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Hero Of War

Birmingham, England.

No Matter The Cost

A war on consciousness,

Cannot be lost, 

By those who serve love, 

No matter the cost. 

Only Love Cares

Who will be left,

If heart follows mind, 

When lies they have told,

Imprison the blind,


But what if you saw,

The chains are defined,

By things the world sold,

The thieves of our lives,


And what if I told you,

All that you’ll find,

By stealing from thieves,

Is darkness at night,


Those liars can’t heal us, 

Their life is despair, 

Let love find the real you, 

And let us all share,


For only love cares. 

Let The Children Play

Let your children play! 


Let your children play!

Else you will all forget,

And night overcome day.

So on the light lives,

 Through all and for all,

When we give our selves,

Love catches the fall.

My art shares the truth,

Of love that I seek,

As all of creation,

Creating through me.

The Birth Of The Light | Street Painting In Edinburgh

The Birth Of The Light | Street Painting In Edinburgh

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