Stand up for earth

There is no Planet B

Street Artist Native American Painting M

Ancient Native Elders

Native American people lived in harmony with nature. Their tribes were sustainable and naturally balanced with local ecology. They lived peacefully across the Americas for many thousands of years, hardly leaving a trace of their presence since it was beautifully natural. 

Spoke of One Loving Tribe

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

Daniel Swan Street Art in London Trafalg

Due to both wilful ignorance and a media that divides us, Many human beings have forgotten the truth;

we are all ultimately one tribe.


All loving souls belong to one eternal tribe. It is clearly time for that one loving tribe to awaken, come together, and act.


By doing this we will change the whole world. 

No matter how hard it seems now.


A few years ago I was drawing baby leopards on the streets of London, hoping to inspire passers by to think and learn more about nature.


Most people know the world is both unjust and destructive, but few realise just how unsustainable it now is or that we have a limited

time to stop corporations from destroying the natural world.

Unsustainable business destroys the life of Earth, just so a few make money. Natural ecosystems are now nearing collapse, and we are losing hundreds of species every single day. Why are we still accepting this?

The main problem is a corporate government driven economic system.

Unless we stand together and change it, they will destroy nature.

To protect nature we need to unite.

Evolving as loving people,

freed by the truth;

We are all one.

All problems in the world come from ignorance to this truth.

We can easily create a better shared reality together,

but time is running out for us to collectively transform.

Daniel Swan Leopard Drawing Street Art.j

After speaking with thousands of people over several years

creating street art,

I have learned that there are

many other people

who feel they are here to help change this world.

While we can all make a difference as individuals, 

just imagine what becomes possible if we worked together.

Humanity and Nature can thrive together, if we evolve consciously. My dream is for a world where animals are safe and secure beside happy, healthy people living in harmony with nature.

If you dream of this too then let's start making it happen.

Daniel Swan Street Art London.jpg

One Planet, One People, One Tribe

Daniel Swan Leopard Painting Street Traf

For most of human history human beings have lived tribally.

We worked together in harmony with nature and the people around us for many thousands upon thousands of years. There was no system of control, no money or banks nor corporate ownership or debt. There was no industry of war, no refugee crisis, no famine in Yemen, no homelessness in "rich" nations or distraction from mass media.


People lived freely, in natural beauty, with great health.


Many tribes lived this way all across the Earth.  

Relatively recently centralised systems of power emerged.

This is not normal for us and has never ended well.

Never, in all of human history has it worked.

It always brings us massive pain.

It is time to wake up from the world and act as free people to save nature.

We can come together as a single tribe again,

One great human tribe, beyond all systems and centralisation.

One Tribe regenerating nature to let humanity, animals & ecosystems thrive.

It has been our reality before;

For millenia upon millenia.


It will become our way once more.

Save Our Planet Smaller NEw.jpg

Recently you may have seen children standing up together in the streets to protest, millions worldwide, but are you aware of what they're standing for? 

They are trying to save this planet from ecological destruction, where many thousands of lifeforms are killed - by government approved businesses.

The image below is just one example of what they are protesting to end.

Corporations do this, threatening all life on Earth today;

Just to make more money.

Mining smaller.jpg

While brave children have been trying to save a whole planet, 

Many adults are still working for the systems that destroy it. 

They need us all to act now; How will you respond?

Will you just let this happen without a fight?

The animals & Earth need us to stand up.

Loving souls will not simply watch this.

I and many others will stand up. 

I hope you will too.

Coming Together

Street Art Tribal Portrait by Daniel K S

With Shared Perception

We all have a different way of seeing things. We all have a different experience of life. What we all share in common is the planet we each depend upon.

The inner light of life, beyond all conceptual ideas of the mind, lives within us all.

When we do harm to others we do harm to ourselves. When we take care of nature we take care of our children's future and our own personal health.

There is no way to separate mankind from nature without causing people great harm. We not only depend upon nature, but are a part of nature.

We are one.


One Creative Living Universe

Though many dimensions may seem to divide us today, we are still one.

However you believe the universe came into being, it came from one source and is all still one. Everything that is, ever was or will be, all of space and all of time, came from one singularity.


Though the universe expanded from what physics calls this "singularity", 

it all ultimately remains as one. We, yourself and I, are one.

When you truly realise this, it changes everything.

The Universal Truth of Love


The universal truth of love, oneness and unity is a foundational principle

by which I try to live my life. This leads me to care for all nature and humanity.


Many today are discovering the life giving spirit within them, and a growing awareness is calling us all into pure harmony; The spirit of all peace & love.

Protect Mother Nature

Enlightenment Street Art by Daniel Swan

Many species are now highly endangered, like Amur Leopard's for example;

of which there are less than one hundred remaining wild.

We can change this reality, but it requires a global awakening.

We need to inspire and accelerate positive evolution on Earth,

this is why I create and paint art all over the streets.


Quite a few beautiful people notice this,

they care for nature & its beauty.

They want nature protected,

but often say "I'm just one person".

One person can change everything,

And if we all join together,

We can make a massive difference.

We can save nature and so many endangered species,

like the Amur Leopard, just by working together as one.

The Leopard is absolute Beauty.

 Leopards are among the most powerful, intelligent and stunning creatures on Earth. They embody natural beauty.

To watch a Leopard move through the forest is an unforgettable gift.

Nothing I have seen in nature moves with such grace.

Seeing Beyond.jpg

We only find those that wish to be found

Leopard Study Web.jpg

The leopard is master of stealth. We only find those that wish to be found. 

Adorned with grace,

poise, balance and power, the moment you see one all time

becomes still. 

A great being like the Leopard  demands apprciation and respect 

The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still

Amur Leopard Love BW Small.jpg

Perfect Balance

Before you ever find a Leopard you will be studied and watched.

A Leopard sees you before you ever notice them.

 They reveal themselves only by choice.

Leopard Tree Small.jpg

I have never seen anything move with such elegance and power.

As I knelt to take this photograph I was in awe of the

beauty before me. The Leopard is a perfect living artwork in so many ways; There is divinity in their form, spirit and movement.


Immediately after I took the shot he turned

and launched himself 30 foot up into a tree.

Such raw, effortless, incredible motion. I was astounded to see how powerful this Leopard was.


A true honour to witness such elegance and power.

An Honour to Witness

The Leopard is one of

nature's great forms.


It is a blessing to simply be near to one.

When looking at these beings I see creation's perfection and am sure they can feel my complete admiration.


Behind their beautiful eyes

is a raw living spirit. 


The leopard is truly a miracle. 

Leopard Looking Up Love Web.jpg

Almost Completely Gone

Despite being perfectly designed the beautiful Leopard is now endangered.

Some species, like Amur Leopard's, have been almost completely wiped out.

Fight Against Manmade Extinction

There are people fighting valiantly to protect these species, like Shatrunjay Pratap Singh, who dedicated his life to protecting Indian Wildlife and even stopped government sanctioned mining from destroying one of the

last thriving Leopard habitats on Earth.

Another amazing human being, Jadav Payeng, started planting trees along the river when he was just 16 years old. By continually planting over 35 years they have now grown into a 1360 acre forrest teeming with wildlife;

including Elephants, Deer and Tigers.

These are the fruits of just a few dedicated lives.

Imagine if millions of people decided themselves to walk the same way.

We could save all of Nature, on a planetary scale

Some beautiful souls do incredible things against great odds for the preservation of Mother Nature, but they are heavily outnumbered by corporate money and its servants. We need so many more to stand up for Earth now and join the fight against destruction. By raising awareness and getting involved ourselves, we can all come together to save life on this planet; both today and for future generations.

"Over half of all animal species are now in decline."

Because of human activity many animals are endangered. 


Over half of animal species are now in decline.

Many species on Earth are

now facing extinction.

In the past few decades, habitat destruction and poaching has caused Leopard populations to dramatically decrease  - by over 80%.

This is all caused by corporate enabled actions -

A hidden, for profit, manmade extinction

Save Nature for Future Generations

When those who care for these animals work together as one they can have an enormous impact, such as increasing tiger populations due to conservation efforts in India, or the beginning of the first ever snow leopard conservation project in the country last year. These excellent projects are still very limited and in need of increased public support to succeed.

Save Nature for Future Generations

All the big cats of India are under threat due to fragmented forests and rapidly disappearing habitat chopped down in the name of unsustainable development.

We need to start protecting not only the remaining natural animal habitat but also working to replant and repopulate it - work which will take global support. 

Huge Conservation Success

One of the greatest recent success stories for conservation was the creation of the huge 650,000 acre "Land of the Leopard" National Park in Russia, which covers

60% of all the highly endangered Amur Leopards' natural habitat.


Only through massively increased awareness leading to real world action can we truly save endangered speciesWe can all be a part of the effort to protect nature from destructive & unsustainable systems, simply by sharing information like this.

"Be magnificent as the leopard, fight to win."

- Rumi

Golden Leopard.jpg

Only 70 Left

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered species on Earth.


It is believed that there are just 70 of

these beautiful beings left living wild.



Only 70 wild Amur Leopards.

How can this happen unnoticed?

Because those who harm earth have great influence over major media.

They do not allow stories like this to be broadcast through the media and continually manipulate people with unconscious content or fear based narrative: all of this is misdirection.

Forestry, unsustainable agriculture, Chemical Use and Mining are the most destructive industries of all to the habitat of animals

like the Leopard.


Because of unsustainable industry there are now so few safe spaces for animals left that we are completely losing hundreds of species 

every single day. 

Because of massive ignorance, corporate greed and irresponsible

 actions, 67% of all animal species on planet Earth are now in decline.


Protecting Keystone Species

Certain species in an ecosystem have a tremendous impact upon the others in a local, or even global, ecology.

These species are known as "keystone" species.

The loss of habitat or keystone species can cause

sudden collapse of entire ecosystems

The loss of habitat or keystone species can cause sudden collapse of entire ecosystems. Particularly when these species, like Leopard's, keep human beings off of the land. For nature to recover we must protect keystone species and their habitat.

For nature to recover we must protect keystone species

Leopard Endangered Portrait
Unsustainable Industry Destroys this Planet

"Every year about 18 million hectares of forest –

an area the size of England and Wales –

is cleared."

- World Resources Institute

67% of all animal species on planet Earth are now in decline.

Guardian Small Website.jpg

We still have time to save these beautiful animals, but it is now or never.

We can either stand up for Earth, nature and all life on Earth; or we fail here.


It is that simple.

Standing for and protecting Earth

means standing up to and replacing both unsustainable agriculture and industry with sustainable alternatives. 

Choose to Save Nature

We do not have to be a part of this destruction.

We can choose instead to create and support alternatives to it.

All the natural solutions we need exist, we just lack the action to enact change.

We simply need to choose to save nature, protect Earth and become sustainable.

Enough of the destruction. Let's choose to regenerate and thrive instead.

Let us not wait until tomorrow. We can make this choice now.

Taking the Bridge S.jpg

Either we stand up for our future,

nature and all life on Earth; or we accept mass extinction

The moment captured above is one of my most treasured of memories.

To go before these young heroes onto London's Lambeth bridge was one of many peaceful actions that have raised awareness and created tangible change through organised collective civil disobedience.


Thanks to simple actions like this, where we stand together for Earth,

today almost everyone has heard of the "climate emergency".

Some are even now aware that we face ecological collapse. 

This is all thanks to visible protests and grass roots activism. 

If it were not for such actions the world would be much less conscious.

I am asking all who care now to join together for regeneration.

We need to use our energy to start healing the Earth,

and to stop supporting the destructive systems.

pexels-zen-chung-5528986 (2).jpg

Ecologically Regenerative Food Forests.

There are many incredible ways we can accelerate nature's healing, but one of the most effective ways is through planting ecologically regenerative food forests. This means the creation of food producing, natural ecosystems which provide rich organic food and resources for communities as well as habitat for birds, insects and animals


By creating these regenerative food forests and growing our own food, sharing resources as a community and reducing consumption of products that harm Earth,

we can collectively create a much better world. By working together we can create

resilient and sustainable communities both locally and

globally, that inspire and inform other people

on how to protect our children's futures;


Free food, free energy and free shelter.

All of this is possible and more:

Loving, united people are Free People. 

One Tribe.

One Planet.

One Chance.

The planet is in trouble, but there is still time to change; 

If caring people come together, we can create something amazing.

Growing  nutritious food within safe, natural, regenerative forest habitat that extends all over the world is among the greatest ways to preserve life on Earth.

One Tribe S.jpg

Come Out and Be Separate

By coming out of and being separate from broken systems,

forming communities, sharing talents, skills and resources, we can act now

together responsibly and sustainably to protect mother nature & create a much better world.​​

Solar Panel

Create a Much Better World Together

Forming sustainable, responsible, compassionate communities living in harmony with nature is the simplest and most enjoyable way to protect our children's futures as well as all life on Earth. For most of human history this is how the great human tribes lived. It is only relatively

recently that so many have allowed systems to separate them from nature.

We can regenerate thriving natural ecosystems worldwide

Planting Ecological Food Forests

By creating ecologically balanced natural food forests, we can both regenerate habitat, capture carbon,  prevent soil erosion, protect ecology and produce nutritious food - all supporting and supported by a natural sustainable thriving human community.

Creating these spaces is the most sustainable activity on Earth. 


Planting of trees for carbon sequestration is the most effective means of mitigating fossil fuel use. Planting food and creating shelter can also free people from the worst of poverty.


Let's plant lots of food forests, to regenerate nature and feed humanityWorldwide.

A Better World (3).jpg

By Sharing Resources we Live Sustainably and Save Nature

A New Earth


Human beings are designed to cultivate Earth's great garden, not to destroy it. We should be living alongside thriving natural ecosystems, not endangered species. All of this can change if we just change within, so that our actions support thee Earth and guide others to do the same. To do this we need to choose a life in harmony, not opposition, with the natural ecological regeneration of nature.

Too often illegal logging destroys habitat that was supposed to be protected. Without a local population of human guardians much illegal destruction goes unchallenged.


Ecologically sustainable, conscious communities formed within and around natural habitats for the purpose of ecological restoration are perhaps the most sustainable way of protecting endangered species.

Indigenous people epitomise this.

Through regenerative living we can

restore and extend former habitats to protect and reintroduce endangered animals.


Communal ecological regeneration projects can more closely monitor and protect the natural ecosystems upon which nature depends while providing a pathway for humanity and the world to return to a truly sustainable, natural and ancient way of living.

A Sustainable Community Project.jpg

Art to Save Earth

The goal of this project is to prepare a space for those who care for each other and nature.

This space will provide workshops and facilities to free others from the world while

sharing regenerative collaborative culture in a place to recover and transform.

If you would like to support turning this project into reality all profits from Art Sales are being used to create the first spaces. Thereafter each site will support others to form and grow organically as one united community, working freely together for humanity and nature.

On top of this all of my fine art directly funds carbon sequestration through several supported tree planting projects in key animal habitats across the world.


Thus art, collaboration and loving, conscious creation can truly change the world.

Protecting Earth is the Way, the truth and the life.

Beautiful Leopard Photograph Fine Art Da
Leopard Looking Up Light Smaller.jpg

To live peacefully with each other and cultivate good lives together we need to recognise and respect the life within ourselves, the animals, mother nature and all future generations. We must realise that we are responsible for our actions.

It is time we all looked more deeply within; to recognise what truly matters in life. 


Life is precious and love is sacred. To protect life is an act of love. ​

Life is Sacred.

When we begin to collectively protect Nature, 

All life here will thrive and humanity will evolve.

There are many people already fighting for planet Earth,

but more are needed to tackle this issue globally.

We need a collective awakening, and quickly.

That is what this project is all about.


If people knew the ancient rainforests are being destroyed

just to grow palm oil, everything would change

The ancient rainforests are being destroyed just to plant palm oil in mono culture crops. This is because many companies use palm oil in some of the most widely consumed products. Among the worst are Burger King, Walmart/ASDA,

Cafe' Nero, Domino's Pizza and many others.


Tropical forests stand out as the richest biodiverse ecosystems, harbouring 50–90% of all Earth's species

Many already know that Orangutan live in the rainforests of southeast Asia, but most are unaware that an area larger than the united kingdom of their home rainforest has already been destroyed in the past few years just to plant palm oil.

We Can Stop This.

If people knew the ancient rainforests are being destroyed just to grow palm oil, everything would change. This is why raising awareness is so important.

Shere Khan Small.jpg

We are losing so many other species to unsustainable farming and gross corporate negligence

It's not just the Orangutan that suffer from such senseless destruction.

We're losing many other species to unsustainable farming

methods, government policy and corporate greed.

Tiger's and Leopard's are having their habitat purposely burned right now and most people are told to focus on everything but the corporate destruction of Earth. They are killing millions of animals just to make money.

The real world is burning. Literally.

We can stop this, if we wake up from the sleep of corporate media.

Rainforest Destruction.jpg

"Many rainforests in Central and South America have been burnt down to make way for cattle farming, which supplies beef to the rest of the world. It is estimated that for each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest are destroyed."

- Rainforest Concern

If we work together with patience the world can be changed.

Large companies make huge profits from the destruction of rainforest, woodland, marine and arctic habitats. These companies destroy the planet knowingly, and know one day we will stop them from doing this

(when enough people awaken) so many are actually accelerating their activity.

Discernment Web.jpg


Leopards are careful, observant and patient beings.

To know when to act takes

both wisdom and patience.


When in need of food, 

Leopards prefer hunting from trees.

Waiting above patiently they pick their moment and move silently.

I have seen a Leopard 

study Lions hunting for hours, just observing and waiting for them to scatter a herd.

Once the Lions had tired and separated the herd I watched the Leopard move

in on a much easier meal.

There is great power in wise patience.

The ways of a Leopard prove this.


We must Act with wisdom and patience.

If we act now we can still save many species

The unsustainable world is going to collapse. There is no way around it. If it does not become sustainable, it will collapse (because it is unsustainable). We can wait until this happens or we can be wise and use our present energy to direct everything toward sustainability; so that there is no collapse and just a good transition.


We can build a better world as one people beyond nations,

but this will only be possible by leaving the old world behind.

We have to change the world soon or lose the Earth.

If we act now we can still save many endangered species, like the Orangutan.

By learning and teaching regenerative culture, becoming conscious about the sources of what we purchase, avoiding corporations to support independent business, we can choose natural, sustainable, decentralised alternatives and change industrial behaviours through massive collective action.

No matter what, your choices and actions have power to change the world. 

It is in your own way of life that true change is made.


Create Change Through Action

Unsustainable industry is by definition, unsustainable. It depends upon constant consumption of Earth's resources to serve an insatiable human greed. Since we over consume finite resources without planting more, this ends in massive destruction. 


Such destruction eventually gets so bad it leads to ecological collapse.

Ecological collapse means no natural food or feasible habitat.

 That may take thousands of years to recover from. 

 We can only save Earth by changing this insane way of thinking. That means replacing unsustainable lifestyle and business activity with sustainable alternatives and stopping destruction.

Unsustainable business threatens all life on Earth.

We need to become sustainable fast.

The best way to do this?


  • Stop Destruction.

  • End centralisation.

  • Share resources.

  • Protect natural habitat.

  • Grow food forests.

  • Form sustainable cities.

  • Live naturally & communally.

Unsustainable industry is by definition, Unsustainable

There are different ways and reasons for all the destruction, but it all depends upon one thing: money. People don't cut down the rainforest for fun; they do it because they are paid. They are paid by loans from banks and governments, with the money they take from the people.

Demand this stops, by taking your money back.

 We can stop most of this destruction

from happening, just by taking away their funding.

Banks like Barclays, HSBC, JP Morgan and Citigroup fund terrible destruction.


We can stop this destruction from happening, simply by taking away their funding

People should never make huge financial gains from destroying the natural world, but they do. These people use corporations to hide how they make moneybecause their income comes from activities that most people would be against. 

A Planet is Shared, not Owned

The resources of the Earth should not belong to anyone. The planet is our shared home.

Many humans understand this, so let's work together. As One Tribe, One Nation.

There are no borders to this one basic truth; We are all one.

When we come together in unity,

the world will transform.

Indonesia Rainforest Density of Biodiver

If we lose these last ecosystems, it will be impossible to recover from

The maps above and below of the Earth show the concentration of unique life forms across the planet today. The areas in red are the most densely populated, biodiverse, places on Earth. They are home to more species of plants and animals than anywhere else and have been diminished to just a tiny fraction of their original size; yet all life on Earth now depends upon these last remaining ecosystems.

We absolutely need to protect them.

If natural ecology collapses the whole human world will soon follow.

No matter how much money is made for the "rich".

All economic constructs depend upon nature,

When nature suffers, we all suffer.

So let us all protect nature.


Amazon biodiversity density map.jpg

These are the last remaining strongholds of nature's

original ecological framework