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Apex of Grace

The Leopard - Saving Grace

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The Apex of Grace


I am constantly in awe of natural beauty.

Whenever I'm in the wild I feel deep gratitude.

There are so many reasons to thank mother nature, but few are as stunningly graceful as Leopards. 

To watch them leap through the trees,

feel their focus and poise,

an incalculable gift.

Such an incredibly beautiful being.

With power and elegance they guard Earth's great forests. Whenever I watch them

I feel grace and peace. 

Beauty is powerful.

Beautiful Leopard of Peace by Daniel.jpg

Nature needs balance

Beautiful Leopard Portrait by Daniel Swan


A natural balance governs life on this planet. When we are in balance we have more strength and peace within.

Each being on Earth has its own way of balance. When we're balanced with each other the whole planet is well.

The natural world is a part of us all. When we separate from nature human beings become sick. For good health 

and true peace we should 

connect back to nature.

Whether beings like this leopard or the lakes and the trees, whenever

I'm in nature I feel divinity.

Nature can heal us all

Pure Power

I have watched adult leopards carry Zebra through trees. Zebra can weigh up to 800Ibs, while Leopard's are rarely even a quarter as heavy. Somehow they still manage to carry Zebra with ease. To do something like that takes incredible power.

The Leopard in this photograph was particularly powerful. Before taking this shot I he jumped over 30 feet vertically. 

Leopard Study Web.jpg
"When you see a 50Kg Leopard drag a 60Kg Antelope up a tree in its mouth, you realise how strong that animal is. 
A Lion could not do the equivalent". 
- Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer
Discernment Web.jpg


When not hunting from ground Leopards hunt from the trees, waiting patiently above for hours to catch prey beneath. 


Leopards have great patience.

I have seen them watching a pride of Lions as they hunted, waiting patiently and observing until they

scattered the herd.


Once the Lions had separated and tired the other animals the Leopard moved in on their own easy meal. 

When Leopard's choose to be they are ferociously powerful and incredibly effective.

To know when to act

we have to have patience.


Leopards must sometimes fight off much bigger animals. One such incident was a Leopard fighting against four female Lions in Africa. With such a large size and difference and heavily outnumbered you would not expect the Leopard to survive, but it injured the Lions and left

virtually unharmed.

There is another documented case where a single Leopard defended itself against a whole pride of Lions, including two males.

This is amazing.

Very few animals have the courage, power and skill to successfully fend off a

whole pride of Lions.

Leopard's embody the spirit of courage.

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Humanity is unbalanced


Some Destroy Nature

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In the Blindness of Greed

Serve Love