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Cheetah Fine Art Photography Daniel Swan

The Cheetah

Cheetah are incredible beings.

Among the most beautiful creatures upon the face of this Earth.

 Every moment spent near them is a moment well spent.

Despite their immense beauty many humans have harm them. 

Due to ignorance and greed we have only a few thousand left upon Earth. 

 Most other animal species are also now in decline.

Many people today are unaware of the serious threat facing nature. 

This lack of awareness is allowing corporate destruction of the

natural ecosystems and animal habitats of planet Earth. 

I have created this art to awaken others and raise awareness of natures plight. The funds raised from my art sales support projects for protecting habitat and biodiversity, while alleviating poverty and transforming lives. 


With enough love and support a better world is possible, if we act now.

Cheetah Fine Art Photography Daniel K Sw

the art of nature

I spot my prey from miles away,

and stalk until we start the chase,

It's been this way since ancient days,

The art of nature's living race.

Like many big cats the Cheetah once lived all over the world.


The oldest known skeleton of a Cheetah is more than 2 Million years old (recently discovered in China).

The Cheetah are ancient beings.

Return to nature

the strength of speed

I leave the lions to their hunting,

they seem to think strength rules this world,

but when it comes to flat out running,

There is great strength in being first.

Among the most beautiful creatures on Earth, the Cheetah is the fastest animal on land. It can outrun any other animal in a straight line, and has been recorded  running over 130Km/h!

Cheetah Wisdom Small.jpg
Cheetah Yawn Cubs

Good News

Despite habitat destruction, poaching and unsustainable agriculture collapsing Cheetah numbers to less than 8000, continued

conservation efforts have successfully increased the number of wild Cheetah in the past few years.


This incredible work is an example of what is possible when we come together and act, but it needs much more support to succeed.

If we can keep supporting such great efforts then conservation will make real, lasting, positive change for these animals and the ecosystems that

their presence keeps protected.

Saving one species

There are some amazing projects today aimed at stabilising Cheetah populations by returning captive bred Cheetah to the wild. In order to do this we need to protect the grasslands on which these animals hunt.


We can regrow grasslands and develop a prey base for these big cats, but this requires protected areas with rangers to defend against poachers and monitor the land for ecological development.

Though short term impact can be unpredictable, the well managed introduction of keystone species like major predators always leads to massive ecological regeneration in the long term.

Saving such species will lead to natural regeneration

and massive and collective benefit.

Save many species

By protecting land for the regeneration of Cheetah habitat,

we can save many species and promote ecological recovery.

By looking after the Cheetah we look after every species in their home.

Creating protected areas and natural parks will protect many other species beside the Cheetah and also give humans the chance to learn about these incredible beings,

thus discovering why we should care for and protect them.

Cheetah Grasslannds.jpg

do you care?

By creating protected spaces in the Cheetah's original territory we can cultivate a separate and increasingly diverse gene pool across the Earth, promoting diversity among the species and reducing the rate of disorder or disease.

To sustain continued and existing conservation efforts as well as the monitoring and expansion of protected areas we need major public support for this work.

 Protection of Earth is protection of nature, the animals and life itself. 

This support depends entirely upon those who care.

Cheetah Run.jpg

the Caring act

Raising awareness leads to more people caring.

We need more caring people to act,

So let's raise awareness.

 Our best chance of making people aware of the need to save natural ecology

& preserve endangered species is by sharing the beauty and life of these animals.

This is one of the main reasons I create art focused upon endangered species;

To let people know and think deeply about acting to save them.


Hopefully more people will act to protect nature soon.

beautiful cheetah and babies grasslands.

Returning home

The Cheetah once thrived in Bharat (India), but were hunted terribly as the country’s grasslands were repurposed for agriculture. This meant both the Cheetah

and its prey were pushed into suboptimal habitats where they struggled to survive.

Recently awareness has begun growing that Lion's and Cheetah once thrived in the country and the call has come again from millions of people to return and conserve Cheetah across India. These calls have been heard and met with positive proposals from several

Indian states, the leading of which are Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar.

With community support we could introduce a population

of Cheetah and Lions to protect India's Grasslands.

This would be a major victory for India, nature, and all of humanity.

Cheetah God Beauty Colour.jpg

Saving the Cheetah

Among the best proposals for protecting endangered species, particularly the Cheetah, is to reintroduce a protected population into special conservation parks across suitable habitat.


Given that Cheetah once roamed much of the warmer climates on Earth, the potential space available for their reintroduction is huge. A suitable prey base however is only present in a few spaces.

Two of which are India and China.

Sustaining Ecological Diversity

Protected parks would allow respectful and responsible public observation of wildlife while providing excellent education and employment to those living nearby. This would in turn

support the regeneration of habitat to sustain ecological diversity worldwide.

Creating such parks across the Earth would transform humanity culturally and attract incredible ecological benefits, providing a massive boost to the wellbeing of all.


Act for nature

The loss of a species is traumatic for everyone on Earth, but we who love these animals are united in our will and care.

If we all come together and act for the animals collectively, they can still be saved, by us. It will take a real selfless effort by many worldwide, but this can actually be done.

There are many millions of us. We just aren't

working together yet.

It is time we unite.

Stand together

I shatter their accepted limits,

and set a pace no other can,

To feel the Earth while I am on it,

and live beyond the ways of man.

We all have a place in creating our shared reality. All our thoughts and actions play a part in manifesting the world.


Do you want to see a better world?

Your own actions can create that world.

Through efforts made today we form

each and every tomorrow.

My artwork is a tiny part of this effort.

The world needs to face many serious issues. 

By sharing my work I hope to inspire a great create change in this world. We need

to face these issues and choose to

fight for our children,  to protect mother nature & our shared futures.

We need to stand up together,

to realise we are one.

We need to serve love.

Understanding Small.jpg

Only those who care can save nature.

“In India, symbols are very important. In the name of the tiger, we saved something more valuable than the tiger: We saved the habitat of the tiger. By that same token, I was hoping the cheetah could save our most productive ecosystems, the grasslands.”

 M. K. Ranjitsinh,

India’s first director of wildlife preservation.

Behind Cheetah.jpg

Protect the grasslands

Wise conservationists, including Dr M. K. Ranjitsinh who drafted the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972 in India which preserved many forest as wildlife sanctuaries, rightly see the protection of iconic species like the Cheetah and their habitat as our best chance to preserve not only these incredible animals but also the entire ecology and land upon which they once thrived.


If we begin protecting the undervalued centres of biodiversity that are the grasslands, we would provide safety not only for the Cheetah, but all animals living

in their new home. 

As much as it may seem strange, the introduction of such predators actually helps increase local animal populations. This is because they drive animals to move and thus give vegetation a chance to recover.

It also provides an emblematic species around which to raise awareness, support and funding for conservation. So, by saving the Cheetah's, we save many

more species! 

Cheetah Fine Art Photography Daniel K Sw
Cheetah's Eyes High Definition Half size

our future

We should always be positive but at the same moment honest. We cannot pretend that this world is working anymore. The future it is creating

is not looking good. In fact it's looking tragic.


If I point out our current issues it will likely cause pain.

If you study ecological systems you know why.

We are going to have to change, soon, 

or we will massively suffer. 


We have to face the fact some people are destroying this planet, just to make money. 

Why allow ignorance and greed to drive nature's destruction? Why do we allow unsustainable and inhumane systems to control human beings?

We can choose to create a free, natural,

shared world, the way humans used to live. 

There is truly no reason to let the world fall further.

It is time that we all stand to transform this place.

great hope

Thanks to the millions of people actively campaigning for nature, there is now a great hope that conservation efforts will start growing worldwide.

As the past year has shown us, the world can be completely changed if we choose to allow it.


When change comes from loving, caring people, it does good for all.

When it comes from the greedy or fearful, it never goes well.

If caring people work together, we can change the world for both mankind and natures' benefit.

So then, let's protect Nature!

Cheetah Hope 2 Smaller.jpg

art is action

Taking the Bridge S.jpg

Control systems are just human inventions.

Those systems are harming most people and this planet. 

It is time we unite and evolve beyond centralised systems.

We can live a much better way, together.

Raising awareness is important and that's a huge part of my artwork.

Our collective awareness leads to our shared futures.

We can live sustainably beyond ignorance,

but only if we perceive this:

That We Are All One.

It's not too late to change our course,

but we need to awaken many and act together now.

The work of my art is to awaken others to what they already know,

what they felt as a child but the world has made them forget.

The inner truth of humanity,

of our heart and soul.

Pure Love.

Every living soul knows in their heart that we should protect the animals. 

If they are endangered by blind human activity, then it is up to the humans who can see to stand up and protect them. 


Art is about sharing vision.

You can see from these photos that I care for and love animals, but I also choose to take a more visible action. Artwork alone will not change this world, and I am profoundly aware of the need to take part in direct action.

This is why I support and am heavily involved in street activism.

As you can tell from this moment, running in front of traffic so that we could safely close off the bridge, protecting nature and planet Earth

matters greatly to me. 

That is why I am dedicating the funding from my art sales

to create this sustainable project.

A New Earth

We still have time to change this world, but need to act quickly before time runs out. The planet and its ecosystems are interdependent. What happens to one will effect and influence all the others eventually.  We are all a

major part of this process, and can choose to be a good part.

If we protect natural habitat and cultivate keystone species then other animals will thrive and the natural world will grow stronger. 

If we choose apathy and allow corporate controlled governments to destroy nature for profit then we will lose keystone species and face ecological collapse; If we allow that to happen then there is no coming back.

One Tribe.jpg

As we have seen in 2020 the world can rapidly change if it wants.

There are many people out there who know we need to act now.

It is up to us to work together to create a change that is good.

None of us can do this alone. We should be working together.

The future of our children depends upon all of our actions.

The planet and nature need us to act now.

So let's act now, together.

It is time.

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