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On September 20th 2019, Millions of young people from around the world marched upon the streets to demand planetary and climate justice,

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Over 100,000 joined in London.
Women Change BW 3.jpg

And young women took the lead

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In calling the world

Walk On BW .jpg

to rise against a system

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that is destroying the earth

Where are the government 2.jpg

And stealing their futures.

Where are the government 1 .jpg

First there were 100,000

Diverted Traffic Sitting BW.jpg
Soon there will be many more
Leader Of Men Colour.jpg
and they're not afraid
Not Afraid Colour.jpg
of those who protect
WArriors Colour 2.jpg
Broken & unjust Systems
Hear Us Colour 1.jpg
speaking out
No comment Colour 1.jpg
to protect earth
Listening Up.jpg
we are awakening
The Queen Colour.jpg
for mother earth
Watching Blue.jpg
change is coming
Sit Down If You Give A Fuck Colour.jpg
Be The Change

For way too long, the politicians and the people in power have gotten away with not doing anything to fight the climate crisis, but we will make sure that they will not get away with it any longer.

- Greta Thunberg


The Planet Earth was once filled with live. Many Millions of species of all shapes, kinds and sizes. A living breathing masterpiece of natural artwork, the Earth is our home.


This home is being robbed and destroyed by a few people. They destroy animal habitat for profit, and think trees can be cut down for money. These people destroy Earth. 

Biodiversity is a measure of how stable and healthy a natural environment is. If we lose many species, biodiversity is lower and the Earth becomes threatened. This is because all species are linked together, in an incredible pattern which brings balance to nature.


This is what makes life possible for humans on Earth. 


The maps you see here are showing Planet Earth's biodiversity. The darker red areas are rich in biodiversity. The Blue areas are not.


Over 70% of the Earth's biodiversity is concentrated in just these areas.

Simply banning industrial operations in these areas is essential to protecting our planet, but we must also monitor populations closely and ban the use of all chemicals and practices that are harmful to the ecological recover of our planet

It is important to take away all restrictions to the people working for ecological and environmental sustainability today. We need to plant trees, and protect land for animal habitat, as well as make our food more local, organic and sustainable. This would lead to a much healthier life and planet.


We have to massively increase our funding of wildlife recovery centres and field working teams who manage major reserves to protect them from poaching.

These teams need the resources to expand their territories every year and given more resources according to the amount of new habitat, meaning a fast recovery is given even more resources to ensure it is maintained as successfully as can be. This will see some miracles of resource recovery that change our perception of how quickly we can rebuild our ecological world. 

Africa is an essential part of preserving our natural world and rebuilding the paradise this planet once was. If we are to really change the world, it must be lead in Africa. There is a unbelievable potential here to power the complete reversal of world affairs, into a sustainable and more equal world. With relatively little investment, African nations can become completely sustainable both economically and ecologically, bring great prosperity to the people who live in and have roots in Africa. Many are already far ahead of western nations and cities, with more sustainable culture developing, for example by banning plastic.

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God is Love

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