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"Whatever you believe to be the beginning of all that is, it was the beginning of all that is. You, I, and everyone else, every being that has ever been, or ever will be, came from the same source."


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About Me

I Believe in Good

I've seen it in others, as well as myself. I've made a mlot of mistakes in life, just like you, but I haven't meant to make most of them. Life has been a process of awakening to the higher truth within. I call that truth God, because of the truth that he is.


The knowledge of divinity, and path toward him. For the past few years, I have been trying to walk that path. 

Creation is still happening.

 Both within us and all around. 

If you create from the heart, you'll feel the creative spirit of this universe.

The great creator, the great spirit,

working through you.

That is what I live for.

The one covered in chalk

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Why Art

I see my art work as a bridge between worlds. With a good work we can extend a hand from heaven and bring another heart, mind, and soul on a journey that changes the course of the entire universe. 


Through my art I hope to remind others of the miracle we call life by building temporal temples on the streets. My work is the help others on their eternal search for truth, love, wisdom and purpose. That  doesn't always happen when I draw in the streets, but very often something beautiful does, and I am incredibly blessed to be a part of that each time.

With all of my art I try to bring people into a place of appreciation, contemplation, celebration, and most of all love and understanding for their fellow beings. 

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