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Ultimately all of our suffering, and all our our healing, is spiritual in nature. 

We suffer because we do not live by the spirit of truth. The spirit of truth is perfect love. 

This world is far from that spirit, but as each of us awaken to the truth within, it will return as king. 

One after another, the children of love must live the truth inside of them. By their lives this world will be transformed. A world of loving truth is a heaven.

A world of beings living by love and truth is harmoniously related to nature and each other, not destructively seeking control of what was given freely.

If we do not learn to live in harmony, the harmony will live on without us. It is only those who do not learn to resonate with the others that die out.


So it will be for those who choose evil over good.

"Healing is not just love"

There is more to healing than pure love. We must receive love in our own ways. We each need a different form of healing and guidance.


Each individual soul must seek to find their own needs and to recognise the medicine that is presented them in the form of the relationships and experiences of their lives. 

The medicine of the soul usually comes in the form of other beings. The energy and spirit of others, cultivated and shared through the experiences of life, is what helps us most to heal and develop. We are developing as spiritual beings, learning to truly live and appreciate life. To give and receive love in truth, beyond the veil and the masks we wear. To feel and recognize God beyond all the forms, beyond the physical, and eventually beyond time.


We are always learning to truly love.



To truly love we must live from truth.


The truth is not who we pretend to be, but who we really are.

Despite the pain of our past, the hurt we have received, caused and passed on to others, we must learn to share our true self. 

I a world of judgement, this is not easy. To truly and fully love, we must learn to be naked before others, and to love and face who we truly are, rather than an imagined self. 

For each there will be a different way toward the same truth, but for me today it is to let go. To stop trying to be honest, so that I really can be honest. To face how much I have hidden my pain from the world, and to let it come out. To accept that who I am is different from the world I have been born into, and to accept that I was not sent to fit in, but to help change it.

I see myself as flowing water, poured out from the source of all that is. I cannot define what I am with words, but my life and works will reveal it.

God will define me. 

thingsUncontainable, indefinable, no matter how many ways this world has tried to measure and define me. In this I find myself as the mystery which cannot be found out, for if it ever did, then the mystery would end.

To give and to receive the good gift from one another, and to

Once we are freed from the chains of ignorance and faithlessness, the entire creation is revealed to us, and it is within us.

When we awaken, we are beautiful.  

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