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Stand up for earth

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There is no Planet B

Street Artist Native American Painting M

Ancient Native Elders

Native American people lived in harmony with nature. Without any chemicals, military, banking, corporate industry, or centralized government, almost 60 million people prospered in communal tribes. They were totally sustainable and lived in a natural balance with Earth's local ecology. These people lived peacefully across the Americas for many thousands of years, hardly leaving a trace of their presence since it was so beautifully natural. 

Spoke of One Loving Tribe

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

Daniel Swan Street Art in London Trafalg

Due to both wilful ignorance and a media that divides us, many human beings have forgotten the truth;

we are all ultimately one tribe.


All loving souls belong to one eternal tribe. It is now time for that one loving tribe to awaken, come together, and act united.


By doing this we will change the whole world. 

No matter how hard it seems.


A few years ago I was drawing baby leopards on the streets of London, hoping to inspire passers by to think and care more about nature.


Most people know the world is both unjust and destructive, but few realize just how unsustainable it is today or that we have a limited

time to stop corporations from collapsing the world.

Unsustainable business destroys the life of Earth, just so a few can make money. Natural ecosystems are now nearing collapse, and we are losing hundreds of species every single day. Why are we still accepting this?

The main problem is a corporate government driven economic system.

Unless we stand together and change it, they will destroy nature.

To protect nature we need to unite.

Evolving as loving people,

freed by the truth;

We are all one.

All problems in the world come from denial of this truth.

We can still create a better shared reality together,

but time is running out for us to collectively transform.