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Apex of Grace

The Leopard - Saving Grace

Leopard Stalk Web.jpg

The Apex of Grace


I am constantly in awe of natural beauty.

Whenever I'm in the wild I feel deep gratitude.

There are so many reasons to thank mother nature, but few are as stunningly graceful as Leopards. 

To watch them leap through the trees,

feel their focus and poise,

an incalculable gift.

Such an incredibly beautiful being.

With power and elegance they guard Earth's great forests. Whenever I watch them

I feel grace and peace. 

Beauty is powerful.

Beautiful Leopard of Peace by Daniel.jpg

Nature needs balance

Beautiful Leopard Portrait by Daniel Swan


A natural balance governs life on this planet. When we are in balance we have more strength and peace within.

Each being on Earth has its own way of balance. When we're balanced with each other the whole planet is well.

The natural world is a part of us all. When we separate from nature human beings become sick. For good health 

and true peace we should 

connect back to nature.

Whether beings like this leopard or the lakes and the trees, whenever

I'm in nature I feel divinity.

Nature can heal us all

Pure Power

I have watched adult leopards carry Zebra through trees. Zebra can weigh up to 800Ibs, while Leopard's are rarely even a quarter as heavy. Somehow they still manage to carry Zebra with ease. To do something like that takes incredible power.

The Leopard in this photograph was particularly powerful. Before taking this shot I he jumped over 30 feet vertically. 

Leopard Study Web.jpg
"When you see a 50Kg Leopard drag a 60Kg Antelope up a tree in its mouth, you realise how strong that animal is. 
A Lion could not do the equivalent". 
- Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer
Discernment Web.jpg


When not hunting from ground Leopards hunt from the trees, waiting patiently above for hours to catch prey beneath. 


Leopards have great patience.

I have seen them watching a pride of Lions as they hunted, waiting patiently and observing until they

scattered the herd.


Once the Lions had separated and tired the other animals the Leopard moved in on their own easy meal. 

When Leopard's choose to be they are ferociously powerful and incredibly effective.

To know when to act

we have to have patience.


Leopards must sometimes fight off much bigger animals. One such incident was a Leopard fighting against four female Lions in Africa. With such a large size and difference and heavily outnumbered you would not expect the Leopard to survive, but it injured the Lions and left

virtually unharmed.

There is another documented case where a single Leopard defended itself against a whole pride of Lions, including two males.

This is amazing.

Very few animals have the courage, power and skill to successfully fend off a

whole pride of Lions.

Leopard's embody the spirit of courage.

Snarling Leopard Web.jpg
Wild Negotiations Colour Web.jpg

Humanity is unbalanced


Some Destroy Nature

Mining small.jpg

In the Blindness of Greed

Serve Love


A Few Defend Nature

Hear Us Colour 1.jpg

The Young and the Free

Listening Up.jpg

To save mother Earth

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Sailing oceans for weeks

Greta US Congress BW.jpg

Facing the Liars


Marching through streets

Connection HL.jpg

Praying Together


Planting Good Seeds

Flag Bearer Black and White.jpg

Standing for Earth

Save Our Planet.jpg

There's No Planet B

Golden Leopard.jpg

Endangered Beauty

These beings are coming dangerously close to extinction. The Amur Leopard now has less than 100 individuals living wild.

Unless we act soon, we will lose

them forever. 

All of my artwork aims to reflect truth and beauty, whether inside of each other or the magnificence of creation.

Human ignorance and indifference is causing so many problems.

Through destruction of habitat, hunting, deforestation and pollution we are now facing the loss of many species forever.

It is time we wake up. 

It is time to save Earth. 

Leopards have never been more in danger of extinction.

Leopard Endangered Portrait

It can be hard to see why such powerful beings need our help,

but to survive this destruction they really do. Now.

We are losing animal habitats and the clean water

all life depends on. The selfish corporate system keeps destroying the natural world. By not standing up to this we condone a great evil. This is a call for all those who will stand up. 

Why are so many allowing the destruction our home

and the home of all life on Earth?

If we stand up together,

We'll change it.

Join Us!

Human indifference to industrial negligence is allowing continual ecological destruction. Big industry and corporate greed are destroying natural ecosystems upon which all life depends. 

Because of all this, the majority of species are now in decline.

How can we allow this.

The media continually distracted the public from such issues.

They do much more harm by propagating fear. 


The images you will see in this article are from the most significant

public uprising in recent British history, yet nothing like this was 

shown in mass media.


Ask yourself why.


To hide a movement like this is a choice that they made.

As you will see from the images, we did not hide ourselves.

We chose the most public places,

In the capitol of the state,

Yet you were shown nothing like this.

Never in history has mankind been so destructive.

Tribal people and communities would never

allow such widespread destruction

I created this art to inform and inspire others.

By sharing with friends you help inform the world too. 

We must not let destruction become normal.

Walk On BW .jpg

We can change this

Victory For The Children BW _1.jpg


System Change not Climate Change.jpg

The power to change always comes from within.

Guarding the Truth Bw.jpg

A Great Awakening

 You Warriors of Peace

Art or Extinction BW .jpg

There are a lot of people on Earth who care deeply for nature,

but so few are aware of our urgent need to protect it.

This suits corporates, government and industry just fine.

Many of those entities are aggressively 

destroying the planet for financial gain.


Corporations are just legal constructs of the human imagination, yet they are given the rights of real people and allowed to own land - even though none is accountable in the way a human being is. Despite this, corporations now own more resources and property than most nations, and now operate at such scale

as to threaten an entire planet's ecosystem. 

We need a free place

Since corporations, governments and big businesses are just constructs of the human imagination, why do we let them control what we do? Why are the world's resources being used to destroy natural habitats for profit?

These imaginary structures allow immoral people to destroy a whole planet and make financial gain. This is totally wrong.

They are doing this because they control the system.

We should change that. 

Climate Strike Greta Thunberg.gif

Centralisation of resources through broken and redundant systems has allowed corporate greed to threaten the whole natural world.

 Corporate structures control mass media and heavily dictate the information most now receive. These same structures derive power from unsustainable practices by creating demand and promoting consumerist behaviour through the media they own and influence. 

This system depends upon public ignorance and person dissatisfaction.

A handful of companies control most used technology and social media so that we are approaching the day a virtual technocracy becomes reality. 

(These platforms are now massively censoring information).

Though many are aware of the issue and work hard to reach others, we are now losing the ability to reach public consciousness.  

In the modern world those who control media control consciousness.

Mass control of media is now the greatest threat to human freedom.

As we heal nature

The beast that is the unsustainable economy is so destructive now that it is threatening all life on Earth. If we continue propagating this system much longer it will cause a planet wide ecological collapse. We are already seeing a collapse of many ecosystems, but mass media does not reveal it. It is our responsibility as human beings to make others aware of the situation and then work together to change our course. 

We need to change this world.

This is our duty to each other, ourselves, the children and nature.

As One

You will often see Leopards near to Lions in the wild, watching them hunt and even joining in. Lions seem to respect the Leopard were they would not tolerate other competitive predators (like wild dogs or Hyena's).

It is beautiful when I see this respect between them.

Beautiful Leopard Roaring

If we combined resources we could easily change this.


Before that can happen we need to help others wake up.

To awaken and inspire humanity is the main reason I create art.

Those who care can change the world.

If we work together,

We can change.

Free Earth Farm.jpg
Free Earth Farm Details.jpg


Connect here with those who are fighting for change. 

creating change

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