Save the leopard

The Apex of Grace

The Apex

 Leopards are among the most powerful and stunning creatures on Earth. They are absolutely beautiful. 

To watch a Leopard move through the forest is an unforgettable gift.

Nothing I have seen in nature moves with such grace.

The Leopard embodies Natural Beauty.

Seeing Beyond.jpg

"The Leopard embodies Natural Beauty."

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The leopard is master of hiding and hunting. We only find those that wish to be found. 

A great being like the Leopard  demands respect and admiration. 

Adorned with grace,

poise, balance and power, the moment you see one all time

becomes still. 

Before you see a Leopard you are first seen and watched.


To find so much as their shadow passing by is an honour, for if you have seen this then they

chose not to harm you.

The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still

Amur Leopard Love Web.jpg


As I knelt to take this photograph I was in awe of the beauty before me.

The Leopard is perfect in so many ways;

I see divinity in their form, their spirit and movement. 

As he stood near to a tree carefully studying this human,

I wondered within at how powerful he was.

It felt to me like he was reading my thoughts.

Feeling, seeing and connecting in the spirit.

Immediately after this he looked up and jumped.

The Leopard launched himself 30 foot up vertically,

Right into the tree.

I have never seen anything move with such elegance and power.


Such raw, effortless, incredible power.

He turned to look back at me from the height of the tree.

I am sure he could feel my complete admiration.

The Leopard is one of nature's great forms.

It is a blessing to simply be near to such beauty.

When I look at the Leopard I see living perfection. Behind their eyes is a raw living spirit. 


The Leopard is simply a miracle of life

Beautiful Leopard of Peace by Daniel.jpg

When humanity learns to respect mother nature, 

All life here will thrive and human beings will evolve.

Fighting Extinction

In the past few decades, habitat destruction and poaching has caused Leopard populations to dramatically decrease  - by over 80%.


Because of human activity many animals are endangered. 


Over half of animal species are now in decline.

Many species on Earth are

now facing extinction.

Golden Leopard.jpg

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered animals on Earth.


It is believed there are only 70 of

these beautiful beings living wild.



Just 70 Amur Leopards.

How did we allow this to happen?

The Earth is a Gift

Food, water, shelter and beauty;

All human beings depend on nature for life.

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A Living Planet

With the love of a mother Nature gives all we need.

If we just treat her respectfully we could live in abundance.

Centralised and destructive economies are what make the world poor. It is widely believed that large agricultural corporations are what feed us,  but this is not true.


"The entire idea of industrialised countries feeding the world is a myth – it is predominately small farmers around the world who are feeding themselves and their communities" - Kendra Klein, Friends of the Earth’s senior staff scientist

Yet so many today are unable to see this.

The main reason for this misconception is that mass media serves money, so they never show the people how

planetary resources are taken and sold back to us.


Under existing ideas of ownership and wealth,

the "richest" 1% own more than half of the world's resources.

It is these same human beings who are destroying this planet.

So why do we let them?

Unsustainable Industry Threatens the Earth

A few human beings think they own this whole planet.

Business's they own support and drive ecological breakdown,

while the systems they manipulate allow them to profit from the Earth's destruction.

The companies harming the planet today are making Trillions of dollars.

We need to stop this.

Unsustainable industry is by definition, unsustainable.


It takes our environment, health and future while making destructive people and industry more wealthy & powerful.


Alongside all this, it is rapidly destroying the animal's habitat.

The reason we are losing so many species today is simply because unsustainable industry is taking their home.


Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.


Forestry, agriculture and Mining are the most destructive industries of all to the Leopard's natural habitat.


Because of these industries and poaching there are now so few Leopard's left that we risk losing

the species forever. 

We are running out of time to save these beautiful animals.


It is already illegal to hunt these endangered animals, but enforcing that law requires commitment and resources.


Our challenge and mission is to see all Leopard habitat protected. We must put an end to unsustainable industry. 

There's no Planet B.

Save Our Planet.jpg

Our Home Needs Protection

That this is currently happening is beyond a tragedy.

It is a crime against the animals, this planet, our children and humanity.

Why should we allow these corrupt corporations to steal?

They buy, sell and destroy the Earth,

they endanger human life and all our children's health and future,

and the governments lets them.

 We can change this.

We can stand up.

Fight for Earth,

and save life.


Protecting Keystone Species

Certain species in an ecosystem are disproportionally more impactful than others. This is because they perform functions in the ecosystem that have a huge wider impact.

Such species are known as "keystone" species.


The loss of keystone species can cause sudden collapse of entire ecosystems. Particularly when these species keep human beings off the land.

Leopard Endangered Portrait

When ecosystems become unbalanced they can soon become dramatically unstable. There is nothing more destabilising than the destruction of habitat.

We cannot afford to allow more destruction of ancient forests.

If we don't stop allowing this in their habitats soon, there will be no place for the Leopard's populations to recover.

It is time to really protect Planet Earth.

"They are heavily hunted in southern Asia for their skin and bones supplying the Chinese medicinal trade.

In western and central Africa, they are hunted for their skins, teeth and claws." - Big Cat Conservation

Beautiful Leopard Roaring

Protect Leopard Habitat

The great Apex predators are very often keystone species. 

They manage animal populations by keeping other predators and humans off the land. They also draw support from those who care for these animals, and become the main species around which natural parks are then founded.


By protecting these species we protect thousands of others.


It is easy to think that predators reduce animal populations, but they actually support the health of entire ecology. This is because they hunt and chase away grazers which keeps them from grazing too much on the land. This gives plants, shrubs and young trees time to mature and grow beyond grazing height, providing the essential natural habitat needed for many other life forms.

The population of such species can indicate the health of the wider ecology,

since it is must all ultimately be working together in order to support them.

Discernment Web.jpg


When in need of food, 

Leopards prefer hunting from trees.

Waiting above patiently

they pick their moment and move silently. Leopards are careful,

observant and patient.

I have seen a Leopard 

study Lions hunting for hours, just observing and waiting for

them to scatter a herd.

To know when to act takes

both wisdom and patience.


Once the Lions had tired and separated the herd the Leopard moved in on a much easier meal.

There is great power to find in both wisdom and patience.

The life of a Leopard 

continually proves this.

Protecting ecology naturally protects true economy,

Because no form of economy can survive without nature.

The current destructive, unsustainable economy is what we must transform.


Protecting the Earth, other people and nature, 

this is humanities' greatest work.


Good life on this Earth takes much

love, strength and courage.

All who love in this world face injustice and bullies. We need courage to guide us through hardship, difficulty and trials. 

A Leopard once showed me what real courage is about, by defending itself against

a whole pride of Lions.

With the major size difference and the fact it was outnumbered, I was amazed to watch it fight them off and survive.

Very few animals have the courage, power and skill to successfully fend off

much larger attackers -

especially a pride of powerful Lions.

The Leopard embodies the spirit of courage.

Snarling Leopard Web.jpg

It can be hard to see why such fierce beings need our help,

but to protect them from harm caring humans need to act.

How long have we trusted other people to lead us?

When will we realise that the leader lives in us.

Follow the spirit, the love of your soul.

Serve the great truth, that only love knows.

All life is one.

The Planet is Shared

We share this great Earth.

Amber skies and the meadows.

All the leaves on great trees,

The old junipers, young willows.


Swimming through the vast oceans, 

Meeting tortoise and dolphins,

From the Leopards and Lions,

To the buffalo beside them.


From great mountains and jungles,

To the birds and the bees,

No one owns this great planet.

We share all of these.

Protect the Earth.

Jessie Small.jpg

We All Need Nature

 All food and all water,

All the space for our life,

both spiritually and physically

come directly from Nature.


We need mother Nature. 

She is the gift that keeps on giving,

and all humanity depends upon her.

The power to change always comes from within.

We share this great Earth.

Amber skies and the meadows.

All the leaves on great trees,

The old junipers, young willows.


Swimming through the vast oceans, 

Meeting tortoise and dolphins,

From the Leopards and Lions,

To the buffalo beside them.


From great mountains and jungles,

To the birds and the bees,

No one owns this great planet.

We share all of these.

Protect the Earth.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

We Are Nature

We each are a part of the natural world, and the natural world is a part of us all.

The average human body is made from over 30 Trillion cells.

Each living cell contains some 100 Trillion atoms, making every cell a

living miracle in itself.

These all come together in balance with a living environment to perform the 

miracle of nature

that is life. 

Not only do Human beings need nature,

We are nature.

Traveler's Shoes

We Should Care About Nature

Right now all of nature is in need of protection,

From people who can't see what loving souls know.

We all have a duty to protect mother nature.

We need to stand up and defend our shared Home.


People are Awakening

The best way of stopping ecological breakdown is by protecting the last remaining animal habitats left.

We have to stop industry from destroying habitat and start sustainable, organic, permaculture farming.   

People are Awakening

All human beings have a duty to nature.

We hold in our hands all our children's future.

If we don't stand up soon they will lose nature forever.

Caring human beings are those who care for and protect each other, the animals, the planet and Nature. Humanity as a whole desperately needs more of these beings to awaken.

We need a collective awakening now. 

the Greedy Destroy

Mining smaller.jpg


They should not make huge financial gains from destroying the natural world, but they doSome people use corporations to hide how they make money,

because their income comes from activities

that most people would be against. 

We need more Caring People - to Act Now.


All of humanity is responsible for our shared collective future.

We all should stand up for the life of this Earth.

The guardian of nature is living inside us.

Earth's army is you, it is I and it's us.

We are one.

the Young and the Free

Flag Bearer Black and White.jpg

As One Tribe of Love

Connection HL.jpg

The Warriors of Peace

Walk On BW .jpg

All Stand Together

 You Warriors of Peace


There's no Planet B.

Save Our Planet.jpg

There's No Planet B

Art or Extinction BW .jpg

We can create.

We are one with nature.

All are a part of nature's balance.

Protecting ecology is so very important.

Caring for nature, protecting the Earth,

this is our greatest work.

We should do it.

For Truth.

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Love the purpose.
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