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The Apex of Grace

 Leopards are among the most powerful, intelligent and stunning creatures on Earth. They embody natural beauty.

To watch a Leopard move through the forest is an unforgettable gift.

Nothing I have seen in nature moves with such grace.

The Leopard is absolute beauty.

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"The Leopard is absolute Beauty."

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A leopard is master of hiding and hunting. We only find those that wish to be found. 

Adorned with grace,

poise, balance and power, the moment you see one all time

becomes still. 

A great being like a Leopard  demands respect and admiration. 

"The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still"

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Before your gaze finds a Leopard you will first be studied and watched.

They reveal themselves only if they have determined no threat.

To find so much as their shadow passing by is an honour, 

for if they show even this then they chose not to harm you.

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"I have never seen anything move with such elegance and power."

As I knelt to take this photograph I was in awe of the

beauty before me. The Leopard is a perfect living artwork in so many ways; I see divinity in their form, spirit and movement.


Immediately after I took the shot he turned

and launched himself 30 foot up into a tree.

I was astounded to see how powerful this Leopard was.

Such raw, effortless, incredible motion. A true honour to witness.


I have never seen anything move with such elegance and power.

As he turned to look back from the height of the tree,

It felt like he was actually reading my thoughts;

Seeing, feeling and connecting spiritually.


I am sure he could feel my complete admiration.

"A True Honour to Witness"

The Leopard is one of nature's great forms.


It is a blessing to simply be near to such majesty.

When I look at these beings I see creation's perfection. Behind their beautiful eyes is a raw living spirit. 


The leopard is truly a miracle

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"The Leopard is truly a miracle"

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

We Are Nature

We each are a part of the natural world, and the natural world is a part of us all.

The average human body is made from over 30 Trillion cells.

Each living cell contains some 100 Trillion atoms, making every cell a

living miracle in itself.

These all come together in balance with a living environment to perform the 

miracle of nature that we call life. 

Not only do Human beings need nature,

We are nature. To harm nature

is to harm ourselves.

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Fight Against Manmade Extinction

Despite all of their perfect natural beauty the Leopard is endangered.

Some species, like Amur Leopard's, are almost completely gone.

There are a few people fighting to protect this species. 

This is a fight against manmade extinction. 

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"Be magnificent as the leopard, fight to win."

- Rumi

In the past few decades, habitat destruction and poaching has caused Leopard populations to dramatically decrease  - by over 80%.


Because of human activity many animals are endangered. 


Over half of animal species are now in decline.

Many species on Earth are

now facing extinction.

"Over half of all animal species are now in decline."

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Only 70 Left

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered species on Earth.


It is believed that there are just 70 of

these beautiful beings left living wild.



Only 70 wild Amur Leopards.

How can this happen unnoticed?

Because the ones who harm earth have great influence over media.

Protecting Keystone Species

Certain species in an ecosystem have a tremendous impact upon the others in a local, or even global, ecology.

Such species are known as "keystone" species.

The loss of keystone species can cause

sudden collapse of entire ecosystems

The loss of keystone species can cause sudden collapse of entire ecosystems. Particularly when these species, like Leopard's, keep human beings off the land. For nature to recover

we must protect keystone species.

For nature to recover we must protect keystone species

Leopard Endangered Portrait
Unsustainable Industry Destroys this Planet

"Every year about 18 million hectares of forest –

an area the size of England and Wales –

is cleared."

- World Resources Institute

Forestry, unsustainable agriculture, Chemical Use and Mining are the most destructive industries of all to the habitat of animals

like the Leopard.


Because of unsustainable industry there are now so few safe spaces for animals left that we are completely losing hundreds of species 

every day. 

Because of massive ignorance, corporate greed and irresponsible

 humans, 67% of all animal species on planet Earth are now in decline.


67% of all animal species on planet Earth are now in decline.

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We still have time to save these beautiful animals, but it is now or never.

We either stand up for Earth, nature and all lifeforms; or we fail them.


It is that simple.

Standing for and protecting Earth

means standing up to and replacing unsustainable agriculture

and industry. 

We still have time to save these beautiful animals, 

but it is now or never

We do not have to be a part of this problem.

We can choose instead to find and create solutions.

We can all choose to save nature and become sustainable.

Solar Panel

We either stand up for Earth,

nature and all life forms; or we fail them.

By supporting regenerative farming and culture, sharing resources and reducing consumption of items that cause harm to the planet, collectively we can create

real, impactful, positive transformation. We can save the natural world. There is time.

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By Sharing Resources we Live Sustainably and Save Nature

A New Earth

We should be living alongside thriving natural habitats


We should be living alongside thriving natural habitats. To do this we need to learn to live in harmony, not opposition, with the ecological balance of nature.


Ecologically sustainable conscious communities formed within and around natural habitat are the most sustainable way of living inside and around woodland areas.

Through regenerative communities we can

restore and extend former habitats to protect endangered species. Living inside of habitat restoration projects means we can more closely monitor and protect the natural ecosystems upon which nature depends while returning the world to a sustainable,

natural and ancient way of living.

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A sustainable, responsible, compassionate life in harmony with nature is the simplest way toward protecting nature and all life on Earth. For most of human history this is how the great human tribes lived. Only relatively recently did so many separate themselves from nature.

We can choose to become sustainable

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To live peacefully with each other and cultivate good lives together we must recognise and respect the life within all animals and nature.  

"Life is sacred".

When humanity begins to protect Earth & Nature, 

All life here will thrive and humanity will evolve.

There are many people fighting for planet Earth, but at

present too few are aware to really solve this issue globally.

We need a collective awakening.


If people knew the ancient rainforests are being destroyed

just to grow palm oil, everything would change

The ancient rainforests are being destroyed just to plant palm oil in mono culture crops. This is because many companies use palm oil in many of our most widely consumed products. Among the worst are Burger King, Walmart/ASDA,

Cafe' Nero, Domino's Pizza and many others.


Large companies make huge profits from the destruction of rainforest

Many already know that Orangutan live in the rainforests of southeast Asia, but most are unaware that an area of rainforest larger than the united kingdom has already been destroyed in the past few years just to plant palm oil.

If people knew the ancient rainforests are being destroyed just to grow palm oil, everything would change. This is why raising awareness is so important.

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We're losing so many other species to unsustainable farming

methods and gross corporate negligence

It's not just the Orangutan that suffer from this senseless destruction.

We're losing many other species to unsustainable farming

methods and corporate greed.

Many large companies make huge profits from the destruction of rainforest, woodland, ocean and other animal habitats. These companies are destroying the planet, and they know one day we will stop them doing this,

which is why many are accelerating their pace.

We can make a huge impact on industrial behaviours and actions

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"Many rainforests in Central and South America have been burnt down to make way for cattle farming, which supplies beef to the rest of the world. It is estimated that for each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest are destroyed."

- Rainforest Concern

By learning and teaching regenerative culture, becoming conscious about the sources of what we buy we can choose natural, sustainable alternatives and make a huge impact on industrial behaviour and action.


We can still save many endangered species, like the Orangutan.


We can stop this destruction from happening, simply by taking away their funding

There are different ways and reasons for this destruction, but all of it comes down to one thing: money. We can stop this destruction

from happening, just by taking away their funding.

Indonesia Rainforest Density of Biodiver

If we lose these last ecosystems, it will be impossible to recover from

All life on Earth needs Natural Ecosystems.

If they suffer we all suffer.

If natural ecology collapses the human world will soon follow


No matter how much money is made for the "rich".


Amazon biodiversity density map.jpg

They are the last remaining strongholds for nature's ecological framework

Centres of biodiversity like the Amazon rainforest sustain more different animal species than anywhere else on planet Earth. They are the last chance we have for recovering a vibrant, flourishing, harmonious natural and balanced ecology between nature and mankind. 

No form of business should be operating within a hundred miles of biodiverse spaces. They are the last remaining strongholds for nature's ecological framework.

If we lose these last ecosystems, it will be impossible to recover from.

It will also triggerplanetary scale ecological collapse,

which will also lead to economic collapse


Africa Biodiversity Density Map.jpg

We can transform the world to protect what is left of nature

If we stand up to protect these habitats, levying huge fines upon any person or organisation involved in their destruction, while choosing to

use sustainable alternatives ourselveswe can quickly and rapidly

transform the world to protect what is left of nature.

Switching to A Sustainable World

"I am always meeting amazing people doing great projects to allow biodiversity to creep back." - Jane Goodall

Many amazing people and their projects have been and still are fighting for the future of this planet. 

From Nemonte Nenquimo to Marlice van Vuuren, the Jane Goodall Institute to Ecosia,

there is so much hope still for us to make a better world.

We just have to stand up and work together.