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The TRIBE FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP is for someone who not only cares for the natural world, but is actively working to defend it from harm.


By Founding Free Earth Tribe and collecting this piece you contribute to a masive global effort to reforrest planet Earth as we launch this project to regenerate animal habtat and biodiversity.


The fine art print is not only produced in a carbon neutral art lab but also actively sequests carbon by funding tree planting.


The animal featured in this artwork is the incredibly rare amur Leopard, one of the most endangered species on Earth. The power of this being is undeniable physically, with an ancient spirit that has a deep and profound influence upon all who have eyes. We are dedicated to protecting both these animals and their home. 


"Life of Hope" is a limited editition fine art archival quality print sized 30" x 20" (762mm x 508mm) upon the most carefully selected of artisan paper. Each piece is expertly crafted by the finest master printers of photography in Europe to bring this artwork to life.




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