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the leopard

Saving Grace

Leopard Stalk Web.jpg

The Apex of Grace

Natural Beauty

 Leopards are beautiful.

The way they move through a forest is incredible.

To watch them leap through the trees,

along the branches and into the canopy

is an awe inspiring miracle.

Being near to a Leopard is truly humbling.

They live with a strength few beings can know,

and a grace that even the blind can see.

Leopards deserve great love and respect.

Seeing Beyond.jpg

The leopard embodies pure Natural Beauty.

Adorned with grace and founded in strength,

This great and raw spirit commands immediate respect.

The moment you see one all time becomes still.

Drawing your attention and absolute focus.

The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still

Leopard Study Web.jpg

Power of Nature

As I took this photograph I wondered 

"how powerful is this being?".

Almost immediately he launched

30 feet, totally vertically, up into a tree.

It was astounding.

I looked up at his form,

and he stared directly back at me,

as if feeling my admiration.

Reading my thoughts.

It was unbelievably powerful

and very moving to experience.

I see many people disconnected from nature. Many seem lost in the imaginary world of mankind.

What they call the "real world"  is really imaginary laws & lives. The real world is living inside us.

Precious memories, smiles and struggles. Love and hope, peace through fear.

Moments like this, in the presence of true love,

can bring a lost soul back toward

the truth of their life.

A truth of all life.


Pure love.

That is the life giving power of nature.

Our Gift

Do you ever look from a mountain and wonder,

How have we been given all this?


Do you ever stand beneath clouds,

Or press your toes into the sand,

Feel the sunlight on your face,


And just smile.

In that moment,

You see natures' eternal value,

and understood,


The Earth is a gift.

Enjoying the Nature

The Earth is a gift.

From the seas to the sky,

and all in between,

Whether lowly or high.

That light came to be,

And stand by the sea,

Grew wings and took flight,

forming eyes to have sight.

Dare to wonder and see,

Of the things there could be,

That all things became you,

Pray to honour this truth.

The Life giving Power of Nature.

With the love of a mother Earth gives all that we need,

Forever she feeds us and helps all people heal.

All forms of life are proof the Earth lives.

pexels-pixabay-220201 (1).jpg

With the great and deep water she reflects divine truth,

with the smallest of things she can stop a whole world.


When will mankind show respect toward nature? 

The same day we wake up.


A natural balance governs all life on Earth. From the birds of the sky to the fish in the sea, all life on this planet is in some way linked. We are all part of one ecosystem.


Human beings are meant to be in tune with this ecosystem, a part of the supporting it's balance.

When we live in natural harmony we are naturally happy. We are healthy and free so our work becomes prosperous.

Those who ignore natures' laws are being prideful or greedy. They are blinded by self and put the world before nature.

Some even destroy the

Earth to make money.

That's a big mistake.

It upsets the balance

and brings harm on us all.

Beautiful Leopard Portrait by Daniel Swan

The Living Mother Earth

Trees From Above

With the love of a mother Earth gives all we need,

Forever she feeds us and helps humans heal.

All forms of life are proof the Earth lives.

This Earth is a gift.

Jessie Small.jpg

We Need Nature

 All food and all matter,

All the space for our life,

both spiritually and physically

we all need Mother Nature. 

She is the gift that keeps on giving,

We all depend upon her.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

We Are Nature

We each are a part of the natural world, and the natural world is part of us all.

The average human body is made from more than 30 Trillion living cells. Each one of these is a

living miracle in itself.


They all come together in balance with a living environment to perform the 

miracle of nature

that is life. 

Not only do Human beings need nature,

We are nature. Nature is alive.

Traveler's Shoes

Protecting ecology. Caring for nature, saving the Earth;

These are by far mankind's greatest work.

Discernment Web.jpg


When in need of food, 

Leopards prefer hunting from trees.

Waiting above patiently

they pick their moment and move silently. Leopards are careful,

observant and patient.

I have seen a Leopard 

study Lions hunting for hours, just observing and waiting for

them to scatter a herd.

To know when to act takes

both wisdom and patience.

Our time is approaching.


Once the Lions had tired and separated the herd the Leopard moved in on a much easier meal.

There is great power to find in both wisdom and patience.

The ways and life of a Leopard 

continually proves this.

The power to change always comes from within.


Good life on this Earth takes much

love and real courage.

Courage guides us through trials, difficulties and hardships. Sometimes in this world we must face the big bullies.

I once saw a Leopard demonstrate real courage in defending itself against

a whole pride of Lions.

Considering the size and strength difference and the fact that it was outnumbered,

I find this amazing.

Very few beings have the courage, power and skill to successfully fend off

much larger attackers -

like a pride of Lions.

Leopard's embody the spirit of courage.

Snarling Leopard Web.jpg

Our Home Needs Protection

Morning Mist over Forest

We share Planet Earth.

The flowers set in meadows.

The leaves falling from trees.

The shade of every willow willow.

The flying birds and bees.

We all share these.


No one can own this planet;

Clifftop Yoga

We can change

Most human beings

are not doing much 

to protect Planet Earth.


This needs to change.

We can change ourselves.

The moment we decide to.


If we change ourselves,

We can change a whole world.

Sharing is Natural

All of Nature is shared.


Sharing is sustainable.

Sharing is truthful.

Sharing is peaceful.

Sharing is compassionate. 

Sharing is loving.

Sharing is kind.

Sharing is good.

Sharing brings freedom.

Couple Looking at Landscape

All of humanity is responsible for its collectively shared future.

We should all now stand up for better life on the Earth.

The guardian of nature is living inside us.

Earth's army is you,

I and us.

We are one.



We need to save nature

From destructive human beings - 

The deceitful, selfish, prideful,

greedy ones who cut down the forests and set fire to the Amazon, 

Who pour chemicals in the sea and create mines in the jungle.

The ones who fund all this and

profit from destruction.

The ones who don't care and

harm life to make money.

The destructive ones.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.


Chemical use and Industrial Agriculture is destroying natural ecosystems and poisoning human beings.



Corporations sell millions of tonnes of chemicals every year to industrial farms for killing weeds and insects. These chemicals then poison water and degrade soil, killing pollinators and harming ecology for many years afterwards. It's making much land 

unfit for either growing food or animal habitat


Whether by destroying the rainforests or spilling oil in the oceans, a few people make money by destroying this Earth.

Then they sell it to us,

as if they own it.


They should not make huge financial gains from destroying the natural world, but they doSome people use corporations to hide how they make money,

because their income comes from activities

that most people would be against. 



Corporations sell millions of tonnes of chemicals annually to industrial farms for killing weeds and insects, but they also poison and degrade the soil, water and pollinators for years afterwards - making it unfit for either growing of food or animal habitat



Corporations, government and financial systems are all imaginary, made up, constructs.


These made up constructs

are defining the way

most people live.




We can create a much better world by choosing better ways.

The Natural World and ecology

is tangible. The Planet Earth is real and it needs us to care for it. 


The systems of man

are harming this Earth.

Those systems depends upon our beliefs. Belief in the system is what give it power. I have no faith in the system. It is destructive.

It needs to end. 

Let's protect what is real.

If we change our belief then

we change our own reality.

By greenwashing their activities many corporations hide extremely harmful practices from public scrutiny and use marketing, lobbying or other means to influence media and politicians to continually distract humanity from the examining their actions.


The Natural World and ecology

is tangible. Planet Earth is real and it needs us to care for it. 

The systems of man

are harming the Earth.


The system depends upon our belief. People's belief in the system is what give it power.

In this whole world system

here's what I believe; 

We need change. 


We can create a better world by making better decisions.

 Corporate structures and governments allow a few people to represent the

very, very many.


We need to put people over corporations,

not corporations over people.

We need to protect habitats and species,

Not profit margins and economic growth,

If we collapse Earth's ecology there will be no economy.

Image by Charles Forerunner

This world is the product of humanity's collective imagination.

This world is mankind's creation. 

We can create better.

We are losing animal habitat, clean water and food because governments are allowing industry to keep destroying the natural world. It is up to the people to hold both their government and corporations accountable. 

The Natural world is a gift,

not for some,

but to all.

No one can own the Earth.

Leopards are dangerously close to extinction.

Golden Leopard.jpg

Endangered Beauty

Leopards are dangerously close to extinction. There are now less than 100 Amur Leopards living out in the wild. In the past few decades, all leopard species have suffered massive decline. Why?

Because we allow it.

Unless we act soon, the children of tomorrow will never be able to see Leopard's alive. We, and all on the Earth, 

will have lost the chance to meet 

these beings forever. 

It can be hard to see why such fierce beings need our help,

but to protect them from humans we simply must act.


Human industry is destroying natural habitat.

We are losing these species because they're losing their home.

Leopard Endangered Portrait

People are Awakening

Climate Strike Greta Thunberg.gif

The images on this page are from the most widespread 

public protests in human history; 


Yet nothing like this was shown in mass media.



Continued chemical use in the agricultural industry is poisoning nature. It poisons the water, the soil, rivers and streams. This is killing the plants, animals and pollinators -

upon which humanity depends. 

It is time we stood up for Earth.

System Change not Climate Change.jpg

the Strong Protect Nature

Over half of all animal species are now in decline because we aren't holding political leaders and corporations to account for their behaviours. Industry and large scale agriculture are polluting the planet and destroying entire ecosystems.


Corporations and the media employ the continual use of psychology to cultivate repetitive and unsustainable behaviours. Through advertisement and marketing a few big corporations control public perception and consequently mass human behaviour.

Why allow this?


Most of their power comes from marketing and advertisement.

We take this away by stopping the use of their logos.

Better yet, put an end to all advertising.

`Like Vienna did.


Wild Negotiations Colour Web.jpg

the Greedy Destroy

We need a free place

Since corporations, governments and big businesses are just constructs of the human imagination, why do we let them control this world? Why are the world's resources being used to destroy natural habitat for profit?

These imaginary structures allow immoral people to destroy a whole planet and make financial gain. This is totally wrong.

They are doing this because they control the system.

We should change that. 

Beautiful Leopard Roaring

the Young and the Free

Human indifference to industrial negligence is allowing continual ecological destruction. Big industry and corporate greed are destroying natural ecosystems upon which all life depends. 

Because of all this, the majority of species are now in decline.

How can we allow this.

Trafalgar Rebellion BW.jpg

Are Making a Choice

We make decisions every time that we buy.

If we stop buying from the companies that destroy,

Those destructive companies will soon lose their power.

If thousands of people make much better decisions,

The whole world will change because of their good works. 

What if you lived your whole life doing good things?

Working for love, instead of for money.

What a beautiful life indeed.

Victory For The Children BW _1.jpg

To Stand Up For Nature

During one of these protests pictured, every road around the British government in offices in London was surrounded and shutdown by activists for many days.

This is a significant public event, the most significant in decades.  


to Speak in the Street

There are a lot of people on Earth who care deeply for nature,

but so few are aware of the urgent need to protect it.

This suits corporates, government and industry just fine, because they can avoid public scrutiny and continue profiting from the destruction of nature.

Flag Bearer Black and White.jpg

As One Tribe of Love

If we combined resources we could easily change this.


Before that can happen we need to help others wake up.

To awaken and inspire humanity is the main reason I create art.

Those who care can change the world.

If we work together,

We can change.

Connection HL.jpg

The Warriors of Peace

We all are invited to connect with this planet,

and those who connect will choose to protect the Earth.


Big industry and corporates are responsible for more damage than anything else. Only such can destroy nature at planetary scale. 

Hold them to account. 

Walk On BW .jpg

are Making a Stand

Corporations are just constructs of the human imagination, yet they are given the rights of real people and allowed to own land - even though none is accountable in the way a human being is. corporations now own more resources and property than most nations, Despite being entirely imaginary constructs,

and operate so irresponsibly and at such scale

that they threaten an entire planet's ecosystem.

Who's side are you on BW SMALL.jpg

So Earth can be Free

The unsustainable world economy is now so destructive and unbalanced that it threatens all life on Earth. We are already seeing millions of birds drop from the sky, the collapse of many ecosystems, and the failure of many crops, but mass media gives this very little attention.


If we continue propagating this system much longer it will cause a planetary scale ecological breakdown. It is our responsibility as human beings to make other people aware of this situation and come together to change this course. 

We need to save planet Earth.

This is our duty to each other, ourselves, the children and nature.

Guarding the Truth Bw.jpg

All Stand Together

 You Warriors of Peace


There's no Planet B.

Save Our Planet.jpg

There's No Planet B

Art or Extinction BW .jpg

Ignorance and indifference are major hurdles to protecting planet Earth.

How will people care for issues they simply aren't aware of?

Through artwork and writing we can raise more awareness,

but the message only travels as far as it's shared.

I do what I can with the resources I have,

but this needs everybody.

creating change


So how are we going to create a brighter, better world?

I can't speak for others but my message is this:


By giving and sharing the good that we can,

By creating positive feelings in ourselves and in others,

By growing in compassion for the poor and brokenhearted,

By being more conscious of the state of this Earth,

By using our energy for good,

By overflowing the world with our love,

By lifting up our hearts and overcoming low vibrations,

By seeking what is true and sharing all creation,

By using our energy in powerful new ways,

By protecting other people,

By removing the limit to personal development,

By standing together for what's good and righteous.

By ignoring the ones who seek to control us through fear,

By being more present until the 

Whether it's painting houses, writing books or good music,

I firmly believe in Art's power to change.

Mining smaller web.jpg
Free Earth Farm.jpg

It is important to grow our food in an ecologically friendly and sustainable way. The best way is the grow your own food, and ideally something much more for the sake of all humanity. 

Camping Site in Mountains

A Great Awakening



Connect here with those who are fighting for change. 

Centralisation of resources through broken and redundant systems has allowed corporate greed to threaten the whole natural world.

 Corporate structures control mass media and heavily dictate the information most now receive. These same structures derive power from unsustainable practices by creating demand and promoting consumerist behaviour through the media they own and influence. 

This system depends upon public ignorance and person dissatisfaction.

A handful of companies control most used technology and social media so that we are approaching the day a virtual technocracy becomes reality. 

(These platforms are now massively censoring information).

Though many are aware of the issue and work hard to reach others, we are now losing the ability to reach public consciousness.  

In the modern world those who control media control consciousness.

Mass control of media is now the greatest threat to human freedom.

You will often see Leopards near to Lions in the wild, watching them hunt and even joining in. Lions seem to respect the Leopard were they would not tolerate other competitive predators (like wild dogs or Hyena's).

It is beautiful when I see this respect between them.

The first hurdles we face to protecting planet Earth are ignorance and indifference .

How will people care for issues they simply are not aware about?

Through artwork and writing I raise more awareness,

but this message only travels as far as it's shared.

I do what I can with the resources I have,

but this needs everybody.

Trees Now.jpg
Mining smaller web.jpg

Protecting ecology is important.

Caring for nature, protecting the Earth,

this is our greatest work.

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