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This piece both inspires me and break my heart. These beautiful children deserve all of our support. They are fighting for our home, as well as their future. We should all be fighting with them. 


This moment was captured as several thousand brave souls gathered around London's Trafalgar Square to protest government sanctioned destruction of animal habitat and ecological frameworks upon which all life on Earth does depend. 

Unnatural economies are destroying the planet and if we don't act soon they will harm mankinds future.


The children are fighting for their future and this planet. We all must stand up and support them. By working together this whole world can be changed. They should not be left to try and do this alone.


"For Our Future" reminds me there is still hope. We must support these children in the fight for the Earth.


The natural world needs our help.


This large (16 x 24 Inches - 40.6 x 60.9cm ) Fine Art Print is produced by one of the most renowned art printers in Europe. The piece responds to natural light in a beautiful way - representing the subject in rich stunning detail. With archival quality of the highest grade arts paper and ink, you will enjoy this art for many decades to come.  

"For Our Future"

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