roof over their head. 

The inequality is rife and getting worse. 

Should it be?  

Well we should be living in a different way and a way that doesn’t allow for it". 

Friend, Earth

One of the most incredible people I have ever met on the streets is a man who goes by the name of Friend. Friend is not homeless by his definition. He says "the Earth is our home". Friend has dedicated his entire life to protecting our home from those who seem to think it can be bought, sold and plundered without consequence. 

Friend is without shelter however, when he would much rather have some, especially during winter. He sleeps under a London bridge.

Friend uses as little money as possible, believing it to be the tool by which the powerful control the poor. He survives on the kindness of others, and is given leftover food by the wonderful people from a London restaurant each night. 

This beautiful person cycles across the city every single day, without fail, to collect unwanted food from a group of restaurants and shops that still care more about humanity than their inhuman corporate offices rules. 

Their corporate office says that they are not allowed to do this, which is complete insanity, but thankfully they still do.

Every evening Friend goes about the city redistributing the food he is given among those in need, and after everything is gone, he eats what is left. 

This isn't a fairytale. It is no exaggeration. I have seen it every day for over a year. Friend is incredible.


Every day I have been in London and seen him, he has done this.

It is worthy of the greatest respect.

What does it say about society that the most consistent servant of the homeless, is a man who himself is without a home.


Friend will get rather angry if you call him homeless, so I call him a warrior for truth. 

We Can't Afford It

"But we don’t have that caring society, we’ve got a society that cares about money. Not one that care’s about life". 

What is the argument against building more accommodation? 


Is it that we cannot afford it? 


The collective financial output of the British People is over £2 Trillion per year ($2.6 Trillion USD). 


The government this year spent xBn on homelessness. With  


In 2017 the U.K spent over £6Bn on two aircraft carriers. 


Last year the british people spent over £25Bn on clothing. 

The other world is free from corporations, free from nation states, free from money as a measure of success or worth.

It is a world where humanity recognizes the inherent beauty and value of life itself, and dedicates themselves to the protection and cultivation of all forms - from the smallest plant to the greatest animals. Such a world is not that far away, if we learn to use the tools of today against those that would conquer and divide us. It is not hard for an individual to change the world, but it is also not hard for the world to change an individual. Unless we stand up, individually, and change this world - then this world will change us all. Those who are not looking higher, are destined to forever fall. 

For those with an ear, the need for social change has never been greater. We are on the edge of two worlds, one is a dark unfeeling, sterile, artificial place where corporate beasts grow from government beasts and eventually consume both government, the people and the planet. 


This beast is already marking the minds of future generations with their image of humanity and their manufactured consciousness. Advertisements interrupt your consciousness continually and manufactured reports sponsored by invisible companies tell you what you "need" and who to get it from.

"You have to just sort of keep moving your hands you know, keep warm and just get through the night, and that’s just like one night”.

Andy, London

At the beginning of the night you’re reasonably warm your body heats warm and you’ve eaten something, but give it a few hours if it is cold and you start feeling the cold the weather is blowing and your body temperature is dropping sometimes you can’t sleep you have to just sort of keep moving your hands you know keep warm and just get through the night you know, and that’s just like one night”.

Some will say "well it costs money to grow food", but it doesn't have to. Food grows for free, right out of the ground, whether as a plant or a tree. All you need is soil and some seeds. Of course, corporations think they can own and patent these.

If you’re going to make food and accommodation cost money, which I believe should be a basic human right to anyone with any sense of the value of humanity over an imaginary token of value (money), then you had better pay for the food and accommodation of the people you won’t give money to! Either give them money, or give them food and accommodation. You can’t just cut people out of your game and say “you’re not allowed to play because we don’t like you”. That’s not how life works. That’s how death works, and it causes the physical, mental and eventual terminal ill health of the victims. Repealing the Vagrancy Act on its own will not be enough. Rough sleepers suffer harassment every day from a criminal justice system that automatically treats them as suspects, despite the fact that they are far more likely to be victims than perpetrators of crime – being 15 times more likely to be victims of assault than the general public.

"But there are some nice moments you know in the morning and you wake up, and you're like up at 5 in the morning and you're walking along with your rucksack, and you see someone else, you know a homeless guy,  and you don't even know who they are, you just give each other a little smile because you know that you've both been out through the same night, survived the night."

The Government has quoted a timeline of 2027 to end homelessness, while annually more people are dying homeless in the U.K than the total deaths due to terrorism across all of western Europe, for all of the last 8 years combined.

"It's not easy. Nobody wants to be on these streets".

"When the temperature drops there's not much smiling going on. There's not much happiness. That's the reality". - Andy

"I only do it if I have to do it, not because I want to. It's embarrassing". 

"Until you've been on the streets yourself, you will never know what it's like".

"Why do people have to be homeless?"

Sanga, Sri Lanka.


Seeking Asylum in the U.K for the past 9 years.

"One of the cleaners would turn up early, 4am, to clean the windows on the building we was under. He was a lovely bloke. Used to go get us a coffee first thing and then he'd ask us to leave as he handed the coffee. I really appreciated that".

Name, Title

Compare that to the £500M spent on aid for the people of Yemen/Syria. 

How can people help someone on the streets? 

"Get him in accommodation or a hostel that's as simple as it gets".

What is the worst thing you've experienced recently on the streets? 

"Being glassed and having to have surgery on my little finger. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

You get judged a lot when you're sleeping down on the ground".

"The hardest thing about being homeless is being homeless."

"Society is so brainwashed that they get consumed by nonsense. People haven't got compassion".

There are a lot of us out here now really struggling with this world, and we're tired of all the ways it's doing us wrong. That strain is only going to get greater, if we don't work together and try to do something about it. 

This is my idea, the first part anyway. If you're not going to support it, I hope you have a better one. 

The U.K spends £9.7Bn per year on coffee. 

The U.K spends £16.1Bn on Alcohol.

The U.K spends £4.2Bn on soft drinks.

The U.K spends over £32Bn per year on clothing.

There is a spiritual group I saw come once, the odd corporate group lead by a street charity, and then there are the angels. 

By the way I never saw any of the multimillion funded homeless charities on the streets. Never, ever. Not once. Not once did I ever meet a so called "outreach" worker. In what was total between 4 - 6 months of sleeping on the streets during the winter months, I have not met one. Not one. We, myself and those I have been with during those times, have not been in hard to find areas. We have been places one would expect to find the homeless. Does this mean they don't come? No. It just means they're completely ineffective if and when they do. I don't know if they're too intimidated to go to the places the homeless really sleep, but as I say I haven't seen them. It's a job they don't need paying for. The homeless could easily do it themselves. Just build us a place that's safe and dry, has free and clean showers, and we'll go there. You'll get all the metrics you want, but of course such a place will immediately be over run and over capacity - revealing the scale of the issue. Fortunately or unfortunately, it's obvious enough as it is. 

If you live in the United Kingdom, sit down and read this clearly. There are people out there, wandering the streets, who cannot find a place to live or work. They are literally forced onto the street, with no way to buy food, no way to buy clothes, no way to wash, no way to rent, no way to pay a deposit, and hardly any way to work. 

There are people out there, thousands of people, sleeping on the streets while they work in the cities. This is happening, to real human beings, just like you. In your country. Why. 

Do we not have the resources? 

Do we not have the space? 

Or do we not care. 

I hope you care. 

Do you care?

According to government data, analysed by online estate agent HouseSimple, the number of empty homes has risen for the first time in a decade to 205,293, 

Meanwhile in 2017 there were 20237 empty homes in London. Homes. Whole homes. 

Compare that to the 8000 sleeping on the streets. 

How is this happening. 


The angels are a group of women, their family and friends, who come to central London once every two months to help the homeless in the Westminister area. For two montsh they gather donations from everyone that they know, and then rbing them all together one Saturday to the streets of London. These girls amaze me because I have seen them turn up on their own multiple times, just a few and a car or two. Surrounded by men they come out and start giving what they can away. They are so brave to come into what must be a very intimidating environment, because they're arrival is anticipated by the people on the street and so they form a huge crowd around them. 

"The Angels" is the nickname my friend M gave them, who has after almost a year of struggling and a life threatening illness, found a permanent place to live. 

He was first placed in a neighbourhood which he called "Afghanistan", not to disrespect the country or any ethnic group, M himself is from the Middle East, but it was so violent and destitute he refereed to it as such. 

I am writing a book called "Street lights" which details my journey from the corporate world, across the planet, onto the streets of London, where I know make a living as a street artist trying to help wake up our world.


If you would like to pre-order a copy of the book and support the first print, and my work, then please click here. 

"Society is so brainwashed that they get consumed by nonsense. People haven't got compassion".


"Please understand, homeless people are not animals.

Nobody wants to be homeless".


"The Vagrancy Act does not simply allow for prosecution of rough sleepers for what they do, but for who they are. It criminalises their very existence".

Thomas Zagoria, for The New Statesman

Despite being written almost 200 years ago, this act is used for the arrest and prosecution of homeless people simply for sleeping rough.

According to the 1824 Vagrancy Act, police are given powers to arrest and detain for up to three months anyone found, “lodging in any barn or outhouse, or in any deserted or unoccupied building, or in the open air, or under a tent, or in any cart or waggon, not having any visible means of subsistence”.

the Vagrancy Act is the only U.K law that specifically criminalises rough sleeping, and its repeal would severely restrict what rough sleepers could be harassed for.

A Freedom of Information request reported 1,810 prosecutions under the act in 2017, and in 2015 the number was more than 3,000.

Help Repeal The Act


"They don't know what it's like out here, because they're all boxed off in they're world. If they come out here, do what you're doing, with nothing but the clothes on their back, that's real reality". - Ron

All the photographs taken adjacent were taken in a single night. This is not set piece photography making the streets look worse than they really are. This is a 2 hour walk across the centre of a city that is home to 

more multi millionaires than any other city in the world, with over 1400 millionaires living in the borough of westminster alone.


I mention Westminster because apart from being home to the U.K parliament and most Government office, it is also the borough with the most people sleeping on the street in the country.

What is a human being without humanity? He's not being human. A robot, a beast, a number maybe - but not a human. 

We need to learn to recognize those who truly care, and those who just pretend. This is to recognize the living from the dead.

"Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the world". - Archemedes 

Name, Title

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” 
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We don't need more money, more jobs or more power. 

Outer peace will never happen if within us there is anxiety and fear.

We cannot create security by building more and more powerful war machines.

We must go a new direction. 

We must try something new.

We must give peace a chance. 

If you want to be truly rich, then you've got to get over the idea of material riches. You have to understand that riches belong to the ones who appreciate them. The things of man's world can never make you rich. 

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” 
― Bono

We need to stop competing for what was always free. 

We have to learn to share what we create with one another.

We must evolve beyond ownership,

or the world will never truly change.

Nobody owns the Earth.


We just suffer from the beliefs of those that think they do.

Name, Title

About Us

For all the progress made in human rights across the world, it is still acceptable to discriminate against the homeless. 

As a man carries all his belongs into a Cafe' in the early a.m because its been raining and cold all night and he wants a moment in the warmth and the dry, I have seen the staff immediately come up to him after sitting down and say directly "Are you going to buy something!?"

I have personally been spoken to in the ugliest of ways, 

Staff have said to me immediately, over and over again, after buying something, 

"To take away yeah"

I have seen them lie about the machines not working 

(I don't like to drink coffee, so I usually buy porridge instead)

One day both the machines were not working, a blatant lie, but the assumption is we don't have enough self to resist or speak up - and that when we do they will be justified in their treatment. 

I just saw a man in a suit, receive an instant "good morning" from staff, while the homeless are ignored. 

Over and over and over again I have seen the homeless, the poor, discriminated against. 

I have very rarely, almost never, seen people with drug addictions entering the same cafe's.

The first time I saw someone using heroine I was 20. Blood in the sink of a train station toilet and a man with a needle in his arm. This was a town in Switzerland, believe it or not. In the same town 15-16 year old girls were walking around handing out flyers for some kind of strip bar.

Once I saw it happen myself, and once my friend (Alan), told me it happened when he used a toilet in a Subway to use heroine, nearly dying and being found in the toilet by staff. 

There is a ministry for war, (rebranded the ministry of defence in 1982), 

A ministry for justice, 

A ministry for agriculture, 

Ministry of health, 

But no ministry of happiness. 

No ministry of peace.

No department of joy.

Lets build one.

Book a place >

We must stop competing with one another and learn to work together.


We have a beautiful planet to enjoy and protect, from the ones who have not learned yet.

With temperatures rising, animal populations on the verge of collapse, a mass extinction to come, we have no more time to waste thinking about whether the planet is in need of our help.


We have to get together and heal this world from the damage of past ignorance. We must evolve, together, toward a better relationship between man and his neighbour, and realize that our collective neighbour, the source of all our supposed material wealth, is nature. 

Take off the uniforms, the degree titles, the honorifics, the supposed right to half of London's land and property, or the "head of state",  and we are all human beings. We are all out here, on this glorious planet, filled with 10 billion kinds of species, and we all know in our heart that it is not right to leave a man freezing to death on the streets when there are a 8 million warm properties all around him. 

To watch the homeless beg for money from the warmth of a restaurant and a steak dinner. It is not right. It's not human. It's not the way, the truth, or the life we should be living. 

We must wake up. We must see the light. We are all human beings on the same planet in the same universe from the same origin.


Ultimately, behind it all, we are one, and there is only one law.


Love each other as yourselves.   

How do you treat yourself?

What we want to do with this project is simple, change the world. 

We will build communal spaces that are totally owned by the people. No one can buy or sell them. No one can control them. No one can profit from them.

They are places for people to serve each other, and thus build a better world. 

A place designers can use the best equipment, musicians the best instruments and artists the best studios. 


A place where all of the food is organic - totally free from chemical and genetic manipulation.

A place to educate communities on what is happening in their country, and a place where they can come together to do something about it. 

If you want to help build that place, now is the time to do it. Click the button, leave a donation, and let us know if/how you would like to get involved. We're going to need a lot of help over the coming two years to make this happen.

Once you got the love, you can feel the magic of this world. You don't have to die to see paradise. 

Adrian, Summer 2018

"No one should suffer. No one should die because he doesn't have water. No one should ask permission to get wherever he wants because literally the planet is one piece. Why should it be divided"?

Imagine that you are somewhere where they have borders you cannot travel across to get your water your food or your clothes. 

I think we should be more united, as one, because like that you can see the beautiful magic in this world. Magic doesn't mean a magician who makes a trick, magic means the love.

Adrian, Winter

Once you got the love, you can feel the magic of this world. You don't have to die to see paradise. 

Adrian, Autumn

Why are there borders for the homeless? For example I cannot stay somewhere where it's covered and the rain cannot touch me? Because there are the fences, and this is paid for with your own money"


Most do not notice this because they have become accustomed to seeing people laying on the street without shelter, but we categorically lock human beings out of food and accommodation because they don't have, as Adrian rightly calls is, coloured paper. 


Reflect upon that a moment. 


This entire social system, values arbitrary tokens of wealth, more than the human beings which define it's value. We literally leave people in the cold and rain, without access to food or shelter, because they don't have money. 

Meanwhile, we spend £25Bn on clothing, £9.7Bn on coffee, and £40Bn on making weaponry that can only take life, not give it. 

How is that happening.


The only way it is possible, is if we do not care enough about other people to change it.

The question is, do you care?

One day in the pouring London rain I was running late to a poetry recital by my Lee, a.k.a the homeless bard, at boxpark Shoreditch's beautiful spoken word event.  


I saw Manuel (in the video below) as I exited Old street station.

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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The entire Keetwonen project is now for sale, at a fraction of its original cost.

We now need just £1M to purchase enough rooms for all the people without a home that are mentioned in this article, plus our friends, that are not mentioned.


A further £500K is needed to lease the London site and install it. 

We're looking for £1M to Purchase and instal a series of these Container houses, plus the studio Cafe' which will cover the cost of maintenance and provide food for those living in them. 

If we can raise £5M we will buy many more, and demonstrate the project across the U.K

Any more we receive will change the country. We will go wherever affordable accommodation is most in need, especially London, Liverpool, Swansea, Newcastle, York and the Middle of England.

So now it's up to you.


Help us, and together we will change everything. 

It was freezing cold and he was sat by the station exist covered by his soaking wet sleeping bag.




I said I was going to film him, to show people how they ignore him on the street. He said “It’s mad isn’t it. Go ahead”, so here it is: 

We don't have to live in a society like this. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

We can build a better world. 

We can care for each other.

We can change the structures that make us seem powerless. 

We must.

How is this happening. 

I could go on about the 200M combined annual income of just 5 London based homeless charities, how one of their CEO's reported salary is £173,000 per year, or how multiple homeless charities have cash reserves of over £10 MILLION right this moment while thousands of people, including my friends, are sleeping out on the streets of the city. 

I could talk about the way 44% of all national wealth is held by just 10% of the British population, and the poorest 10% have only X. I could mention how much of the property in Westminister, the London borough holding the national record for people sleeping rough on the streets, is owned by the 26 year olf Duke of Westminister - who inhereted £3.2Bn of wealth from an a scoial hierarchy that dates back nearly a thousand years and has nothing to do with a man's contribution to society at all. 

I could go on and on, but the truth is, it's not going to help, and it's not about them anyway. You all know it's corrupt. Some of you, whether through suffering directly or your own investigation have come to know just how corrupt. That was never the question. The question is, what about you. You know you can help. You know this is not an article written by some con man. If you give us the resources, we will change this. The question therefore is only, do you care. 

Help Us. Please. We have to change this.

Mental Illness

When interviewing people about what they thought to be the main cause of homelessness, they often cited mental illness. 

It is a product of our mentally ill society that people think like this. 

Singapore does not have homeless problem, yet their city is far denser than ours, and disparity of wealth arguably greater. 

New Zealand does not have a homeless problem. 

The U.K has had a homeless problem for over 100 years. (trafalgar square)

It is worse today than the last 25 years. 

Therefore if it is cultures like the British that have such a homeless problem, it is british society that is the problem.

Some would argue we should let man continue building his temple to vanity, but I would argue that if this temple extends across the entire Earth, it should be torn down, and it will. 

Here is the reality you must all awake to if you are to live a fullfilling life and do good on the Earth. 

Money. Is. Imaginary. 

Money. Is Not. Alive. 

The planet. Is. 

Humanity, is destroying it. 

Money. Does Not. Care. 

Money. Does Not. Remember. 

Money. Does Not. Die. 

Money. Does Not. Live. 

Am I suggesting that the a British vessel be used to protect its most vulnerable citizens who are actually dying from social neglect? 
Yes. I am. 
For the 2012 Olympics the British navy deployed one destroyer outside canary Wharf, and HMS Ocean upon the Thames. 
Collectively, across all of Western Europe, we have seen less than 200 deaths due to terrorist activity since before the "war on terror" began.
Since then, $70Bn has been spent directly upon "anti terror" programmes, weaponry and activities, 
12 new laws have been installed, 
an entire end to end monitoring of all british, European and American communications from cell phone, messenger, mail and x. 
Do you think, at this point, that we are still in the realm of free society? Or are on the verge of the  attempted creation of a world government in the form of a technocracy. 
Kate Allen, the director of Amnesty International UK, said: “The Big Brother surveillance state that George Orwell warned of back in 1949 is alive and dangerously well in Europe today. Governments, including the UK, are not far off creating societies in which freedom is the exception and fear the rule, which should be of deep concern to us all.

“The real Donald Trump has access to all the data that the British spooks are gathering and we should be worried about that.”

The Investigatory Powers Act legalises powers that the security agencies and police had been using for years without making this clear to either the public or parliament. In October, the investigatory powers tribunal, the only court that hears complaints against MI6, MI5 and GCHQ, ruled that they had been unlawfully collecting massive volumes of confidential personal data without proper oversight for 17 years.

Jim Killock, the executive director of Open Rights Group, said: “The UK now has a surveillance law that is more suited to a dictatorship than a democracy. The state has unprecedented powers to monitor and analyse UK citizens’ communications regardless of whether we are suspected of any criminal activity.”

If this article makes it through to mass public, it will do so only through direct sharing between people who care about the issues therein. 
If you are one of those people, I urge you to share and support this work, so that we can reach more of those still sleeping.

Mental Illness

People with money have power because most people without money give them power over their lives, on account of the money they will pay them. 


There are creative people who have a lot of money as a product of creating things that others cannot. 


There are other people who have a lot of money and power as a result of forcing a lot of other people to follow their laws, and give them some of their money. These people are called government.


Government receives money from people who create things and uses it to build better and better machines.


Government says begging is illegal.


Do you want to let this happen. 


Now money does not make you rich, but in a world of beings that serve money over truth, it makes you very powerful. 


People with money can fund entire armies of lawyers, "scientists", psychologists, marketters, media managers and other blind people to create a reality in which they are more powerful than the ones who speak sensible, equitable, truth. 


The planet belongs to no one. We should not have land ownership, at all. 


Any human activity that the majority disagree with, should not be happening. 


This would rule out war, logging, overfishing, the killing of wild animals. 


We already have all of the resources to change it. 


There are two aircraft carriers capable of holding 


They lie to you and tell you, repeatedly for years until you believe it, that you need jobs. 


You don't need jobs.


Humanity does not need jobs. 


Humanity does not need to create jobs. 


The economy does not grow. 


It does not get sick. 


It does not become healthy. 


Humans get sick.


Animal and plant populations grow.


Ecosystems become healthy. 


We have more than enough "work" to do, we do not need to create menial task through which to distribute an imaginary token of wealth that facilitates the vastly disproportionate accumulation of wealth into the hands of those who create and sustain the belief systems which have brought mankind, and the planet, to this state. 


We could redistribute resources around the world. 


British military personnel are among able to go anywhere on Earth. 


This world is going to change. There are many different paths from here, but some are much better than others. There is no room in the next world for pride and indifference. You must either join the humble ones who follow, or the ones who care enough to live a new way.


The remainder cannot join, because the world to come is different from the one inside you. You either change, or remain trapped in your own lies. 


We are not asking any more for change. You have been invited repeatedly by man and woman speaking truth into the heart of humanity for ages. This is the end of those ages, and the beginning of the next. We are inviting you one last time to join us in creating the change this planet needs, donating your temporal power and resources to the cause of a sustainable and shared world and thus accelerating its creation and making everything better for every one in every way. Or, you can cling to the lie which is choking everyone around you including yourselves. You are not happy because the life you live does harm to others.


there is resistance from those in "power", the people will suffer, the planet will suffer, but ultimately those in power will suffer most. Wasting the rest of their lives in a struggle that profits nobody, including themselves.   


Who can own the land, the sea, the architectural landscape itself? 


Is it not only those who enjoy and appreciate them. It does not matter if Donald Trump has his name on a building when he is never able to appreciate it, or the people that give it life, in the way that those visiting do. Ownership is not only an idea, it is a lie. You can only "possess" yourself, and even that was given. Nothing in this life is yours, except your choices. What will you choose. 



Do you want to work for a system, that makes 10% of them financially rich. 


In the words of my friend Sanga - "The queen, the government, the prime minister, all are paid by people who throw to them the tax. They are kind of beggars. That is a kind of begging".

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