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This incredibly beautiful Leopard is one of the rarest animals on Earth. The famed Amur Leopard, of which there are now less than 100 surving wild on this planet, is a gift to us all. It astounds me that we don't notice them. 


The Leopard epitomizes grace and looking at this print you can feel why.

"The Apex of Grace" is a fine art print designed to inspire and transform.


My prints are carefully designed so that the majesty of the being can be experienced as true to nature as possible. The experience of natural light on this piece is powerful (I have it hanging in my room). Whenever I look at the image I see something new. Each time I am inspired to feel peace, love and grace. 


Large (16 x 24 Inches - 40.6 x 60.9cm ) Fine Art Print produced by one of the most renowned printers in Europe. This piece will respond to natural light in a beautiful way - representing the subject in rich stunning detail. With archival quality of the highest grade arts paper and ink, you will enjoy this art for many decades to come.  


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