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London, England.

You will never know yourself while you are trying to be someone else.

The Ones That It Gave Eyes

If waves could not see me, 

Playing with light, 

Crashing like thunder, 

Wandering by, 

If love could not feel these, 

Tears that I cry, 

Giving a heartbeat, 

Reason for life,

Then I believe,

The birds would not fly, 

Bathed in the sunset, 

Clothed with the sky,

And only the blind,

Cannot see why,

Nature can see through,

The ones it gave eyes. 

In Your Light

When you stop the music, 

Do you still hear the song, 

Why then do you party,

While the fires burn.


If there’s no future in the past, 

Why do hours never last, 

If you are waiting for some hope, 

By faith not sight your heart must go. 


If there is nothing in yourself,

Where do you see all the else?

Awake my beauty to this life, 

All you see is in your light.

A love In You

I love you for listening, 

I dream of you hearing, 

I die for your feeling, 

I live for believing, 

And in them all is truth,

The love in me came here for you.

Stories are told, 

And dreams they are dreamt,

But pure truth is lived, 

And true love is felt. 


But only the living can feel it. 


Which ones are the living?


The one who does,

The one who thinks, 

The one who sees, 

Or the one who feels?


The one who loves, 

For he is all of these.

The One Who Loves

Who travels the cosmos,

Through their heart, 

Finds the end,

Is where love starts.

"If Galaxies Have Eyes To See" by Daniel

"If Galaxies Have Eyes To See" by Daniel

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