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the leopard

Saving Grace

Leopard Stalk Web.jpg

The Apex

 Leopards are beautiful.


Watching them move through the forest is an unforgettable gift.

Seeing Beyond.jpg

The Leopard embodies Natural Beauty.

Leopard Study Web.jpg

Adorned with grace and grounded in power,

the moment you see one all time becomes still. 

 Great respect, attention,

admiration and love;

when a great spirit

appears this is

what they


The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still

The leopard is master of hiding and hunting. 

We only find Leopard's that wish to be found.  

Amur Leopard Love Web.jpg


While taking this photograph of a great male Leopard

I wondered to myself at how powerful he was.

As he stood next to a tree and carefully studied me,

I firmly believe he was reading my thoughts.

Almost immediately after he launched

30 feet up the tree.

I have never seen anything move with such raw, perfect power.

When I look at the Leopard I see nature's perfection. Something inside me becomes full of admiration.


Behind their beautiful eyes is the spirit of Nature. The whole natural world come to life within. 

Beautiful Leopard of Peace by Daniel.jpg
The Earth is a Gift

It is a privilege to simply be near to a Leopard.

To see so much as their shadow passing by is an honour. 

If you have seen this then they chose not to harm you.

Before you saw them you were carefully watched.

The Leopard is one of Nature's great gifts.

pexels-pixabay-220201 (1).jpg

With the love of a mother Nature gives all we need,

Food, water, shelter and beauty; 

All of humanity depends on her for their lives .

A Living Planet

All forms of life are the proof that Earth lives, 

Yet so many people today cannot see this.

There are so many life forms upon this great planet,

Such endless beauty to enjoy and protect.

Wild Negotiations Colour Web.jpg

Fighting Extinction

Over half of all animal species are now in decline.


In the past few decades, human activity has caused

a massive population decrease of Leopards - over 80%.

Many species on Earth are now facing extinction

Golden Leopard.jpg

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered animals on Earth.

There are now less than 100 of

these beings living wild.

Less than 100 Amur Leopards,

in the entire Natural World.

A Stolen World

Earth's ancient forests are being destroyed by mining, logging and agriculture.

Destruction of natural habitat is wiping many species out.

Unless we act soon, we will lose the wild Leopard.

Mining smaller.jpg

Our Home Needs Protection

If we let this happen it is beyond a tragedy.

Why do we allow corporations to steal?

They steal and destroy the Earth,

Why do we let them do this?

 We can change this.

We can stand up.

Fight for Earth.

Live for life.


Every year corporations sell tonnes of chemicals to industrial farmers.

It is estimated that over 5.6 billion pounds of chemical pesticides are used each year.

The U.S alone uses over half a million tonnes of chemical pesticides annually

a quarter of which are banned in the European Union. 


Despite efforts to remove them,

over 70% of all food sold in the United States still has chemicals on it when consumed 

- even after washing.

These chemicals sold as fertilisers and pesticides are usually the by-products of the industrial chemical industry. They are the waste materials from chemical processes repackaged to kill weeds and destroy insects.  Many, if not all, of these "agricultural chemicals" are extremely harmful to the environment and humans.

Despite this, they are sold to the agricultural industry for great profit.   


Heavy industry claims they protect plants from the insects,

but they also kill pollinators, destroy crops and harm humans.  

Chemicals should not be being used on our farmlands.

Especially not chemicals which harm plants, insects and humans. 

The Chemicals used in modern farming poison water and degrade the soil.

By killing nature's pollinators they harm not only natural ecology but threaten our entire food supply. If we cultivate natural predators and bring balance to ecology,

we can protect all our crops and maintain nutrient dense soil,

without using any artificial chemicals.

There is no reason to use chemical pesticides at all. 


20-year study by the US Geological Survey of the country's rivers and streams found that pesticides were present at levels harmful to aquatic life in nearly 60% of the country's rivers and streams near to agricultural areas. That is unacceptable.


Chemical/Industrial Agriculture is completely unsustainable.

This kind of farming is both unjust and very dangerous.

It leaves the land afterward unfit for growing either food or animal habitat.

It leaks poisons into rivers and destroys the natural environment.

It creates poor quality crops that are devoid of nutrition.

Chemical based agriculture is completely unsustainable.


The myth that we need pesticides to feed the world, is a very purposefully perpetuated myth promoted by the pesticide industry. This is part of what has been uncovered in these Monsanto documents and other investigative research that our colleagues have done. It is so perverse because the opposite is true.

The current system is sawing off the branch we’re sitting on by destroying the biodiversity, soil, water and climate we need to keep growing food. If we want to continue feeding all people, we will need to rapidly shift from a pesticide-intensive system to an organic system and that is a major paradigm shift. We will need to think differently about what is good agriculture.

The entire idea of industrialised countries feeding the world is a myth – it is predominately small farmers around the world who are feeding themselves and their communities. I think on so many fronts we need a paradigm shift to an ecological system, that is so clear in agriculture. Expert report after expert report comes to the same conclusion that we need a shift towards agro-ecological farming.

Mining small.jpg

All human beings

are meant to care for and cultivate Nature. Humanity as a whole desperately needs now to awaken. We are not doing enough to protect Planet Earth.

Forestry, agriculture and Mining is destroying Leopard habitat. There are so few left now that we risk losing these animals forever. We need to act now, because we are running out of time to save the genetic diversity of the species. Without a diverse gene pool, the animals will end up diseased or deformed. 


If we don't stop this allowing this in their habitats soon, there will be no place for the Leopard's populations to recover.

We need to protect their last remaining habitats from all forms of human industry.

No one should be mining or cutting down ancient forests.


Our Home Needs Protection

Trees From Above
The Planet is Shared

We share this great Earth.

Amber skies and the meadows.

All the leaves on great trees,

The old junipers, young willows.


Swimming through the vast oceans, 

Meeting tortoise and dolphins,

From the Leopards and Lions,

To the buffalo beside them.


From great mountains and jungles,

To the birds and the bees,

No one owns this great planet.

We share all of these.

Protect the Earth.

Jessie Small.jpg

We All Need Nature

 All food and all water,

All the space for our life,

both spiritually and physically

come directly from Nature.


We need mother Nature. 

She is the gift that keeps on giving,

and all humanity depends upon her.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

We Are Nature

We each are a part of the natural world, and the natural world is a part of us all.

The average human body is made from over 30 Trillion cells.

Each living cell contains some 100 Trillion atoms, making every cell a

living miracle in itself.

These all come together in balance with a living environment to perform the 

miracle of nature

that is life. 

Not only do Human beings need nature,

We are nature.

Traveler's Shoes

We Should Care About Nature


The best way of stopping ecological breakdown is by protecting the last remaining animal habitats left.

We have to stop any industry from operating near habitat and start organically farming with permeculture and   


People are Awakening

All human beings have a duty to nature.

We hold in our hands our children's future.

If we don't stand up soon we'll lose nature forever.


We need to save nature

From destructive human systems. 

We need to overcome the prideful, selfish, and greedy -

those who cut down the forests and set fire to the Amazon, 

Who mine in the jungle and pour chemicals in the seas.

The ones who choose to

harm life just for money.

People are Awakening

Discernment Web.jpg


When in need of food, 

Leopards prefer hunting from trees.

Waiting above patiently

they pick their moment and move silently. Leopards are careful,

observant and patient.

I have seen a Leopard 

study Lions hunting for hours, just observing and waiting for

them to scatter a herd.

To know when to act takes

both wisdom and patience.


Once the Lions had tired and separated the herd the Leopard moved in on a much easier meal.

There is great power to find in both wisdom and patience.

The life of a Leopard 

continually proves this.

Protecting ecology is important.

Caring for nature, protecting the Earth,

this is our greatest work.


Good life on this Earth takes much

love and real courage.

Courage guides us through trials, difficulties and hardships. Sometimes in this world we must face the big bullies.

I once saw a Leopard demonstrate real courage in defending itself against

a whole pride of Lions.

Considering the size and strength difference and the fact it was outnumbered,

I find this amazing.

Very few animals have the courage, power and skill to successfully fend off

much larger attackers -

like a pride of Lions.

Leopard's embody the spirit of courage.

Snarling Leopard Web.jpg

We Need More People to Act Like They Care

All of humanity is responsible for its collective future.

We all should stand up for the life on this Earth.

The guardian of nature is living inside us.

Earth's army is you, I and us.

We are all one.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

It can be hard to see why such fierce beings need our help,

but to protect them from humans we simply must act.


Human industry is destroying all natural habitat.

We are losing many species because they're losing their homes.

The power to change always comes from within.

With the great and deep water she reflects divine truth,

with the smallest of things she can stop a whole world.


When humanity learns to respect mother nature, 

All life here will thrive and human beings will evolve.

Right now all of nature is in need of protection,

From people who can't see what loving souls know.

We all have a duty to protect mother nature.

We need to stand up and defend our shared Home.

Beautiful Leopard Roaring

They should not make huge financial gains from destroying the natural world, but they doSome people use corporations to hide how they make money,

because their income comes from activities

that most people would be against. 


Leopard Endangered Portrait

the Greedy Destroy


They should not make huge financial gains from destroying the natural world, but they doSome people use corporations to hide how they make money,

because their income comes from activities

that most people would be against. 

the Young and the Free

Flag Bearer Black and White.jpg

As One Tribe of Love

Connection HL.jpg

The Warriors of Peace

Walk On BW .jpg

All Stand Together

 You Warriors of Peace


There's no Planet B.

Save Our Planet.jpg

There's No Planet B

Art or Extinction BW .jpg

We can create.

We are one with nature.

All are a part of nature's balance.

Protecting ecology is so very important.

Caring for nature, protecting the Earth,

this is our greatest work.

We should do it.

For Truth.

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