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The Birth Of The Light

Edinburgh, Scotland.

In The Beginning

In the beginning,

Of all that there is,

Now without end,

Forever begins. 

In the beginning,

Of me and of you, 

The first thought "I",

Of "will", 

And of "do",

There was a great being,

Like none other since,

Who has no creator,

Eternal life gives.


Each soul forms a part,

Of living creation,

From one endless source,

Of forgiveness and patience.

Love can't be divided,

From me or from you,

But pride cannot see,

God's love is one truth.

One shaped as me,

Loves one shaped as you,

'till all join the one,

Born old from his youth.


In love we find peace,

Truth, life and the way,

Together we climb,

On trees of life's play

So here rests a symbol,

True life cannot die,

For the moments we love,

Give birth to the light. 

For All

All of the fruits,

On life's living tree,

Are given to those,

Who ask and who seek

Love travels within,

While choices define,

The answers we seek,

Are written with lives.

Where time and space meet,

The all join The One,

In loves' endless peace,

We join with the son.

So on the light lives,

 Through all and for all,

When we give our self,

Love catches the fall.

My art shares the truth,

Of love that I seek,

As all of creation,

Creating through me.

I hope you enjoy this video of me painting the truth of love in human form,

to help all see the light of creation living within.

The piece took me 6 days of work to finish.