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Stand up for earth

There's no Planet B

Leopard Stalk Web.jpg

The Apex of Grace

 Leopards are among the most powerful, intelligent and stunning creatures on Earth. They embody natural beauty.

To watch a Leopard move through the forest is an unforgettable gift.

Nothing I have seen in nature moves with such grace.

The Leopard is absolute beauty.

Seeing Beyond.jpg

"The Leopard is absolute Beauty."

Leopard Study Web.jpg

A leopard is master of hiding and hunting. We only find those that wish to be found. 

Adorned with grace,

poise, balance and power, the moment you see one all time

becomes still. 

A great being like a Leopard  demands respect and admiration. 

"The Moment You See ONE All Time becomes Still"

Amur Leopard Love Web.jpg


Before your gaze finds a Leopard you will first be studied and watched.

They reveal themselves only if they have determined no threat.

To find so much as their shadow passing by is an honour, 

for if they show even this then they chose not to harm you.

As I knelt to take this photograph I was in awe of the beauty before me.

The Leopard is a perfect living artwork in so many ways;

I see divinity in their form, spirit and movement. 

Leopard Tree Small.jpg

As he stood near to a tree carefully studying a human,

I wondered within at how powerful this Leopard was.


Immediately after this he turned and jumped, 

launching himself 30 foot up the tree vertically.

Such raw, effortless, incredible motion.

I have never seen anything move with such elegance and power.

He turned to look back from the height of the tree.

It felt like he was actually reading my thoughts;

Seeing, feeling and connecting spiritually.


I am sure he could feel my complete admiration.

The Leopard is one of nature's great forms.

It is a blessing to simply be near to such majesty.

When I look at these beings I see creation's perfection. Behind their eyes is a raw living spirit. 


Leopard's are truly a miracle

Yet they are endangered.

Beautiful Leopard of Peace by Daniel.jpg

When humanity begins to protect Earth & Nature, 

All life here will thrive and humanity will evolve.

Greed and blindness are causing ecological breakdown; 

Indifference to this injustice is what continually allows it.

We Are Nature

We each are a part of the natural world, and the natural world is a part of us all.

The average human body is made from over 30 Trillion cells.

Each living cell contains some 100 Trillion atoms, making every cell a

living miracle in itself.

These all come together in balance with a living environment to perform the 

miracle of nature that we call life. 

Not only do Human beings need nature,

We are nature. To harm nature

is to harm ourselves.

Traveler's Shoes

Fighting Extinction

Wild Negotiations Colour Web.jpg

"Be magnificent as the leopard, fight to win."

- Rumi

In the past few decades, habitat destruction and poaching has caused Leopard populations to dramatically decrease  - by over 80%.


Because of human activity many animals are endangered. 


Over half of animal species are now in decline.

Many species on Earth are

now facing extinction.

Golden Leopard.jpg

Just 70

The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered species on Earth.


It is believed that there are just 70 of

these beautiful beings left living wild.



Only 70 wild Amur Leopards.

How can this happen unnoticed?

Because the ones who harm earth have great influence over media.

Protecting Keystone Species

Certain species in an ecosystem are disproportionally more impactful than others. This is because they perform functions in the ecosystem that have a huge wider impact.

Such species are known as "keystone" species.


The loss of keystone species can cause sudden collapse of entire ecosystems. Particularly when these species keep human beings off the land.

Leopard Endangered Portrait
Unsustainable Industry Destroys the Planet

"Every year about 18 million hectares of forest –

an area the size of England and Wales –

is cleared."

- World Resources Institute

Forestry, unsustainable agriculture, Chemical Use and Mining are the most destructive industries of all to the habitat of animals

like the Leopard.


Because of unsustainable industry there are now so few safe spaces for animals left that we are completely losing hundreds of species every day. 

We still have time to save these beautiful animals,

but it is now or never.

We either stand now for the Earth and all nature's lifeforms,

or we fail them.


It's that simple.

To stand for and protect Earth means putting an end to harmful, unsustainable, industry. 

End Ecocide

Ecocide is the destruction or harm of ecological systems. It happens from the direct killing of a species or the destruction/degradation of their liveable habitat. 

This usually harms food supplies or water sources.

There are people trying to stop ecocide by forming laws against it worldwide.

Isn't it absurd that it's not already illegal? 

There are some existing protections that are supposed to prevent ecocide, and people are working hard to create large protected areas, like the new Himalayan National Park in Pakistan, but very rarely are they properly monitored. Protections for such habitat needs to be enforced, otherwise it is just a political move.

One example is the Marine Protected Areas of the U.K, which the British Government have not protected at all and in fact allowed hundreds of huge supertrawlers to fish, even though they were originally supposed to be a sanctuary that protected animals from overfishing and allowed collapsing species to recover.

You can sign this petition to ban supertrawlers and other destructive fishing from the UK’s offshore Marine Protected Areas.


Massive support for such petitions and legal work will help, but we need to do so much more than just signatures and petitions. We have to wake up.

We need a great collective awakening with real action.

We can still save Earth, by acting together,

If we act now.

Choosing Change

"Every year about 18 million hectares of forest –

an area the size of England and Wales – is cleared."

- World Resources Institute

In learning about the source of ingredients in items we can make a real change in our choices and actions. The most obvious of which is in the products we buy.

Many already know that Orangutan live in the rainforests of southeast Asia, but most are unaware that an area of rainforest larger than the united kingdom has already been destroyed in the past few years just to plant palm oil

crops for use in many widely used products.

Shere Khan Small.jpg

"Many rainforests in Central and South America have been burnt down to make way for cattle farming, which supplies beef to the rest of the world. It is estimated that for each pound of beef produced, 200 square feet of rainforest are destroyed."

- Rainforest Concern

It's not just the Orangutan that suffer from this senseless destruction.

We're losing many more species to unsustainable farming methods and corporate greed.

So many companies profit from the destruction of rainforest, woodlands, oceans and other animal habitat. There are different ways and reasons, but all of it is about the same thing:

money. We can stop this whole process, just by taking away the money.


If we just stand up to protect these habitats, levying huge fines upon anyone and any organisation involved in their destruction, while choosing to use sustainable alternatives,

we can quickly and rapidly transform the world and protect remaining habitats.

No form of business should be operating within a hundred miles of biodiverse spaces.

They are the last remaining strongholds for nature's ecological framework.

If we lose these last ecosystems, it will be impossible to recover from.

It will also triggerplanetary scale ecological collapse,

which will also lead to economic collapse.

All life on Earth needs Natural Ecosystems.

If they collapse we will all suffer.

No matter how much money is made.



​The image above shows how large sections of rainforest are being cleared to plant palm oil

with harmful mono-cropped plantations. This destroys natural ecology and food webs..

 The impact that palm oil production is having upon the forests where Orangutang live is devastating and should become known to more people so that it is stopped.

Though it seems a mammoth task for any individual we have incredible power when we work together. Perhaps the most amazing example of this is how two young girls started a petition that gained support from several hundred thousand people and forced the massive corporate food brand Kellogg's to change their sourcing of ingredients to sustainable alternatives.    


Together we can create massive change but first we need to make others aware of the issues and how we can solve them. This can be done most effectively through conscious documentary, writingartwork, high profile advocates and individual people like you and I taking grass roots action, whether it through sustainable farming, supporting mass protests or creating and sharing work like this.

We are the Earth's last and only hope.

Please share this work.

"I am always meeting amazing people doing great projects to allow biodiversity to creep back." - Jane Goodall

Switching to A Sustainable World

Thanks to massive efforts from environmental activists and conservational reform the Malaysian government announced in 2019 some key policies to regulate palm oil. This is a step forward but as it is not being enforced properly we need more pressure.

We have to stop using the palm oil from rainforest regions.  

One of the greatest personal choices we can make for both the planet and our own wellbeing is to grow our own food. Humanity as a whole needs to stop using chemicals pesticides in farming and choose to use more sustainable crops with more sustainable farming methods

(like permaculture regenerative agriculture or regenerative farming).


We also need to ensure every company involved in destruction of the rainforest becomes sanctioned internationally, so that no one can profit from the destruction of

these priceless planetary treasures.


In August 2020 great pressure from activist on the U.K government lead to sanctions being proposed, as legislation was proposed upon larger companies that are unable to demonstrate their supply chains are free from illegal deforestation. An excellent step, but only if the sanctions are powerful enough. 

Some of these companies make billions of dollars, and are able to walk through even hundred million dollar fines as if it were nothing. We need massive sanctions that make a real, immediate and tremendous difference to these companies. The purpose of effective sanctions is not to appear as if government is doing something toward the public (while politicians receive massive incentives from these multi billion dollar companies). Effective sanctions should literally render unsustainable business practices impossible.


All funding raised from such sanctions should go to the regeneration of animal habitat and natural ecology.


"It is only when you care for nature that you protect it"


Jane Goodall

Stop This

I would personally argue that all companies and individuals involved in the past destruction of natural habitat should now be made to pay for its replanting, cultivation and recovery.


If businesses stop destructive activity they can be allowed to continue trading; But if they continue harming the environment they should be stopped. If a destructive company simply fails due to our action then we have done planet Earth a great service.

Though some people think we need these companies to maintain jobs, actually removing their influence in the market would create a huge opportunity for smaller, independent businesses to sustainably replace them. There is no sensible reason to let this kind of madness continue.

We must not continue funding an economy of destruction. It is self destructive madness.

By closing harmful businesses we enable sustainable ones to replace them. This provides an opportunity for people to become independent doing good,

sustainable, responsible work in the world.


Switching from the destructive economy to the creative and sustainable economy is the fastest way to transform the world for the better. Supporting those who are working for good is one of the single greatest ways to make a difference to the world. We know the old ways are not working.

It is time now we come together to create something better.

It takes a lot of work to understand the details of some issues, to break them down into solutions and begin actively working for change. Many people choose to simply support projects

and people they see working for positive change. We need to share

good works with each other, or it won't go very far.

The corporate media will not do this for us


While it is important to take responsibility for each of our own choices, like choosing

responsible banking or sustainable alternatives to palm oil based products,

some of our choices will have a much bigger impact.

Stopping Ecocide Funding

Consumers are influencing the way business does its work

Where does the funding for ecological destruction come from? From Government subsidies, grants and private financing provided by the banks. Where do they get the money they hand out? Us, the people.

Here is a list of the banks that support fossil fuels and ecological destruction the most. 


If millions of people simply choose to take their money out of the banks funding ecocide it will effectively stop. This is because the people who destroy ecosystems do it for money, not fun. If they aren't paid it will suddenly stop, just like many other industries and forms of work that have stopped this past year.


So how can we do this? By taking our money out of the banks and encouraging others to do the same. The banks will either notice this trend and rapidly change their ways to keep customers, or they will struggle until failure. If they do not change their ways and customers keep leaving then they will be unable to make such huge loans as they lose the capital base to do so (that your deposits provide).


Banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America,  Barclays, Scotiabank, Credit Suisse and HSBC are responsible for over 70% of all fossil fuel investment. If these banks stop funding ecocide, it will collapse as an activity almost entirely worldwide. Wouldn't that be amazing?

A planet no longer under existential threat.

Imagine that for a moment.

Really. We could do this.

This means we can actually save the

planet, just by switching banks. It takes lots of us.

We need to work together.


Please, spread the word.    

Funding Good Works
Screenshot 2021-01-03 at 16.53.30.png

"If you plant trees in a city it has enormous benefits – it cools the temperature, cleans the air, stabilises the soil against flooding and improves psychological

and physical health, to mention only a few."


- Jane Goodall

Many amazing people and their projects have been and still are fighting for the future of this planet. 

From Nemonte Nenquimo to Marlice van Vuuren, the Jane Goodall Institute to Ecosia,

there is so much hope still for us to make a better world.

We just have to stand up and work together.

Ecosia have now planted over 100 million trees, all funded with revenue from people using their search engine! Simple actions like switching the search engine you use can have a profound effect when we join together.


One of the most immediate differences you can make is to take your money out of bad banks. 

Here is the bank I suggest switching to if you live or do business in Europe. Triodos was founded in 1980 with a mission to 'help create a society that protects and promotes quality of life and human dignity for all' by means of ethical banking. They are leading the charge in positive investment by a long way.

Aspiration bank in the U.S promises your deposits will never go towards funding fossil fuel projects, firearms, or political campaigns.

Hope Credit union makes 77% of their investments into community development projects

We can Be Sustainable & Responsible

Governments and corporations often hide what they do behind opaque legal jargon, false advertisement and a series of shell companies. This causes problems for us, since it hides what is really happening from the people. We have seen far too much of this in recent times. 


Despite many figureheads placed before us as "real change", we all know inside that they represent the same system; One of centralised power were people are

governed by default from birth -which is obviously without consent.

Perhaps you believe these people will make good decisions on your behalf, but I don't.

All of my adult life I have seen them making bad choices, even some that are pure evil.

I believe that our children could make much better decisions. Truly.

Children are much better leaders than the blind.

That is why I stand with the children.

Climate Strike Greta Thunberg.gif

If you have always wanted to change the world but did not know when or how, now is the time.

There can be no purer movement than millions of children standing up for the Earth.

There can be no greater purpose than to save a planet, its life & nature.

There is no better time than right now, in this present, to act.

What better future than a free, shared world?

The events of recent times are sign and a trumpet call for those with an ear.

We are being called to come together and act as one unified people.

By giving all our effort we can change this whole world.

If we act collectively, it will change humanity forever.

2021 is a year of revival. It is time we wake up.

Use your power. Know yourself.

Serve truth. Free Earth

We are one love.

Cool It BW s.jpg

During the many actions and protests I have taken part in these incredibly inspiring young people have always astounded me. As we marched through the streets I have also seen thousands of compassionate older people supporting them in spirit.

If the older people act with us it would make such a huge difference.

If we worked together and shared resources this planet would transform.

Guarding the Truth Bw Smaller.jpg

Some may question the goal or effectiveness of peaceful protesting and "creative actions", but it has worked before and the alternative is harsh. If enough people come together, massive peaceful protests will definitely work. This is why people like myself are still trying

amid much resistance, to awaken more people while there is still time.

Arrestin' Peace.jpg

In 2019 there were huge demonstrations across the world to protect planet Earth, the largest of which was an international action across over 60 cities simultaneously.

Though media kept quiet and effectively hid these images from you,

it was impossible to hide everything done completely.


We have never seen such an international movement in human history. 

Over 30,000 people gathered in London to stand with our children and demand protection of the planet. Despite thousands of arrests, harsh weather and aggressive use of police force we worked together to endure with love and unity.

The demands made were simple:


That Government and media tell the truth about the planet's ecological crisis.


That they immediately declare an ecological emergency.


That they act now to stop the destruction of animal species.


That they reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within 5 years.


That they enact the will of the people through a citizens assembly.

The impact was global, with over a thousand declarations of climate emergency in more than 33 countries. In the same year, the people of Ethiopia planted 350 million trees across 1000 sites in a single day, almost 400,000 acres of endangered animal habitat in Myanmar was declared a protected area, a major project to re-wild the Danube Delta began, Ireland pledged to plant 440 million trees and wild bison were reintroduced to Bulgaria (resulting in the first wild born calf in 800 years).

Continued pressure on government and mass activism creates real change

One Tribe S.jpg

We learned one very important thing last year; That the world can be changed rapidly.

Let's make the next change come from the people.

We can make a better world for all, including the animals and nature.

If we choose to come together as one, for Earth.

Imagine millions of people having peaceful,

creative, beautiful shared gatherings to learn,

share, connect, have fun and take action.

To protect the environment and

give birth to a better world.


A free world.

Imagine joining them.

Learning about creative regenerative projects,

Joining others to make real changes happen on Earth,

Sharing good, natural, healthy and sustainable food,

Supporting each other through trials & tribulations,

coming together for Earth, love, truth and nature.

Imagine the joy.

Imagine the good it would do.

Not only for this world, but for yourself.

Imagine the kind people you'd meet.

The brave warriors and gentle hearts,

Who care for the animals, nature and Earth.

When we next come together,

I hope you will join us.

You can really make a difference.

Brothers of War s.jpg

Taking action for Earth is important. It doesn't have to be weeks on the streets in front of riot police or underneath helicopters, but at some level and for some people, it will be. I am with those people. 

The moment I captured above was both inspiring and very hard for me. Thousands of police had begun encircling the activists, intending to trap, dishearten and intimidate them. An action known as "kettling".

As the police quickly surrounded us these brave young people had to decide what to do fast.

They acted brilliantly and guided their peers through the closing walls of police.

Adults, mostly male, with full riot gear, horses and helicopters marched toward these children.

Hundreds of them from every side. Children should never have to see this.

Government directed aggression from grown adults toward our children is abhorrent.

Especially when they are literally out here standing up for the planet.

We, the adults, should be standing with our children.

Who's side are you on BW SMALL.jpg

The young people of today are amazing. Despite such a difficult and traumatic world they stand up for the planet and place themselves on the frontline of a struggle to protect Earth from destructive systems.

Systems that they had no part in creating, and that their parents should all be changing.

They are now changing it for us, powerfully, but need much more help.

The least we can do is stand with them in this.

It is our duty to protect children.

There is no planet B s.jpg

There were many watching the protests that clearly wanted to support us and join in, but didn't. I do not know why, but believe the world had somehow constricted their sense of self and freewill.

I hope and pray that you will be free from fear of the world, and serve what is good.

May truth, hope and love guide you always inside. 

Queen Lucy S.jpg

If you feel a connection with this movement, then please stand up and join in somehow. 

Our children are out here on the streets, literally fighting for this planet. How can we not stand with them?

They need our help, our skills, experience, wisdom and resources.

If we give them just these I guarantee they will win.

There are no teenagers in the boardrooms;

Just those who forgot they were children themselves once.

If you are in a position to make a difference then please keep the children in mind.

What we today determines the future of many generations. For the sake of their future we all need to act.


May the young people for nature be our guides and true leaders.

May all those who hear this stand up and act with them.