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Why should the world be governed by liars? Why should the kind be subject to the unkind? Why should the merciful be governed by the merciless? How much of nature will we let others destroy.


"The Light Bearer" represents a movement for peace in the face of great violence. An assembly of children who understand the time has come. If we won't stand for nature, the Earth will fall. We come into the world during a great spiritual war. Love and peace stands against selfish evil. In this brave young girl is the standard of a people, of the ones who will stand for our future, today.


"The Light Bearer" is a limited editition fine art archival quality print. Crafted by the finest artwork printers in Europe, upon the most carefully selected of artisan papers. Every one of my prints has been made carbon neutral, and for every print that is sold several sapplings are planted.


The light bearer is printed at 13" x 19.5" (33.0cm x 49.5cm) in size.   



Light Bearer

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